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Chris Kozlowski, Youth Director or 248-821-8686 Cell
Did you know that we make approximately 35,000 decisions this year’s conference is “Trust in the Ten.” As an added bo-
a day? Thankfully, the majority of these decisions are small, nus (for me anyway) I will be presen ng one of the breakout
easy decisions but, let’s face it, we each have big decisions to modules. My breakout is centered on seeking role models
make on a daily basis as well. The challenge at our SMYG outside of our parents (the ul mate role models!) to help
mee ng on October 16 was to take the biggest, most compli- guide us on our faith journey.
cated decisions to our Lord. In last Sunday’s Gospel, we see a Have you signed up for Remind for the 2019-2020 school
judge who makes a decision for the wrong reason, and this year? This is our primary communica on tool throughout the
was the springboard for our discussion. We focused our year; parents and/or teens are invited to sign up. To join RE-
mee ng on including prayer in the decision making process MIND, simply text @bb9abg to the number 81010. Contact
and asking for God’s guidance in all that we do. It was an in- me (Chris K.) with any ques ons.
credibly rewarding experience to see 30+ youth in the chapel Have you signed up to Remind to get updates as a MSP lead-
offering up their tough decisions to our Lord as we closed our er? Text @mspleads to 81010 to receive MSP leadership les-
mee ng. Please keep the youth of our parish, and all youth, in son plans and regular updates on the program.
your prayers as we will never know all of the things that they
have going on in their lives. I pray that the Holy Spirit provides 2019-2020 SMYG upcoming schedule:
a calming presence to each of them and that their decisions All mee ngs are 7:00-9:00 PM unless otherwise stated.
lean in the direc on of Love; in other words, their decisions October 30 MSP Session
lean toward the decision that our God would want them to November 6 SMYG Mee ng
make. November 13 MSP session
SMYG is on retreat this weekend. We will be at Subiaco Re- November 20 SMYG Mee ng
treat House. Subiaco has proven to offer a life changing expe- November 27 No Mee ng—Happy Thanksgiving!
rience to high school students over the years. I am a big fan of
their retreats because we always have the opportunity to re- 2019-2020 SMYG “Major Event” Schedule:
ceive the Sacrament of Reconcilia on and go to Mass as well February 15-16, 2020 Rainbow “Trust in the Ten”
as spend me in meaningful discussions centered on our faith February 29, 2020 Facilitate 1st Year Confirma on Ret.
journey. Please keep the youth of St. Mary in your prayers this April 10, 2020 The Living Sta ons
weekend. May 1-3, 2020 Spring Retreat
The annual Catholic Youth Organiza on conference— June 21-28, 2020 SAW
Rainbow—is scheduled for February 15-16, 2020. Permission
slips were distributed at our October 23 mee ng. This event is Pictures: Our October 16 couch picture (bo om). A tough deci-
for all high school students and is typically very well a ended, sion presenta on (below right) and closing prayer in the chapel
with average crowds exceeding 1,000 people. The theme for (opposing column le ).

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