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Q: Describe with reference to Surah Al-Asr, the minimum and unified criteria required for
the divine success in the life of a Muslim, in detail.

The surah from the Quran., that for myself, makes a lot of sense in this type of a
conversation is very short to point, which is part of that Surah, and it’s a surah that you might
actually be quite familiar with, Surah number 103 in the Holly Qura’an. It is named “Al-Asr” as
Allah (SWT) took an oath of Asr (time). Many of the Muslim scholars mentioned this surah
among Madani Surahs, however if we look at the subject of the surah that has been described in
it, we can say that it is among Makki Surahs because it refers to basics of Deen.
This Surah could be one and only specimen of comprehensiveness and brevity.In this
Surah it has been clearly mentioned the plain method that what is the way to true success for a
man and if he/she distract from that path he/she will be ruin and destroyed. Immam Shaffi has
very justly mentioned that if the person considers this Surah as a guidance for him, it would be
sufficient for him.
Surah Translation is given by:
“By Time, Indeed, Mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed
and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each
other to patience.”

Explanation of Swear of Time:

In this Surah Allah (SWT) takes on oath of time, the time having a fleeting nature, like an
ice cube that melts with the passage of time. Whenever Allah (SWT) takes an oath, by something
He does not take that oath just randomly, , but it works into the definite message of that Surah, it
influences the message that is being delivered, that will help you in comprehending and
internalizing the message of the following verses of the Surah, so when Allah (SWT) talks about
time as its slipping away, as like an ice cube that is just melting away with the passage of time.
Salvation on behalf of four rules:
Allah (SWT) says that Man is confidently in loss, means most definitely without a doubt,
that Human Being as a species, as an example, as a representative of his entire of all of mankind,
the Human Being is drowning inside, it contained inside of, its trapped inside of ruin, loss.
Trapped inside like a bubble, and the only thing that can help this Human Being burst out of this
bubble, break from this restraint, free that Human Being, spiritually, emotionally,
psychologically, is Allah (SWT) gives us what that is going to take.
Only those people will be out of the fold of loss who will exhibit these four characteristics as
mentioned in The Holly Qura’an:

“Except those who have faith and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other to
hold on to truth and counsel each other to be steadfast.”

1. Faith
2. Righteous deeds
3. Advises each other to Truth
4. Advises each other to Patience.
Faith: -
Islam, in Arabic, suggests that "submission". This submission refers to the need or you
can say to the will of Allah (SWT), trustworthy Muslims, therefore, submit completely to Allah’s
will and adjust His guidelines as narrated within the Qura’an and conveyed to humankind by
Muhammad, His Messenger.
Muslims have firm believe that there is no true religion but Islam. It is the religion which
was unconcealed through protracted line of prophets. Among these prophets are Hazrat Ibrahim
(AS), Hazrat Ismail (AS), Hazrat Nooh (AS), Hazrat Musa (AS), Hazrat Essa (AS), Hazrat
Dawud (AS), Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) and many more nearly one lack and twenty-four
thousand in number. All these prophets were sent to preach the words of Allah (SWT) and make
people to have firm faith that there is no God but Allah (SWT).
However, the complete and final revelation hail from through the last prophet named
Prophet Muhammad (PUBH), and was personified within the Quran, that completes all previous
revelations of Allah (SWT).
If we talk about faith or believe, there are three levels in Deen: Islam, Eman and Ihsan.
As described earlier that ‘Islam’ means to completely surrender one’s will
(without compulsion) to the true will of Allah (SWT) in an effort to achieve peace. Now
the question is that what is the True will of Allah? Here Allah mentions that He gave us
the book ‘Quran’ and Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Each and every action
that is to please Allah and according to His will is mentioned and described briefly in
them. This level of Deen is based on five pillars.
 Shahada (Faith)
 Salah (Prayer)
 Zakat (Charity)
 Sawm (Fasting)
 Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah)
The second level of Deen is Eman. It has been clearly defined in Eman-e-
Mufassal. It consists of six articles. That includes to have firm Faith in
 Allah (SWT)
 His Angles
 His Divine revelations (Divine Holly books or scriptures)
 His Messengers
 The last day (Day of Judgment)
 The Divine decree (Taqdeer)
Any Muslim must have firm believe in all these things to be called a Muslim.
If one does not believe in any one of them then he or she will be out of the fold of Islam.
A Muslim who has Eman doesn't merely believe in Allah, he or she commits to follow
the commands of Allah in each aspect of life. Iman is essential to success within the
spiritual realm, however additionally in alternative areas. So, anyone who reached the
level of Iman believes that Allah exists alone and He is proficient of doing anything. A
Mumin believes in each and everything Allah (SWT) told within the script of Holy
Qura’an. He has firm believe in the day of judgment that on that day each and every
person will be rewarded on the basis of the actions he/she did in his/her life.

The third and highest level of Deen is Ihsan. Its definition has been mentioned by
our prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as:
“To worship Allah as if you see Him, although you do not see Him, (but) He
sees you.”

In Islam the Ihsan means doing good deeds in exceedingly good manner. The one
who do Ihsan is called a Muhsin. So Ihsan means that a Muhsin is certain in his/her
actions completely and also that Allah (SWT) sees him/her all the way down and Allah
(SWT) knows what he/she do and even he/she has a will to do. So, Muhsin tries his/her
best to perform that action that is in accordance to the will of Allah (SWT) and that
pleases Him. In Holly Qura’an Allah says:
“Surely Allah enjoins justice, kindness and the doing of good to kith and kin, and
forbids all that is shameful, evil and oppressive. He exhorts you so that you may be
mindful.” (Quran, 16: 90).

So, we have to be a Muhsin as by living consistent by applying the concept of Ihsan. If a

Muslim makes himself to be practical regarding the principals of Ihsan. He/she will be
pleased pity and forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

Righteous deeds:
It is a divine warning to Muslims, to support their belief with devotion and acts of
worship. The Righteous deeds indicate the depth of someone’s religion. Within the Allah (SWT)
informs us concerning the assorted types of righteous deeds. To talk about Islam and obtain a
stronger understanding of the Quran, being generous and duteous to parents, determination all
types of private and social downside of others are all considered in the definition of
vital righteous deeds.
The most vital condition for a deed to be righteous is sincerity that's to expect solely
Allah’s pleasure. The intention ought to be pure and it mustn't be to hunt material advantages
or to realize appreciation from different humans. It ought to be in mind that Allah (SWT) is
absolutely independent of us whereas we are fully dependent on Him (SWT).
Exhorting one another to Truth, and Patience:
In the end of this Surah Allah (SWT) mentions the last two conditions to successful in
life and here after. First one is (Haq) or we can say Truth. We must exhort others to truth, to the
reality of this world, to the reality of God, to the reality of Akhirat. The second meaning is that
we must exhort others to do right deeds that are allowed by Allah (SWT). And in the second part
of the verse, the last condition is defined as to exhort others to patience. We must develop a
society where people help each other and look after each interest. We must do these things only
for the sake of Allah (SWT). Therefore, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has said that
“The best among you are those who are morally sound from others.”
Hence, we can conclude that each and every person is in loss. This loss could be related
to this Duniya or to the life here after. If we want to be out of the fold of that loss we need to do
these four tasks as mentioned above. These are the minimum criteria to successful in the world
and in the life here after, and also it is considered the minimum criteria to enter to paradise.
----------THE END---------