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Chapter 3


This chapter presents the research design, setting of the study, subject of

the study, data gathering procedures, and sources of data.

Research Design

This study used the correlational method of research with survey

questionnaire as the major tool in gathering the needed data. The primary

objective of the researcher in employing this method is to relate the effects of

extracurricular activities between academic performances of senior high school

students in CBSHS-San Nicolas

Through this method, the researcher will try to relate the relationship of

extracurricular activities and its effect to academic performance of students who

participate or join in extracurricular activities.

Setting of the Study

This was conducted in CBSHS San Nicolas public Senior High School in

the district of Bacoor namely City of Bacoor Senior High School San Nicolas.

It is situated at Green Valley, San Nicolas III, The school was situated

near in the royal oil gasoline station. The building was established on June 13

2016, as of now it has four building two for junior high school and another two for

senior High School. The school offers four strands GAS, TVL, HUMMS and ICT.

The school population is more than 1000 students and 40 faculty members.

Subject of the study

The respondents of the study will be the Senior High students who join in

extracurricular activities in CBSHS-San Nicolas first semester year 2017-2018.

Table 1 presents the distribution of the respondents by strand and their


Table 1
Distribution of the respondents by Grade Level and Their Sex

Grade Level Female Male Total

Grade 11 39 29 68

Grade 12 40 39 79

It can be search from table that we have 147 samples of the respondents.

The respondent grade level got the biggest share with grade 11 sample and

grade 12 students served as actual respondents.

Select number of the students of CBSHS that join in extracurricular

activities will be the respondents of our study.

Sources of Data

The researcher utilized a researcher-made questionnaire-checklist as the

researchers instrument for gathering data to know the effects of extracurricular

activity on the academic performance of the senior high school students in

CBSHS-San Nicolas. The survey questionnaire has two parts.

Part 1 consist of profile of the respondents by its name(optional), sex, age,

grade level and economic status and also it includes the particular extracurricular

activities that the respondents engage in.

Part 2 consist of a rating scale in the given variable. It includes the study

habit, grades, test score and time management that may effects to the

academics performance of the respondents.

Procedure of the Study

The title conceived by the researcher was presented and proved by the

researcher adviser during the title defense. The researcher made introduction

about the chosen topic and followed by collecting related literature and related

studies. Upon the approval of the research proposal with the research adviser

the researchers worked for the survey questionnaire to be presented to research


The permission to conduct the study was finalized by the research adviser

and the GAS coordinator. The survey questionnaire will validated by the experts.

After of validation the researchers will collect their respondents by means of

random sampling. The survey questionnaire will be administered distribute to the

Senior High School students- respondents in CBSHS- San Nicolas who involved

in the study. Once they collect the gathered data the researcher will interpret and

analyze the result and findings on their questionnaire-checklist. They will create a

conclusion and recommendation.