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Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó

“Diego Luis Córdoba”

First English Exam

Prof: Tatiana Quintero

Name: _____________________________________________________________ Date: __________

1. Read carefully the text and write the verbs in the correct form.

Hi! My name is Lucy. This is my daily routine.

I _________ (To get up) at 7 am every days and I _______ (To have) breakfast with my parents and my
younger sister Paula.

We _________ (To go) to school by bus, but my father _________ (To go) by train. My mother
_________ (To work) at home, she _________ (To be) a journalist.

We _________ (To have) lunch at school, because in the afternoons we _____ (To do) activities: I
_________ (To draw) in the art club and after I _________ (To play) basketball, my sister _________
(To go) to karate.

After school we _________ (To go) home and my mother _________ (To help) us with the homework.
We also _________ (To help) at home, I _________ (To clean) the rooms and my sister _________ (To
wash) the dishes.

In the evenings my dad and mom _________ (To watch) TV, my sister and I _________ (To go) to bed at
nine o'clock.

2. Answer the following questions about Lucy’s routine according to the reading. Use short answers.

a) Does Paula have karate lessons?

b) Is Lucy in the art club?
c) Do Lucy and Paula have lunch at home?

3. Organise the following sentences according to the normal sentence pattern in English.

a) after / meet up / school / friends / Frank and Robert / with:

b) has / brothers / two / and / sister / he / one:
c) a / I / pretty / bought / new / dress / cotton / black:
d) Italian / car / red / sports / fantastic / a:

4. Complete the sentences with does, do, doesn’t, or don’t.

a) You remember me, ______ you? e) It ____________ work anymore.
b) We ______ think you are suitable for the f) They ______ seem very happy.
job. I'm very sorry. g) They don't want to go, ______ they?
c) I ______ think that this is a good idea. h) He lives in Tokyo, ______ he?
d) We don't want to do that, ______ we?