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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) HAZARDOUSMATERIAL{s}

with any COMAT questions: ONBOARDAIRCRAFT
Federal Aviation Administration:
Oxygen Bottles,
Portable , Gaseous
Is Your
Safe to Fly?

Batteries, Aircraft
Exceptions for the Transport of COMAT?
The following are examples of Hazardous Materials
which MUST be declared properly as cargo: What is COMAT? Yes. The HMR/ICAO Tl provide some exceptions for
COMAT is the abbreviation for Air Carrier co mpany specific quantities and types of COMAT. See HMR, 49
1 Batteries, Aircraft 8 Ordnance Devices MAT erials. COMAT is an industry term developed and used CFR 175.8; and/or ICAO Tl, Part 1, Chapter 2,
• Aircraft Batteries (off-wing escape)
• Lithium Batteries I Equipment by certificate holders to describe a wide array of company Paragraph 2.2 COMAT document.
Containing Lithium Batteries: materials, parts, and consumable items. COMAT is often
9 Oxygen Bottles,
APU Units, Defibrillators, shipped to replace installed equipment, serviceable items, or Examples of COMAT exceptions that provide partial
ELTs,Crew EFBs,and
Portable, Gaseous
items removed for servicing and repair Many of these items HMR/ICAO Tl relief:
Portable Card Readers
10 Oxygen Bottles, Crew which are required aboard an aircraft in accordance with the • Packaging exceptions for items of replacement.
System, Gaseous applicable airworthiness requirements and operating • Relaxed quantity limits for aircraft batteries.
2 Aircraft Engines
• Crew Oxygen Cylinder regulations are regulated as hazardous materials or • Operator furnished medical oxygen for passengers.
3 Escape Slides I Life Rafts dangerous goods when removed from the aircraft.
• Life Raft 11 Oxygen Bottles, Examples of COMAT exceptions that provide full HMR/
• Under Seat Life Vest Passenger System, What Regulations Apply to the Transport ICAO Tl relief:
• First Aid Kit Gaseous (standard) • Dry ice and Division 2.2 food-dispensing aerosols
• Emergency Walk Around of COMAT?
used for food/beverage services on aircraft.
4 Fire Bottles (APU, engines, Oxygen Cylinder
Some COMAT are subject to the requirements of the • Certain items for sale or use by operator on a
lower cargo compartment,
and lavatory waste containers) 12 Oxygen Generators Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 CFRparts specific aircraft including, alcoholic beverages,
(OPTIONAL: each PSU 171-180) and/or the International Civi I Aviation colognes, electronic devices containing certain types
5 Fire Extinguisher (attendant STANDARD: each attendant
Organization Technical Instructions for the Safe and quantities of lithium batteries, or liquefied gas
stations, closets, galleys, etc.) station and lavatory) lighters with approved designs.
• Cabin Fire Extinguisher • Chemical Oxygen Transport of Dangerous Goods (ICAO Tl). The HMR/
Generator ICAO Tl require proper classification, packaging, • A tire assembly with a serviceable tire.
• Cargo Compartment Halon,
Halon Fire Extinguisher communication, handling, and storage of HAZMAT
• Engine Fire Extinguisher and 13 Rain Repellent offered for transportation. The HMR/ICAO Tl also
Explosive Squib
require training for all HAZMAT employees.
14 Refrigerant (located in
6 Fuel each galley)
• Unpurged Fuel Control Unit • Parts Containing Residues
of Hazardous Materials
Who May Transport COMAT?
7 Uranium (depleated,
counter-balance weights)
15 Smoke Hoods An operator may only transport COMAT regulated
• Depleted Uranium
Control Balance under the HMR/ICAO Tl if the operations specifications
16 Tritium Signs (aisle and in 14 CFR 119.49 permit the operator to carry HAZMAT.
emergency exit doors)
• Radioactive Exit Sign