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● Two or more individuals interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve
particular objectives.

Types of Groups

Formal Group

●Is a collection of persons, who came together for achieving a specified goals and objectives.

Kinds of formal Group:

1. Command Groups

-Is a group consisting of individuals who reported directly to the manager.

2. Task Groups

-A people who work together to achieve a common task within specified time.

3. Functional Groups

-Are by an organization to accomplish specific goals within unspecified time frame.

-Ongoing formal groups

Informal Groups

●Refers to the relationship between people who emerge naturally due to their response and common

Kinds of Informal Group:

1. Interest Group

-Those working together to attain specific objectives with which each is concerned.
2. Friendship Group

-Are formed by individuals who share one or more common characteristic.

-Members enjoy each other's company.

3. Reference Group

-Are composed of people who are evaluated for social validation and social comparison.