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A day in the warmy Sibiu

Time is running faster and faster, and our search was threatened by the
illness of Cristyna and Axinte. Each one of us was curious about the place
where the next clue was hidden. We were aware that above all,we must visit
the museums and adventure into the wonderful world of him, with a long
history written back in time. We were checking out the streets and look
amazed as the days pass. The weather constantly play tricks on us not being
able to explore the following location. Encrypt was the one who decided to
go as fast in search of clue. Started to snow and adolescent spirit compels us
to hurry up, not being able to play like in the old days with new snow
We arrived in Sibiu.The of heat the settlement was felt particularly by
Zuzu and Wio. Amely entered in the nearest souvenir shop and bought a city
map. Many museums could be clues, but only one was the key. The night
was falling, as well the snow flakes.We were tired, still could not find the
famous museum.We kept searching The Streets like we used to do in our
We were reading from time to time the note to see if we missed
something. "Holder of several collections of art and beyond, a politician, in
1779 built a palace which today bears his name, in late baroque style after
the Vienna model. Died in April 9 1803”.
Stici wanted to go back to the gift shop to collect more information.
After we showed the note to the shop assistant ,she smiled warmly and said
she’ll host us an evening in her home, wanting to come with us tomorrow.
The girls stayed all night and discussed with her,a women at 87 years old
and a life with many attempts. Bruckenthal said much for her, her
grandfather had worked at the palace for the Baron and they were very good
friends. She said he had a great persuasion and put passion in his work,fact
that brought him a great success.
Mara’s grandfather worked for him after 1830,when he brought in the
country 160 prints purchased from the painter Franz Neuhauser.
The next morning Mara was more happy than ever to relive the
moments spent in the museum. The note was vaguely conceived and leave
too little information.The old lady was curious about something, wanted to
find the piano on which he learned to play for the first time but frankly we
were not at all easy to identify him, was red-mahogany. Maras tears reached
us to the heart when she began singing a great lullaby.
A golden letter was left on the end of the keys.Of course, was the next
We thanked Mara for hosting and we had hardly farewell to her, saying
that we will come back soon for our rematch.

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