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Complete the following sentences.

1-2. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who ______________ His ______________ for His
3. The Church is the ______________ of the Christ.
4-5. Jesus feeds His Church with His _____________ and unites them with His

Write GS if the phrases below describe a Good Shepherd and HH for the hired
help and ✓ for both.
_________ 1. protects the sheep
_________ 2. leaves the sheep when there is danger
_________ 3. brings the sheep to grassland
_________ 4. guides the sheep back to the shelter
_________ 5. cares for the sheep
_________ 6. sleeps while the sheep are grazing
_________ 7. runs away when there is a wolf
_________ 8. lays down His life for the sheep
_________ 9. gathers other sheep not in His group
_________ 10. gets paid for services rendered

Supply the missing words in the following sentences.

1. To describe the Kingdom of God, Jesus made use of ____________________.
2. The Kingdom of God is compared to a __________________ seed that grows
into a big tree.
3. The Kingdom of God is seen today in the ___________________ whose
members are called to help make it grow.
4. The members of the church can help make the Kingdom of God grow through the
help of the ____________________.
5. The Kingdom of God is like a _________________ that makes the bread of rise.
6. Our acts of loving __________________ will make others see that Jesus is alive
7. To contribute to the growth of God’s Kingdom we need to avoid
8. The church is the Kingdom of God on __________________.
9. St. Lang-Yang-Cheu is one of the _____________ of China.
10. The central message of Jesus’ ministry is the coming of God’s
True or False. On the space before the number, write T if the statement is true
and F if False.

_______ 1. The Church is the Kingdom of God.

_______ 2. The Kingdom of God is like a small seed that when planted multiplies into
many small trees.
_______ 3. Jesus began His public ministry by proclaiming the coming of the Kingdom
of God.
_______ 4. The members of the Church have important roles to play so that the
Kingdom of God can be fully realized.
_______ 5. The central message of Jesus’ preaching is repentance.

Identification. Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

1. The new people of God is the ___________________.

2. The head of the new people of God is _________________.
3. The law of the new people of God is ___________________.
4. Membership into the new people of God is through __________________.
5. To spread the good news of love is the ___________________ of the new
people of God.
6. To be with God in heaven is the __________________ of the new people of
7. God formed __________________ as His people in the Old Testament.
8. God cared for His people and gave them the _________________ He promised.
9. Christ instituted the new covenant in His _____________________.
10. In the hearts of God’s people the ________________ dwells.

On the space before the number, draw a if the tem correctly describes the Church
as Body of Christ. If not, draw a .

_______ 1. The members of the Church perform uniform functions.

_______ 2. The Church as body has the pope as its head.
_______ 3. The members of the Church are equal though different in status.
_______ 4. The priests are the most important members of the Church.
_______ 5. The roles the members of the Church perform are for the good of others
and not for themselves.
_______ 6. Unity and diversity co-exist in the Church as Body of Christ.
_______ 7. The source of our unity in the Church is Jesus Christ.
_______ 8. In the Church as Body of Christ when some members suffer, they suffer
_______ 9. Charity or love for one another is the fruit of the unity of the members if the
_______ 10. The members of the Church use their talents for the benefit of the entire

Fill in the blanks with the correct word. Choose from the word bank

1. The head of the Church whom Jesus appointed is _________________.

2. Jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the ______________.
3. The Church is the temple of the ______________.
4. The most sacred part of the temple is the __________________.
5. God’s people were reminded by the _________________ that God lives not in
the temple but among them.
6. God’s people were conquered by their enemies and exiled in Babylon because of
their ______________.
7. The Church as God’s temple is ________________.
8. The Church is not the structure but the _____________ of God.
9. The Church is united by one _____________ in God.
10. The function of the Holy Spirit in the Church can be compared to the function of
the _______________ to the body.

Church Holy of holies Holy Spirit

Holy people soul
Peter prophets
disobedience faith
Draw a on the space before the number if the character described in
each situation shows holiness.

_______ 1. Roland uses respectful words when talking to people, young or old.
_______ 2. Elena spends her free time posting unkind remarks on her Facebook about
a classmate she is envious of.
_______ 3. Fatima always think of ways of making her parents happy because she
knows how hard they work to send her to a good school.
_______ 4. Gerard prays to God for the grace to love even those classmates who
always make fun of him.
_______ 5. Selena thinks of getting even with Katrina because she spreads rumors
about her.
_______ 6. Nicholas refuses to say bad words even his friends are threatening to
remove him from their group if he will not.
_______ 7. Rina keeps the colored pens she borrowed from Andrea. She reasons out
that Andrea is rich and can always buy a new set.
_______ 8. As a member of his parish youth group, Martin thinks of projects that will
help the parishioners appreciate the importance of the Holy Mass.
_______ 9. Benilda joins her school’s outreach activity because she needs votes for
the coming student body elections.
_______ 10. Javier cleans the toys he keeps in a box. He will give them away to
children in an orphanage.