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When buffer basin transfer pump is activated, design flow

increases up to 332.6 m3/hr for each CPI separator (from 186 CPI Outlet
m3/hr to 332.6 m3/hr).Vendor to confirm how to handle Vendor is requested to verify Scum capacity
increased inlet flow CPI Inlet based on inlet TSS, Oil, chemical sludge
(refer to stream no 60,61)
Vendor to confirm about
removal frequency of CPI DAF Inlet DAF Outlet
sludge, Is it continue or

This recycle flowrate is based on 40% recycle ratio, f

factor (0.8) and A/S ratio (0.02)
Vendor to confirm Is it need to revise DAF design
based on common design: f factor (0.5) and A/S ratio
(0.03) and recycle flowrate may increase up to 110%.
DAF air saturation pump capacity increase from 90
m3/hr to about 230 m3/hr.
Vendor is requisted their recommendation.
There is no removal BOD, COD, phenol at DAF?
Vendor to confirm?

Inlet TSS exceeds maximum allowable

Bio Inlet Bio Outlet criteria for CPI. Vendor to confirm type Just 20% TSS removal? Vendor to confirm can this value acceptable
of oil separator. Vendor to confirm. for Recycle Flow Pressurization DAF?

S/F Inlet S/F Outlet

If TSS < 80 ppm, length of run

between cleaning will be shorten
42.5% seems not enough. Sludge withdrawal rate to from 24 hr to 4.5 hr and backwash
Recycle ratio to be be verified based on inlet water will increase
determined based on TSS Vendor is requested to verify
several design parameter Vendor to check and verify
Vendor to verify Vendor is requested to
specify TSS content in

Oil and TSS removal at Bio-treatment system is relatively Vendor is requested to

conservative (25% for Oil and 57% for TSS only) verify TSS content in
Treated phenol shall be as minimum as - BOD, COD removal : 87.5%, 56.3% with respect
Vendor to confirm filtrate water
possible in order to meet the process (impossible)
guarantee (<0.8 ppm). - 88.2 ~90% Phenol removal at S/F filter is
Vendor to confirm that Bio-Treatment technically feasible?
outlet will treated phenol until meet the - Oil removal rate 46.7% to be clarified.
process guarantee Vendor is requested to verify/clarify

1 hr operation time to be for DAF

for Bio
clarified, Vendor to verify

Scouring air rate for S/F backwash Mixing air rate to be

to be advised by Vendor. Vendor is advised by Vendor
requested to verify