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Daily Lesson Log

Subject: Oral Commnication Grade Level: XI Date: September , 2019

Monday Tuesd Wednesday Thurs Friday

ay day

A. Content Standard The learner realizes the rigors of crafting one’s speech.

B. Performance Standard The learner proficiently delivers various speeches using the principles of effective speech

C. Learning Competencies/Objectives At the end of the lesson, the

Grade XI students will be able

a.distinguish entertainment
speech from the other type of
speech EN11/12OC-IIcj-23;

b. show in a creative way, the

benefits that one gets when
delivering an entertainment
speech as well as the benefits
that can be gained through
listening to an entertainment
speech; and

c. cite the qualities that can

be observed from a speaker
delivering an entertainment

II. TOPIC/SUBJECT MATTER “Entertainment Speech” “Persuasive

A. References Internet source material
1. Teacher’s Guide pages Pages 135-138
2. Learner’s Material pages Pages 137-138
3. Textbook pages Pages 135-138
B. Other Learning Resources Laptop, speaker, powerpoint
presentation, pictures, video,
cartolinas and marker
IV. Procedures
A. Reviewing previous lesson or The lesson on Informative
presenting of the new lesson Speech will be recalled by the
teacher and the students.
B. Motivation: Establishing a purpose of A videos which shows an
the lesson example of an entertainment
speech will be shown to the

The students will be tasked to

watch and listen carefully to
the video, where they will also
be tasked to consider
themselves as listeners who
are part of the audience,
listening to such type of
C. Presenting examples/instances of Processing Questions:
the new lesson where the concepts
are clarified 1. As you consider yourselves
as listeners who are part of
the audience, what do you
think is the speaker doing?
2. What is the speaker trying
to convey?

3. While watching a certain

speaker in the video clip,
delivering a particular type of
speech, what are the qualities
that the speaker possess that
you have observed as he/she
delivers the speech?

D. Discussing new concepts and The class will be divided into

practicing skills #1 (leading to the four and each group will be
first formative assessment where given a puzzle to solve. Once
teacher gauge students’ answer to they are done, the members
determine their level of of the group may raise their
understanding of the lesson) thumbs up that will serve as
Suggested Approach: Question and Answer a signal. The puzzles that
can be solved by them will
serve answers for the
question which is: “How can
you make your speech
E. Discussing new concepts and The steps that must be
practicing skills #2 (leading to the followed in writing an
second formative assessment) entertainment speech will be
Suggested Approach: Collaborative flashed and with the same
Learning groups that students will list
down these steps and
determine the correct order of
the steps that must be

Processing Question:
Is that the correct order of the
steps that must be followed in
writing an entertainment
F. Developing mastery leading to the The class will be divided into
third formative assessment, 2 groups and each group will
choose a representative who
Suggested Approach: Individual Work will choose a sticker which
Activities can be found on the
microphone. Behind each
sticker is a task which awaits

Performance Tasks:

1. Show in a creative way, the

benefits that one gets when
delivering an entertainment

2. Show in a creative way, the

benefits that can be gained
through listening to an
entertainment speech.
G. Valuing: Finding practical What is the purpose of an
applications of concepts and skills in entertainment speech? Is an
daily living entertainment speech
important to wach one of us?
H. Making generalizations and What will happen if there will
abstractions about the lesson be no entertainment speech?
If you are given the chance to
write and deliver an
entertainment speech, what
would be about?
I. Evaluating learning (Assessment The students will now present
should be congruent to the three their performance tasks in
types of objectives) class with their groupmates.

After their presentations, the

students will answer this
question:What makes an
entertainment speech
different from th other types of
J. Additional Activities for applications The students will be tasked
or remediation if needed to watch the video which is
How to “Pick Up”:

With their partner, the

students will outline the
speech presented in the video
using the table below:

1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion

A. No. of learners who earned 80% in
the formative assessment
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for remediation
who scored below 80%
C. Remedial Activities

D. No. of learners who have caught up

with the lesson
E. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
F. Which of my teaching
strategy/strategies worked well?
G. What difficulties did I encounter
which my immediate supervisor can
help me solve?
H. What innovation or localized
materials/concepts did I use/discover
which I wish to share with other

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Oral Communication Instructor