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10TH Judicial Region

Branch 21
Cagayan de Oro City
November 27, 2013-

Presiding Judge


1. Crim. Case No. 2013-1400-PP vs. Delma Meliton Autentico

Observation: Accused pleaded not guilty for the crime of homicide using Revolver 38 caliber
pistol during arraignment, Pre-trial was scheduled December 11, 2013

2. Crim. Case No. 2013-1384- Pp vs. Nifelian M. Paclar

Observation: Accused pleaded not guilty during the arraignment. He was tried for the violation
of anti-fencing law when he bought the Suzuki raider which was stolen from the owner Thelma
Pasahi. Pre-trial was schedule on December 11, 2013. Issued subpoena to Thelma Pasahi,
Dominic Pasahi and SPO2 Cacamayor.

3. Search Warrant No. 2013-024- Pp vs. Alejandro Bascon

Observation: CIDG applicant to submit comment on the motion to quash the information.
Issued summon to PO3 Amoy for the prosecution evidence. Defense questioned the validity of
Search warrant.

4. Crim. Case No. 2013-1354- Pp vs. John Ahri Daguplo

Observation: Defendant desirous to Plea bargain on the lesser offense and the items stolen not
recovered. Rescheduled on December 9, 2013

5. Crim. Case No.2013-636- Pp vs. GeorgeTahoynon

Observation: Plaintiff issued an affidavid of desistance and the courts provisionally dismiss the

6. Crim. Case No. 2013-092- Pp vs. LUcena Abarrientos

Observation: Remand to clerk of court for the reraffling of the case to the other court

7. Crim. Case No. 2013-137- Pp vs. Rico Llido

Observation: Defense waived the authenticity of the judicial affidavit presented by the

8. Crim. Case No.2006-091- San Diego Furiscal et. al

Observation: The defense questioned the validity and the extent of authority given to the
witness Florian Severano to file the case in Behalf of Nippon. Witness admitted that their is a
defect in the authority given and has no personal knowledge of the crime committed by the
accused because the witness is based on Manila while the crime was committed in Cagayan de
Oro City.

9. Crim. Case No. 2006-091- Pp vs. Ramil Amatos

Observation: Joker Mama was summoned by the court to testify and that his judicial affidavit
must be presented before the court.