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About TRACE’s
Online Training
Compliance training helps shield your organization from legal
risk, protect your corporate reputation and create a culture of
business ethics. At TRACE, we understand the importance of
effective compliance training from both a legal and business
perspective. That’s why we offer our members unrestricted
access to our online training library and customizable training
platform at no additional cost.

Developed in conjunction with subject-matter experts, our

training modules offer top quality content and educational
support to global organizations seeking to:
>> Build a legally defensible online training program that
can withstand regulatory scrutiny.
>> Mitigate the risk of compliance violations by providing
employees and third parties with the knowledge they
need to comply with key regulations.
>> Improve learner engagement and retention by
leveraging the most up-to-date learning techniques.
>> Keep pace with evolving regulations and innovations
in anti-bribery compliance training and eLearning.

Reduce Risk.
Raise Awareness.
Reinforce Compliance.

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Hosting, Administering and Managing Training

All TRACE online training courses are designed to be hosted, delivered and managed on a learning management system (LMS).
You may administer TRACE courses using our customizable LMS, which allows you to easily deploy and manage a global
online training program for an unlimited number of employees and third parties. Alternatively, you may elect to deploy TRACE
courses via your own internal LMS, in which case TRACE will provide a copy of the course SCORM files.

TRACE’s Customizable LMS

TRACE’s customizable LMS provides a secure, interactive,
multi-media, web-based learning environment. Support
services provided by TRACE at no additional charge include
an in-depth LMS administrator training session and ongoing
technical support for administrators and learners.

Key Features of TRACE’s LMS:

>> Full control over the administration of your training site
>> Ability to customize your training portal by uploading
company logos, policies and company-specific
>> Automated email notifications and reminders
>> Multilingual platform available in Chinese, English,
French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
>> Customizable reporting of all users, including key
demographic and learner course completion data
>> Powerful reporting capabilities to track and manage
>> Unlimited access; no user limits or per-user fees

If you wish to use your own internal LMS, you may request
SCORM files for the desired courses. Please note that as all
courses have been designed for TRACE’s LMS, you may need to
configure the courses to work on your internal LMS. TRACE will
not be responsible for providing technical support for courses
housed on internal, member learning management systems.

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Available Training Customizations

TRACE Course Customization Options INCLUDED with Membership
(no additional cost):
As part of your TRACE membership the following customizations are available:
>> AB Refresher: Gifts and Hospitality: Dollar Threshold for Question Two
and Your Company Name in replacement of Company XYZ/TRACE “TRACE’s online training
>> One Training Course (SCORM package) customized to include your platform has enabled us to
company logo
rapidly deploy training in local
>> One Global Anti-Bribery Training Course (SCORM package)
customized to include:
languages on a broad basis to
our employees. On the whole,
>> Company Logo added to top slide banner of the course
the system has provided
>> Company Anti-Bribery Policy added to the closing slide of the
course as a downloadable/printable document incredible value and cost
>> Custom “Welcome” message from your CEO/COO/other
savings in training for us.”
executive with photo on the opening slide of the course (any
Cynthia M. Wallace, Esq.
translation will need to be provided by the member)
Senior Director of Legal Services
>> Custom closing remarks on last slide (one to two sentences, any & Governance
translations need to be provided by the member) The Cooper Companies
Additionally, our training specialists can create customized policy lessons
based on your organization’s policies, including learner acknowledgements
and certifications. TRACE will create up to three single-language company
policy certification acknowledgment lesson modules OR one multi-language
company policy certification acknowledgment lesson module (up to 10

As a member of TRACE you have the option to pay for the creation of a
PowerPoint, Quiz or Video to your portal as a separate course or added as an
additional lesson within a course.

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Full-Length Courses

Full-Length Courses
Full-length courses cover key compliance issues and introduce employees and third parties to the law while exploring
interactions and real-life situations that can lead to compliance violations. TRACE course content is updated regularly to keep
pace with evolving regulations and innovations in compliance eLearning.

All Learners Full Course

min 29

All Learners Full Course
min 11* 
Languages Language

Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Economic Sanctions

Leveraging situational learning and scenario-based The primary objective of this course is to increase awareness
techniques to enhance learner engagement and retention, of economic sanctions and equip learners with the knowledge
this course provides employees and third parties with and skills necessary to identify and report potential issues
guidance on regulatory requirements for anti-bribery to their compliance departments. This course helps learners
compliance, types of behavior that can trigger a violation and understand how their jobs may be impacted by sanctions,
how to avoid problematic situations. Acting as a compliance while also identifying common red flags which may minimize
advisor to colleagues across the globe, the goal of the course exposure to sanctions violations.
is to prevent potential bribery violations while earning enough
Course Objectives:
points to receive the title of Top Compliance Expert.
>> Learn what economic sanctions are, their purpose and
Customizable course features include an editable ‘tone at the which activities/transactions violate global sanctions
top’ message from your CEO or other company executive and regulations.
insertion of a downloadable copy of your organization’s anti- >> Recognize how day-to-day business activities may be
bribery policy, or company logo. impacted by economic sanctions.
Course Objectives: >> Identify red flags and assess real-world situations to
determine if economic sanctions are implicated.
>> Learn which acts/behavior constitute bribery based
on global anti-bribery laws.
>> Be able to recognize bribery in real-world situations,
and develop the skills necessary to analyze cases and
avoid potential problematic situations.
>> Gain awareness of the risks bribery poses to both
organizations and individuals and how to prevent

This course is available in two different versions to

accommodate both employees and third parties.
* Ukrainian will be available summer 2019.

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Full-Length Courses

Employees Full Course

min 04 
Languages Language
Employees Full Course

Anti-Money Laundering Shipping & Logistics

In this course, learners explore various money laundering
Utilizing real-life scenarios and case studies and exploring
scenarios and the steps that can be taken to ensure one’s
the current state of anti-bribery law in key jurisdictions,
day-to-day actions comply with existing global Anti-Money
this course addresses the specific anti-bribery compliance
Laundering (AML) regulations. Real-world case examples
challenges faced by multinational organizations with global
teach employees how to identify and respond to possible
customs, shipping or logistics operations.
red flags.
Course Objectives:
Course Objectives:
>> Learn what types of behavior and transactions lead to
>> Learn about money laundering, the various forms
bribery risk within the shipping and logistics sector.
money laundering can take and why it occurs.
>> Understand steps that can be taken to minimize
>> Identify money laundering red flags and learn how to
exposure to bribery in various high risk regions.
take action when faced with questionable behavior and
transactions. >> Put in place best practice recommendations for
proactively identifying red flags and responding to
>> Understand effective steps for preventing money
specific scenarios “on -the -ground.”

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Full-Length Courses

All Learners Full Course

min 14 
Languages Language
All Learners Full Course

Conflicts of Interest Conflict Minerals

This course addresses the concept of conflicts of interest and This course offers guidance and training on conflict minerals
provides guidance for appropriate responses by engaging the risk management and due diligence implementation
learner in an exploration of scenarios that present potential in accordance with Dodd-Frank Section 1502. Learners
and actual conflicts of interest. Throughout the course, explore requirements of the Conflict Minerals Rule and are
learners follow three employees as they encounter various provided with general best practice compliance guidance and
conflicts of interest in their day-to-day activities. recommendations for due diligence processes.
Course Objectives: Course Objectives:
>> Recognize different types of conflicts of interest in >> Learn about conflict minerals and affected parties.
the workplace.
>> Understand the steps companies and individuals should
>> Learn how to take appropriate action when faced with a take to meet reporting and due diligence requirements.
conflict of interest.
>> Identify and address additional expectations from
>> Understand the harmful effects of conflicts of interest suppliers.
on individuals and organizations.

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Full-Length Courses

All Learners Full Course

min 11 
Languages Language

Avoiding Trafficked Labor

Training employees and third parties to recognize and
communicate awareness of human trafficking is essential
to avoiding business and reputational risk associated with
trafficked labor in the supply chain and others areas of
business. Using real-life scenarios and referencing current
global regulations addressing human trafficking, this course
teaches learners appropriate conduct in a variety of situations
and offers recommendations for proactively identifying and
avoiding trafficked labor in business.
Course Objectives:
>> Understand the requirements of global trafficking-
related statutes, including the UK Modern Slavery Act
and U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
>> Recognize and communicate awareness of human
trafficking risks.
>> Formulate a plan to identify and avoid trafficked labor
in business.

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Refresher Courses

Refresher Courses
Refresher courses are designed to provide more detailed guidance on specific anti-bribery compliance issues that tend to
be top-of-mind for most organizations. Courses are 15 minutes or shorter and can be used to train employees in higher-risk
locations and positions or between annual training cycles. Gamification techniques are utilized to improve retention and
results, while also providing a unique learning experience.

Employees Refresher


Anti-Bribery Refresher: Anti-Bribery Refresher:

Gifts & Hospitality Third Party Due Diligence
Designed to reinforce key concepts related to gifts and Third party due diligence remains one of the greatest
hospitality practices first introduced in our full-length Anti- compliance challenges for most multinational organizations.
Bribery Compliance Training, learners apply compliance Simulating the most common scenarios and questions
knowledge to evaluate various scenarios that can trigger pertaining to third party due diligence, during this course the
bribery violations. Included as part of the course, learners learner is prompted to apply a thoughtful approach to solving
participate in two interactive gaming sequences that test various third party screening challenges.
knowledge of key concepts addressed during the course.
Course Objectives:
Course Objectives:
>> Understand the basics of international anti-bribery laws
>> Recognize factors that influence compliance risk in gifts and how third-party due diligence fits into compliance
and hospitality practices. with these laws.
>> Learn how to make decisions regarding which gifts and >> Mitigate compliance risk in actual third party business
hospitality expenses are appropriate. interactions.
>> Understand how to avoid situations that could lead to >> Learn how to make decisions regarding whether or not
violations of global anti-bribery laws. to further investigate a third party, given background

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Refresher Courses

15 ENG
Employees Refresher

Anti-Bribery Refresher:
Guide to Compliant Gifts & Hospitality
Developed as a guide, this course helps learners identify
various points for bribery risk exposure specific to the giving
of gifts, hospitality and travel. Utilizing real-life situations
and providing general compliance guidance based on best
practice recommendations, learners will gain awareness of
the bribery risks often associated with this established part
of doing business.
Course Objectives:
>> Understand what may be considered a bribe and best
practice guidance for addressing gifts and hospitality as
part of a company policy.
>> Recognize relevant points of consideration for
crafting an approach to address gifts, hospitality and
entertainment globally.
>> Formulate a plan for developing risk-based guidelines.

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Animated Vignettes & Webinars

Animated Vignettes and Webinars

Animated training vignettes and TRACE webinars are available for use on the TRACE Resource Center, TRACE LMS or on
members’ internal LMS.

All Learners Vignette

min 05 
Languages Language All Learners Vignette
min 03

How to Say No FIFA’s Compliance Failures

This two-part series offers employees and third parties This brief video explores FIFA’s compliance failures over the
practical strategies for deflecting requests for bribes and last several decades and illustrates just how wrong things can
potentially inappropriate hospitality. go when an organization does not value good governance.

TRACE Webinars
The TRACE Member Webinar Library includes more than 100 hours of recorded courses from the TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery
Specialist Accreditation program. TASA is a comprehensive and rigorous year-long training and accreditation program that
offers a professional credential for anti-bribery compliance specialists. The accreditation enables professionals working
in this growing field to distinguish themselves with demonstrated anti-bribery compliance expertise. TASA courses cover
a broad range of anti-bribery issues, including compliance program and risk management; due diligence and anti-bribery
fundamentals; industry and region specific challenges; and global regulatory and enforcement trends. Additional topics
addressed by TRACE webinars include data privacy, anti-trust and competition law, compliance training innovation and
business risk and audit. Live webinars on current compliance issues are held regularly throughout the year and are added to our
library of recorded courses.

To learn more visit, or contact TASA Advisor by writing to or by calling +1 410.990.0076.

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TRACE’s online training courses are available in several languages to meet the needs of global organizations and ensure
comprehension worldwide. We frequently add new translations based on requests we receive from users. Courses are currently
available in up to 29 languages.
Audience Available on


Language Third
Duration Language Employees or Members’ Resource
Wrapper Parties
LMS Center

Arabic, Simplified Chinese,

Traditional Chinese, Dari, Dutch,
English, Farsi, Finnish, French,
German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian,
Global Anti-Bribery
30 min  Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian,   
Japanese, Korean, Norwegian,
Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,
Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai,
Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Arabic, Chinese, English, French,

Economic Sanctions 30 min  German, Portuguese, Russian,   
Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian*

Full Length Anti-Money English, French, Russian,

30 min    
Courses Laundering Ukrainian

Shipping & Logistics 30 min English   

Chinese, English, French,

German, Hungarian, Icelandic,
Conflicts of Interest 20 min  Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese,   
Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish,
Arabic, Chinese, English, French,
Avoiding Trafficked German, Hungarian, Icelandic,
20 min    
Labor Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian,

Conflict Minerals 20 min English   

Gifts & Hospitality

15 min English  

Anti-Bribery Arabic, Chinese, English, French,

Refresher Gifts & Hospitality 15 min  Portuguese, Spanish, Thai,   
Courses Turkish

Third Party Due Arabic, Chinese, English, French,

15 min  Portuguese, Spanish, Thai,  
Diligence Turkish

How to Say No Chinese, English, Portuguese,

5 min     
Animated (Parts 1 & 2) Russian, Spanish
FIFA’s Compliance
7 min English, French, Spanish    

Over 100 hours of

recorded webinars, Most in English with some
Accredited 60 min  
covering a broad range available in local languages.
of compliance issues.

*Available summer 2019.

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User System Requirements

User System Requirements

Supported Devices* Supported Operating Systems Supported Browsers


Edge, Chrome, and Firefox

PCs, Laptops Windows 7, 8, 10
(latest versions)

Tablets & Mobile Devices Mobile Operating Systems

iPad iOS 10 Mobile Safari

Nexus Android 7.0 Chrome

Lenovo Flex 15 Windows 10 Edge

Galaxy S7 — —

*Special accommodations available for training users with limited or no internet access. Please email the TRACE Training Team at for more information on available options.

Roll out of E-Learning System

>> Once your company joins TRACE, a strategy call will be scheduled to gain an understanding of your compliance
training needs, including who will be receiving the training, course preferences, training deadlines and other
>> Following the strategy call, the Online Training team will schedule a live, interactive webinar with your designated
training administrators to review the portal in real time and address any additional questions your team may
>> The administrator will be able to customize your portal, configure the platform to create groups, assign courses
and enable course enrollment notices/reminders. The TRACE LMS system is able to do a batch upload of users
via an Excel spreadsheet and capture additional user information, including termination date, country, title or
>> Should you prefer to use your own learning management system for the off-the-shelf TRACE courses, TRACE
will provide you with SCORM 1.2 files. Custom courses can be created as a SCORM 2004 or 1.2. TRACE will not be
responsible for any troubleshooting if you choose to house the content on your own LMS.

Tracking & Reporting

To track and monitor learner progress, the TRACE LMS offers a robust yet easy-to-use reporting tool that allows your
administrator to export and save updated data on enrollees. Through the reporting feature, administrators can schedule
and run customized reports by selecting and editing data fields, including but not limited to course status, date of
completion, last log-in and more.

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Compliance Training Packages

Compliance Training Packages

Designed to help you develop a training curriculum that addresses the unique compliance risks faced by your
employees and third parties, these packages increase awareness of the criminal and financial risks of bribery for
learners. Each compliance training package contains a pre-set bundle of courses. Upon completion of each course,
the learner will be awarded a course certificate of completion as well as a package certificate upon completion of all


Global Anti-Bribery
Anti-Bribery Refreshers

Avoiding Trafficked Labor


Anti-Money Laundering
Conflicts of Minerals

Economic Sanctions
Conflicts of Interest

How to Say No
Intermediary Version

Gifts & Hospitality

Gifts & Hospitality

Employee Version

Third Party Due


Training Package Description

This package provides a high-level overview

of global anti-bribery compliance topics
most relevant for those serving in a
Corporate corporate/executive leadership capacity.
Leadership The selected courses provide learners    
with practical, scenario-based insights for
appropriately responding to requests for
improper payments.

This package addresses core corporate

compliance risk topics most relevant for
those serving in corporate management        
and/or overseeing a team, department or

This package covers global anti-bribery

compliance basics and topics most relevant
for those serving in a business development       
or sales role.

This package provides a broad overview

of global anti-bribery compliance basics
relevant for an employee at the non-
managerial level, providing practical      
insights for appropriately responding to
requests for improper payments.

This package includes courses that

address global anti-bribery compliance
topics appropriate for those serving in
an intermediary capacity to another
organization. Subjects addressed in        
this package speak to the learner as an
individual and as someone working on
behalf of another company they represent.

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TRACE is a globally recognized anti-bribery business association and leading provider of shared-cost third
party risk management solutions. Members and clients include over 500 multinational companies located
worldwide. TRACE is headquartered in the United States and registered in Canada, with a presence on five

For more information, visit Follow TRACE:

TEL: +1 410.990.0076
FAX: +1 410.990.0707

151 West Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Manila Paris
New York Vancouver

©2019 TRACE International, Inc. All rights reserved.