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Submitted to
Nor-ain Hassan Alim, LPT, MAED
Senior High School Department
Mindanao State University
Lanao National College of Arts and Trades
Marawi City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Course


Submitted by
Marmaya, Hamdani A.
G12&ICT-A Student

March 25, 2019

III. Training Activities

At first, Intern is a student or trainee who work with pay or without in order to gain
worker experience, It’s a good opportunity to be expose in different agencies either in
gov’t or private agency to engage into reality rather to isolate yourself in theories.

In my progressive learning and working experience at ISED it enhance my

knowledge as a programmer for the future, where during our intership we were
assigned in the laboratory computer, indeed at first we don’t really talk too much given
that we were working ISED. knowing that it is one of the top performing school entire
the city at the same time most of the students were brilliant like their professor that is
why we are so careful and conscious both to students and to our professor.

On the other hand, Sir is very strict but he is very supportive to his student where he
share his knowledge on the computer perspective, Johary is my partner during our
internship though were not close but when it comes to work we gave our best to
accomplish our individual task, but after 1 week we were transfer to LNCAT since sir
went to manila for family matter.
II. Agency/Company Profile


MSU-LNCAT aims and desires in producing graduates equipped academically and



MSU-LNCAT shall provide and promote Technical and Vocational Education

focused on skills development and work values through its quality instruction, research
and extension programs for local and global markets. The MSU-Lanao National College
of Arts and Trades aspires to provide Technical and Vocational Education with special
emphasis on skills development and work values, and to conduct relevant researchers
and extension services.


A center of excellence in Technical and Vocational Education and skills

development in Lanao areas and Southern Philippines.


In the decade years of quest for the educational upliftment and skills development
with equality services for the Communities and the Filipino as a whole, the MSU-LNCAT
aim to produce Quality graduates equipped both academically and technology.
IV. Problems Encountered and Suggestions

Furthermore, after we transfer to LNCAT as an intern we don’t really apply our field
of study moreover, we only liquidate DTR, cleaning, and another work unrelated to our
profession as a programmer but at the end we were thankful to experience different

Therefore, I would like to recommend in LNCAT that in every Intern they should
assign them in their respective field to improve and enhance their knowledge base on
their corresponding strand or profession.

The MSU-LNCAT stands 3,700 feet above sea level in Marawi City. The School
was established by ex-board member Datu Ambolo Marohom prior to division of two
Lanaos. The founder of this school formerly Lanao High school, later became the Lanao
Provincial High School established in the early part of 1920. It was the first educational
institution of the province of Lanao. It had graduated several outstanding alumni who
are now regional and national figures in various fields of specialization. As a trade
school, it is tasked to promote and strenghthen the quality of industrial technology and
skills development to attain market demands and global competitiveness. It was in 1956
when the school converted into a National School of Arts and Trades by virtue of R.A.
No. 1561 which was exclusively for boys, In 1962, R.A. No. 1561 was amended into
R.A. 3049 to include courses in the curriculum which were also for girls. In 1973, the
opening of the two-year Post Secondary Program was started and in 1978, the school
offered an organized Non-Formal Education with an initial enrollment of 65 students.
Furthermore, Carpentry, Building Construction, Masonry, Automotive and Dressmaking
were offered as Secondary Courses.

In January 10,2001, a Memorandum of Agreement integrating three CHED-

Supervised Institutions (Region Xll) to MSU System was signed by the MSU System
President and the CHED Regional Director. The signing was in compliance and
consonance with the provision of R.A. No. 7722, otherwise known as Higher Education
Modernization Act of 1997, and in pursuant to Resolution No. 131-2000 mandating the
integration of CHED-Supervised Institution to chartered state colleges and universities.
As an integrated college, it is essential for MSU-LNCAT to achieve the mandated
objectives of the Mindanao State University but with particular emphasis on industrial-
technical education and skills development.
Hamdani A. Marmaya

Basak Malutlut, Marawi CIty Lanao del Sur

Contact No. : 0912-306-5120


To obtain a position that would best fit my qualification and develop

further my talents and skills for continuous career development.

Personal Information:

Nickname: Hamdag
Date of Birth: August 16,2000
Place of Birth: Cagayan de Oro City
Mother’s name: Asminah B. Ador
Father’s name: Acmad B. Marmaya
Religion: Islam (Meranao)
Nationality: Filipino
Status: Single


Secondary: Junior High School

Saphiyyah Integrated School

Senior High School

MSU- Lanao National College of Arts and Trades

Primary: Central Mindanao College


Characterization References:

Prof. Omar P. Mangontara Senior High School Principal

Mr. Maruhom Nazsib I. Ibrahim adviser

Why is there a need to do an OJT (On Job Training)?

On-Job-Training, also known as OJT, is a hands-on method of teaching the

4skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to perform a specific job
within the workplace. Employees learn by environment where they will need to practice
the knowledge and skills obtained during training

We need OJT as a student for us to apply what we have learned in our school
and to gain more knowledge about the job that we are assigned on the school that we
have assigned. OJT or Immersion will help us experience the real job, it helps us
experience how hard it is and the feeling of having a job in some company or school. As
a student, we think that working or having a job is easier than schooling but when we
are in our OJT/Immersion, you will say that work is so hard because there’s always a
problem that you will encounter. OJT/Immersion will help you answer the questions “Am
I ready for the job?” and “What I need to do for me to face that job?”.
In other hand, This time we also formatting and Installing and also give our best to make
sir proud to us.
v. Appendices