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The proponent’s business company is offering a traditional filipino dessert called as maja

blanca in which is present at almost any festivity in today's generation. Maja blanca is originally

a dish adopted from spain and is known for its fluffy and tasty appearance. It is basically made

up of several ingredients primarily a cornstarch, coconut milk and sugar mixed up together.

Cornstarch contains essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc and etc,in which helps

the body to stay healthy. On the other hand, coconut milk is rich in fiber, vitamin E,C,B1,B3,B5

and B6. It also includes iron and phosphorus that would help a person to improve blood pressure

and prevents heart attack or stroke.

The company will serve this maja blanca dessert with some various toppings sucb as

crushed peanuts, sweet cornkernels, and fruit cocktail and some flavorings such as strawberry,

pandan and chocolate. This would help to make its appearance much tastier than the traditional

one. The use of coconut milk gives a very subtle yet very distinct depth of flavor to the said


Maja Maize offer a product that promote a quality of product and attractiive snacks.The

purpose of this is to promote good product.Although maja blanca has been one of the filipino's

traditional holiday dessert, then they usually served this during our fiesta and during the holidays

especially Christmas.And it exist in the Philippines through the spanish influence.A variety of

this dessert originated in spain that was adapted by filipino's , is an evident to be considered why

maja blanca also became popular.In our country maja blanca is primarily made from coconut

milk, this was much known as coconut pudding.It has a consistency of thick gelatin and give

delicate flavor that is usually creamy white in color.This is done through mixing of coconut milk
and corn starch heated to boiling over a low flame while stirring often added by milk,corn

kernels and sugar.

It will provide an extreme satisfaction to the customers because of its production process.

Also , the company comitted better service to the customers in which would hold a friendly

relationship between the staffs and the customers. It is affordable as well and is produce heartily

by propoanence of this feasibility study.

The maja maize is aiming to be the best producer of dessert. The materials are highly

maintained for cleanliness and the area is always clean all the times. The business is very stirick

in sanitation and hygiene, most specifically thprohibition of not wearing ccp (personal protective

equipment) and dirty fingers nails and wearing jewelries during working hours.