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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Lipa
Lodlod Integrated National High School
Lodlod, Lipa City

Lesson Plan in music

I. Subject: MAPEH 8 (arts )

Topic: Southeast Asian Arts
Sub topic: Arts and Crafts
Materials: TV monitor, Laptop, Pictures, Cartolina, Pentel Pen
References: Teacher’s Guide (pp. 14-24)

II. Standards:
A. Content Standards:
The learners salient the features of the arts of Southeast Asia by showing the
relationship of the elements of art and processes among culturally diverse
communities in the region .

B. Performance Standards:
The learner create artworks showing the characteristic elements of the arts
of Southeast Asia.

C. Competency Standards:
The learner identify characteristics of arts and crafts in specific countries in
Southeast Asia: Indonesia (batik, Wayang puppetry); Malaysia (modern batik,
wau, and objects made from pewter); Thailand (silk fabrics and Loi Kratong
Lantern Festival); Cambodia (AngkorWat and ancient temples); Singapore
(Merlion), etc. (A8EL-Ia-2)

III. Objectives:
 Analyse how the elements of art and principles of design are applied in
Southeast Asian folk arts.
 Compare and appreciate the similarities, differences , and uniqueness of
Southeast Asian art.
 Create examples of Southeast Asian indigenous arts showing
understanding of the elements and principles of arts.

IV. Procedure:
A. Daily Routine
 Prayer
 Greetings
 Classroom Management
 Checking of Attendance
1. Choose five boys and five girls to represent the class.
2. The first player will read and analyze the written letters to form
word/s related to the art of Southeast Asia.
3. Use any writing instrument to loop the word either horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally.
4. Go back to your group and tag the next player to loop the next
word. Do this until all the members of the group have identified
the words.
5. The first group to finish wins.

Guide question:

What have you noticed on the words that you find?

What do you think is the relevance of the words you have found on the crossword
puzzle activity, in our lesson for today?


For you to easily understand the Southeast Asian Arts lets answer the following

1. What is the popular festival in Thailand?

2. What is the main reason why this festival considered as the most popular
festival in Thailand?
3. Do you think because of their certain beliefs on luck? How can you say so?
4. Do you agree that handicrafts arts may help women and some persons with
disabilities? In what way?
5. Why do you think shadow puppetry is become famous in Indonesia? Do you
think is it because of their religion? How do you say so?
6. What is the importance of making and wearing of sangkok headdress in
muslim people? Do you think is it important? Why?

Application: Silk Painting

On a piece of bond paper , you need to create your own silk painting portraying the
importance of nature, use your water color as a substitute for silk paints or any coloring


Southeast Asian people show their artwork through fabrics and exhibit other
artworks through festivals, as a young learner how can you give importance on their
form of artworks?

Based on the lessons, how would you compare the artwork in Southeast Asia? What
characteristics are different or common? Write your answer on the box provided for each
item. Write your answers on one whole sheet of paper.

1. batik
2. Sky lantern
3. wayang kulit


In 5-10 sentences, describe the importance of folk arts of Southeast Asian country.

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Teacher I

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