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- Organization: As things - Self: Self

are being organized improvement first,
ahead of time, things go for eveything to
well and smoothly. follows.
- Time Management: - Bad Time
- Committed: Personally, Management:
as the time that I knew There are times
my commitments where I cannot
- Passionate: I may not schedule things at
be the best Vice the right time
President that this - Bad Division of
organization had. But Labors: I haven’t
because I love the youth divided the works
and the organization so well
that brought me this far. - Lack of
- Open-mindedness: as Communication:
long as you have a big due to problems in
understanding and a big internet connection
heart in what you are and too many
doing, you see schoolworks, I
goodness in every flaw cannot
- God-centeredness: I communicate well
just put God in the with my co officers
center of my life and in - Far heree in
everything that I do, & Calaca: So hard
things go well being far
- Workloads in
school: Due to
many workloads,
activities and
lessons in school
most of the time I
cannot comply to
my duties and
- Negative Thinker: I
always over thinks,
&& I always down
myself in everything
that I do.
- Procrastinator :
most of the time,
things are done on
the spot instead
ahead of time

- to help and provide what - As the V. President
co-officers, youth and I already encounter
facilitators need many problems and
together with my co-
officers such as
sometimes due to
personal problems
of each of one us,
lack of
lack of meetings &
number of people
attending the
meetings, things are
done not so well.
- We also
experienced as a
team the domino
effect when one of
is missing in action.
- Losing one
committee or one
officer, is really a
hard part for
everyone has its
own duty and
responsibility to
comply with.