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1. What do you think I should do differently next year?

2. How could I be more helpful to other people on the team?

3. What are your most important goals for the coming year?

4. Is there anything I could do to make your job easier?

5. How do you think our business is going to change in the future? What challenges do we face?

6. What new knowledge or skills do you think I may need to develop?

7. Name one thing we can do to make our meetings more efficient?

8. What’s the one thing you like most about your job? What’s the one thing you like least?

9. What’s one thing I can do to better support you in your role?

10. Can you please explain to me what you believe the company goals, vision and strategy are?

11. Do you understand your personal role in the company goals, vision and strategy?

12. What are your personal goals?

13. What are your strongest motivators to come to work everyday?

14. What would you change about those processes and practices?

15. What does success look like to you?

16. What would make your work more meaningful and satisfying?

17. What conditions would cause you to seek employment elsewhere?

18. What is it that keeps you from seeking other employment?

19. How do you like to be recognized, acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done?

20. What is your greatest challenge or roadblock?

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21. What strengths or talents do you possess that aren't being used?

22. What makes for a great workday?

23. If you could change one thing about our company, what would it be?

24. How do you feel the company and your team are doing?

25. Do you receive sufficient feedback about your performance?

26. What is most satisfying about your job?

27. What is least satisfying about your job?

28. Do you receive enough training to do your job effectively?

29. How can I, or the company, help you reach your career goals?

30. What do you see as the primary drivers of success in our organization?

31. What do you feel your greatest win/success has been over the past 6 months?

32. What short- and long-term developmental activities are you interested for your current / fu-
ture role?

33. Do you have a mentor and if not could I help you identify someone who could provide you ca-
reer guidance?

34. How would you describe the corporate culture here?

35. What opportunities do you see to improve the company culture?

36. Are there any projects you’d really like to work on if you were given the opportunity?

37. What do you want to be doing in 5 years?

38. What are your long term goals?

39. What’s one thing we could do today to help you with your long term goals?

40. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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41. What is the company not doing today that we should do to better compete in the market?

42. If you were CEO, what’s the first thing you’d change?

43. Do you think our company is loyal to its employees? Why or why not?

44. What are your favorite parts about our culture?

45. What is the #1 problem at our company? Why?

46. What do you like about my management style? What do you dislike?

47. What is something I could do better? What is a criticism you have for me?

48. Are you happy working here?

49. What’s one thing we do to help you enjoy your job more?

50. How do you feel your work/life balance is right now?

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