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Advocates for Babies in

Crisis Society
October – December

Help Save Lives!

ABC - Newsletter October - December 2018

(Our youngest contributors)
Parallax – Battle of the Beats

Three 11th grade students (Trishika Gupta, Sashwat Gupta, Subhash

Chintalapati) from different schools came together to form team Parallax.
Their goal was to raise funds for underprivileged children. They hosted a very
successful “Battle of the Beats” where 7 amateur DJs were given a platform to
showcase their talents. The winners received cash prizes. They teamed up with
DJ school Patsav and their venue partner was OTM Jubilee Hills.

The team did a fantastic job of raising funds through ticket sales as well as
individual sponsorships. Kudos to the entire team and their very supportive
parents who collected over 8 lakhs, all of which was donated to ABC.

Thank you team Parallax!!

Trisha, Sashwat, Subhash (top left picture)

Article courtesy: Pioneer newspaper

ABC - Newsletter October - December 2018

Ishaan Solipuram (ISH) and his vegetable garden. All the produce was donated
to SCH (a home for special needs children). Awesome job Ishaan!

Our very own volunteer and artist Deepa Nath launched her coffee table book
about various local NGOs, combined with her amazing art. Many of our
volunteers are featured in this book, sharing their experience at ABC.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Deepa’s book, please email us at
ABC - Newsletter October - December 2018

Runner/Staff Updates

We had 9 admissions last quarter. We continue to struggle with some of

our repeat cases. One child that is severely immune compromised has
spent most of the quarter hospitalized. She is getting better, but it has
been a slow process. Another child has a blood disorder and continues to
need monthly transfusions. We have our 2 CHD babies that need extra
care as they are susceptible to respiratory infections.
We spent close to 8.5 lakhs for the care of these children in the last
A big thanks to Dr. Praveen for conducting a dermatology camp in
Meanwhile, we continue our non-mandatory immunization project with
another round of the pneumococcal vaccine.

Yearly Sari distribution to all staff at both the orphanages we support.

300 happy faces!

ABC - Newsletter October - December 2018

One of our Corporate Sponsors visited the orphanage and spent time
with the older kids. They also brought a lot of goodies with them.

Feedback shared by a volunteer:

Dear ABC friends, thank you for allowing us to spend time with the kids on Friday. Our
experience is way beyond words. Each year on impact day I felt content for giving back to the
society. But this year the feeling is entirely different! There is so much to be done and so few
hands! Really appreciate and commend all your selfless efforts towards these children. God
bless you all immensely!

Supplies donated Art created by the kids

Volunteer meet and farewells

ABC - Newsletter October - December 2018

Donors who gave over Rs. 5000: Special Thanks to the continued
(October to December 2018): support of our Monthly Donors:
• C Neeraja • Shriram Life Insurance Company
• Deepa Dodla Limited
• Lauren Vine and Steve Fry • Sarovar Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
• Jean Muthyala • Cassie Kromhout
• Malathi Reddy • Sruthi Reddy
• Pavani Reddy
• Vigor Health Consulting ABC Board via Monthly Pledges
• Amita Lulla
Via Parallax • Gita Dasika
• Ashva Ventures Pvt. Ltd. • Latika Krepanand
• Avika Projects Pvt. Ltd. • Madhulika Gupta Patibandla
• Bellam Ravichandra • Nidhi Agarwal
• Saferich India Securities Pvt. Ltd. • Prarthana Reddy
• Sharda Rao Tummala • Radhika Reddy
• Suven Trust • T. S. Syamala Subashini
• Systel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
• The B Factory (Nidhi Agarwal) Donors who gave in kind:
• Uma Devi Uppaluri • Nova Fisher (various craft
• Venugopala Punugoti supplies)

Most of our funds went towards the medical costs of the children. We spent over
14.1 lakhs from October to December on:
• Hospitalizations
• Medicines
• Diagnostics
• Wheelchair (imported) for a special needs child
We spent around 3 lakhs for the salaries of the Nurse and Ayahs we have hired at
one of the orphanages as well as on other expenses like:
• Diapers, creams, special formula etc.
• Sterillium and anti-bacterial soap
• Therapy toys
Join our Cause!
You can be a volunteer or help us…
- Cuddle babies
- Raise Funds
- Coordinate hospitalizations
- Pledge a fixed monthly amount
- Donate towards special projects ABCinhyderabad
- Donate diapers and baby toiletries
- Donate money for the medical needs of
the orphan babies we support

ABC - Newsletter October - December 2018

ABC is an entirely volunteer based organization, with all proceeds

going directly to support the orphans we work with.
We are always in need of Volunteers to help with the various
requirements. You can make a difference too!

Please note: Most photos are for representational purposes only and taken from the Internet
for private sharing.