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Annual Day Jr.


Title and cast credits on the LED with the music ‘Chariot of Fire’.

[The play begins with a dream of a girl where she dreams about an inaugural ceremony of FIFA
Women’s World Cup. After the ‘Announcement’ ceremony starts with a dance on ‘We will Rock You’.
After the performance, we see Representation to participating nations. India appearing third.]


Greetings to all of you, wherever in the world, whatever time of the day and night and an enormous
welcome to the magnificent city of Brussels. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the opening ceremony of
World’s biggest religion where football and only football is worshiped, where history is written, where
long awaited dreams come true, where tears of triumph and defeat are shed together. Once again,
welcome you all to FIFA Women’s World Cup, Edition 2K31.


[After India’s representation the light on the suddenly goes off and a corner is lit simultaneously. With an
alarm tune a border girl wakes up with a shock. Three other girls come running in.]

Girl 1: What happened, Ruma? Did you dream something horrible?

Ruma: No, it’s just… [Shivering in excitement.]

Girl 2: Then why are you shivering?

Ruma: I am not shivering in horror. But it’s exactly the opposite.

Girl 3: Tell us what you saw.

Ruma: I shivering because I am thrilled with joy and excitement.

Girl: what is this excitement all about?

Ruma: Well, I saw our girls participating in FIFA Women’s World Cup. More than 50 thousand
audience filled the stadium, chreeing and shouting. Thousands of phones and cameras
flashing like glow worms all over the stadium. Loud speakers filled the stadium with live
music. The entire stadium dazzled with flood lights, LED, fireworks and spectacular

Girl 2: How exciting g it is!

Ruma: Yes, it is. And you know what, I am just dreaming of the day when our girls lift the
football world cup.

Girl 3: Stop dreaming of something we can’t make true. That’s not going to happen. We are girls
even the boys could not participate in the world cup. Looks like your dream will ever
remain as a dream.
Ruma: Hey don’t say like that. What the boys have to do with our dream dream? They are also
trying to qualify and I am sure oneday they will. And more over if you can dream, you

One More Girl:Girls, why are you still on beds? Let’s go for jogging. We are already late. Warden ma’am
will be very upset otherwise.

All: Let’s go. Let’s go.


Teacher: Good Moring, class.

Class: Good Morning teacher.

Teacher: So class, today we are going to enact the poem that we have learned in the last class. Have
all of you memorized the lines?

Class: Yes Ma’am.

Teacher: That’s very good. And remember if we can do it, we will perform that in the special
assembly on the next month. So let us start children.

Tum Chalo To Sahi

राह में मुश्किल होगी हजार,

तुम दो कदम बढाओ तो सही,
हो जाएगा हर सपना साकार,
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

मुश्किल है पर इतना भी नहीीं,

कक तू कर ना सके,
दू र है मींकजल लेककन इतनी भी नहीीं,
कक तु पा ना सके,
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

एक कदन तुम्हारा भी नाम होगा,

तुम्हारा भी सत्कार होगा,
तुम कुछ कलखो तो सही,
तुम कुछ आगे पढो तो सही,
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

सपनोीं के सागर में कब तक गोते लगाते रहोगे,

तुम एक राह है चुनो तो सही,
तुम उठो तो सही, तु म कुछ करो तो सही,
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

कुछ ना कमला तो कुछ सीख जाओगे,

कजींदगी का अनुभव साथ ले जाओगे,
कगरते पड़ते सींभल जाओगे,
किर एक बार तुम जीत जाओगे।

तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

– नरें द्र वमाा

Teacher: That was wonderful children. Very good. We will put this enactment in special assembly
on the next mont. Thank you very much. But hang on a minute. Where is Ruma? And
Alisha? Sandra and Nazia too.

Girl 1: Probably missing the class again. And playing on the field.

Girl 2: Yes ma’am, lastly we had games period. I saw them playing with the football on the

Teacher: That’s not right children. Okay, that’s it for today class. I will go and find where they are
and what are they doing.


[Ruma, Alisha, Sandra and Nazia are playing with the football on the ground. Actual projection of our
school playground on the LED. Teacher goes close to them. They stop playing]

Teacher: Girls, your games period is over long back. You should not be here any longer. You are
missing your classes. Besides, it very hot and sultry now.

Sandra: We are sorry for missing your class ma’am. But we really want to practice for the inter-
school football tournament next month.

Alisha: And about the sun? Ma’am, even the thousand suns cannot burn our spirit down.

Teacher: That’s the spirit my children. But you know you have to maintain certain rules in the
school, right?

All: Sorry ma’am.

Ruma: Ma’am, I often dream about our country taking part in FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Nazia: But, you know what do our other friends say?

Teacher: What do they say, Nazia?

Nazia: They say that we are girls and we are weak.

Alisha: And we can’t even dream of taking part in the World Cup.
Teacher: Noooo. That’s utterly wrong. What important is the tireless striving towards your goal.
And how dare they say girls are weak? Saina Nehwal became World’s No one in
Badminton, P.V. Sindhu became the first Indian to win World Badminton Championship
this year.

Sandra: Ma’am, Hima Das became the first Indian track athletic to win maximum number of gold
medals at a global athletic event.

Teacher: That is true and who can even possibly forget Mery Com. She is the only woman in the
globe to have won a medal in each of the seven World Championships.

Alisha: Ma’am is it true that women started playing ICC World Cup even before the men?

Teacher: Yes, it was in 1973 in England. Now you understand my children that our girls are not
weak. It is just the will power that helps to meet your dream. “Don’t ever let somebody tell
you, ‘you can’t do something’, not even me. Alright? You gotta dream, you gotta pursue it.
People can’t do something themselves and they wanna tell you, ‘you can’t do it’. You
want something , go get it. Period.” Understand?

All: Yes ma’am.

Teacher: That’s good. Now let’s get back your class.

Ruma: Maaaaa’m….

Teacher: Now what, Ruma?

[ Ruma hugs the teacher and rest three of them join Ruma immediately.]

Ruma: We are sorry ma’am, we won’t miss your class anymore.

Teacher: It’s okay children. I understand. But remember to chase your dream. Now let’s go.

[Scene ends with a Dance on the song “Awaj do Apne Dil ko”]


[A small scene of P.E. Actual video footage of our school ground is projected where our children are seen
playing. A group of 15-20 children is doing various physical activities under the guidance of a PE teacher.
The exercises are accompanied with Gym music. Somewhere in the corner a group of boys and a group of
girls are confronting each other.]

Boy 1: We heard that you are going to play in inter-school football tournament?

Ruma: Yes.

Boy 2: Will you be able to score a single goal? I mean do you know anything beyond your make-
up and pretty dresses?

Nazia: o hello… (angry)

Boy 3: We thought you only play Kho Kho and Ludo. ( all the boys laugh)
Sandra: (To Ruma)Why don’t you say something? (to the boys) Ek dungi…(Ruma stops Sandra)

Ruma: Listen, hume Kho Kho khelna bhi aata hai aur Football bhi. Hume dance bhi aata hai aur
Maths bhi. Tum log ek kaam karo… Alisha where are the dupattas we bought for dance

Alisha: They are in my bag.

Ruma: Can you please bring them here?

Alisha: Yeah, sure.

Boy 1: Kyun dance practice yehin karogi kya? But what about your football practice? (Laugh)

Ruma: Hmm! Hang on a moment.

Alisha: Ruma, I got it.

Ruma: oh wow! Great, thanks. Achcha listen boys, tum log yeh dupatta rakhlo. Kyun ki jab hum
tournament jeetke bilkul tumhare samne hum trophy uthayenge toh yeh tumhare mu
chupaneka kaam ayega. Aur fir wo rakhlena apne paas. Kyun ki soch agar aisa hi rakhoge
to age jake bohut bar mu chupana padega. Bye….. Let’s go girls.

(School football coach enters. Boys leave)

Coach: Girls, come here. Listen carefully. This tournament is not an ordinary one. Mr. Vinay Rana
from Indian Football Academy will be the chief guest of the tournament. He is on a tour all
over the country looking for fresh talents to train for the National Women’s Team. (Girls
look very excited) Yes, that’s true. And if you are selected you will be sent to IFA, Delhi
for training. (Girls jumps in extreme excitement)

Now, I want to see this burning excitement on the ground girls. Now go and prepare
yourselves for the tournament and grab this opportunity.


MC Girl: Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow students and all the participating team, Welcome to the
Interschool Girls Football Tournaments 2019.

MC Boy: We will begin this tournament by felicitating our honourable chief guest Mr. Vinay Rana,
a very well know member of Indian Football Academy and a former footballer of the
Indian National Team followed by a spectacular inaugural dance by our very own students.

MC Girls: Mr. Rana may I please request you to step forward. (Felicitation begins, Uttorio and
Sapling) Please give a big round of applause for Mr. Rana. Please have a seat Mr. Rana.

MC Boy: And now we present to you the inaugural dance by our students.

Dance on the song ‘Udaan Kab Talak’

MC Girl: That was so wonderful. Please give a big round of applause for them. Now may I please
request Mr. Vinay Rana to come up to the podium and say a few words and to announce
the tournament open.

Mr. Rana: Thank you every one for welcoming me in such a gracious way. I feel truly honoured to be
here today. I am not just a guest here today. But I am looking for fresh talents in Girls
football. The selected ones will be sent to Indian Football Academy in Delhi for training
along with Academics. So give your best, try hard and grab this golden opportunity to
pursue your dream. Without mu Ado I call this tournament open.

(Two seven Side teams come on the stage. They face each other in two parallel lines. A
ball is kept at the centre of the stage. Then the formation of both the teams are made on the

Referee blows the whistle for the kick off. Light goes off. All the player sit on their
haunches where they are standing. They remain seated while the entire tournament is
showed in animation on the screen.
MC Boy: And the winner of the Interschool Girls Football Tournaments 2019 is GAIS.

(Team GEMS jumps in victory. Everybody cheers in joy. Champions Trophy is given to
them. Girls express their victory. There comes a dance performance to celebrate the

Dance: “Badal pe paon hai”


(Song continues at the background. Mr. Rana comes to the podium and announces four
names from team GEMS selected for the training in IFA, Delhi)

Mr. Rana: Finally the moment we all have been eagerly waiting has finally arrieved. I am happy to
announce the four names who are selected for the IFA training. And they are, Alisha
Malik, Sandra D’Souza, Nazia Sultana, and Ruma Tudu. Congratulation Girls and
welcome to the INDIAN FOTBALL ACADEMY. See you in Delhi.

(Mr. Rana leaves the stage and dance begins from 1.46 again. After the dance everybody
leaves the stage except the selected four. They look worried of thinking whethere their
families will allow them to go to IFA or not. Nazia goes to one corner of the stage. She
looks sad. Other three girls look at each other. They go close to Nazia.)

Sandra: What happen Nazia? Why do you look sad. We should be happy to have this opportunity
after all this struggle we have been through.

Nazia: I know. But… but abbu nahin manenge yaar. Wo toh soch hi nahin sakte ki ek muslim
ladki football khelegi.

Alisha: আআআআ আআআআ আআ আআআআআ আআ আআআ আআআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআ

Sandra: Even my dad won’t allow me to go to the training.

Nazia: Ruma why are you so silent?

Ruma: Hah! No aaah, I wish I had someone to stop me. Wish I could have a home and family
who would wait for me to reach home in every vacation. But it’s okay. In a way I am
happy. Nothing stops me.

Sandra: (All of them goes to Ruma and hug her) Hey… Don’t you ever say like that Ruma. We are
with you. We are family, right?

Alisha: Exactly so. Okay now forget about all these sadness, sickness. Let’s just enjoy and live this
moment of pride.

Nazia: Yesssss. WE ARE FAMILY (Shouting)

Dance: “WE ARE FAMILY”- Ice Age.


(Three girls except Ruma stand in three different spot lights with their familes and a
person from the school to convince and take consent from their family to go to IFA.)

Spot Light 1: Alisha’s Family

আআআআআ আআআ আআ, আআআআআআআ আআআ আআআআআআ, আআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআআআআআ
আআ আআআআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআআআ আআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআআআ।
আআআ আআ আআআআআআআ আআআআআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআ আআ আআআআআআ
আআআআআআ আআআআআআআ আআ আআ আআ আআআআ আআআ আআআআ আআআ আআআআআ
আআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআআআআ? আআ আআআআআআ আআ আআআআআ আআ আআআ
আআআআ আআআআআ? আআ আআআআ আআআ আআআ… আআ আআআ আআআআআ?

আআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআআআ আআআ আআআআআআআআআআ আআআআ আআ আআআআ

আআআ আআআআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআআআআ আআআআআআআ আআআআআ আআআ আআআ
আআআআআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআ আআআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআ

আআআ আআআআআআ আ আআ আআআআ… আ আআ আআআআআ আআ আআআআ?

আআআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআ?

আআআআআআ আআআআআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআআআআ আআ আআআআ আআআআআআআ আআ আআআ

আআআআআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআ আআ আআআআআ

আআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআআ আআআআআআআ আআআআআআআ

আআআআআআআআ আআআআআআআআ আআআআআআআআ আআআ আআ আআআআআ আ
আআআআআআআআ আআআ আআআআ আআআআআ আআআ

আআআআআ আআআ, আআআ আআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআ আআআআআআ আআআআআআ আআআ
আআআআআআ আআআআআ আআআআ

Cut to Spot light 2: Nazia’s Family

Abbu: Lagta hai aap hosh kho baithe. Hamare ghar mein izzar aur abru ki kadar ki jati hai. (to
Alisha) tumne kabhi batay nahin ki tum padai chodke yeh sab karne lagi?

Alish: Kya kiya abbu? Football hi toh khel rahi hun. Is mein galti kya hai?

Abbu: Sahi aur galat chunne ki umar nahi hua hua tumhari. (to the person) Maaf ki kijiye ga. Wo
nahin ja payegi.

Admi: Rahamat sahib, mafi chahta hun. Lekin mein sirf yeh kehna chahunga ki apki ladki ke
andar jo talent hai use nadhne di jiye. Kam tak hum wohi purani soch thame baithe

Abbu: Aap kehna chahte hai ki hum use ladko ki tarha chote chote kapdo mein khel ne bhej du.
Izzat ka soch abhi nahin ekbar?
Admi: Dekhiye aap humse bade hai. Apko humse se zyada jante hain. Fir bhi bhi hum ki izzat ki
baat kar rahe hai. kya izzat sirf aur sirf ghra mein baithke rasoi ghar mein yah fir burkha
aur hizab ke andar mili jati hai. Mujhe to lagta hai apne andar ka talent ko duniyako dikha
kar hi izzat hasil ki ja sakti. Mein jabardasti nahin karunga. Ab sab apke upar hai. App

Nazia: Jane dijiye na abbu.

Abbu: Duniya bohut tez badal raha hai beta. Yah to hum bohut piche reh geye hai, yah toh tum
log bohut age nikal chuke ho, yah fir dono hi sach hai. Thik hai jao fir, khelo.

Nazia: Thank you very much abbu.

Abbu: Lekin dhyan rakhna beta, apna Tiranga aur apna izzat sabse upar rakhna. Sabse upar.

Cut to Spot light 3: Sandra’s Family

Father: I can’t believe you are asking me this. I spent so much for your study and you are just
kicking it away! Is this a joke?

Sandra: Papa please, give me one chance. Let me play. Let me show the world what talent your
daughter has.

Father: And then what? You will become a footballer? How much will you earn? All my friends
are settled in different country. Chatterjee’s son will be going to US next year to study.
You are making a fun out of me.

Sandra: And my dream papa?

Father: Come to an age when we talk about you dream. (to the person) And yes, we are not talking
on this anymore. Feel free to leave. Thank You.

Person: (About to leave but turns back) Of course you will decide what to do with her. She is your
daughter. But I just want to leave by saying that let’s not fulfill our aspiration through our
children. They have choice too. Let them grow with their dream. Help them to pursue it.
Let them explore where they can explore them best. Money cannot buy happiness. But
dream and its fulfillment can. And everything else will fall in its place. Now it’s up to you.
(About to leave)

Father: Hey wait! Ah, I think you are right. I never thought this way. After all, the smile on my
child’s face will bring smile on my face. (To daughter) Do you think you can rule the

Sandra: Absolutely, I can and I will. Thank you papa.

Father: (In a melodramatic way) “Ja Simran ja, ji le apni Zindegi”

Sandra: Who is Simran papa?

Father: No one. Be ready in the evening we will go shopping.

Sandra: I love you papa. (Sandra hugs papa)

Dance: Geet mein dhalti labzo mein.