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1. Lenti : Fifi, you look pale. Are you Have great day, guys.

you in halloween.
Fifi : yes. I got a fever
Lenti : .................., Let’s go to the Lots of love
see the doctor.
Jesila Mirta
a. That’s terrible
b. you must feel back 5. Who has the idea to make the party ?
c. I’m sorry to hear that a. Everyone
d. I don’t like it b. Friends
2. Naiman : My son often feels pain on c. Love
his tooth d. Jesila Mirta
Wiwi : he must ..................... 6. When should people confirm about
a. Brush her teetg regularly theit attendance?
b. Lift something heavy a. October 31st. 2016
c. Eat much candy b. October 30st. 2016
d. Take a nap in afternoon c. October 10, 2017
3. Faisal ....... in this magizine for 5 d. October 11 ,2018
yaers as an editor 7. When the party be held?
a. Has worked a. Before examination
b. Have work b. Before holiday
c. Worked c. After examination
d. Works d. After holiday
4. The ........ English since they were
elementary school. Read the following text to answer the
a. Learning question number 8 to 9!
b. Have learnt
c. Learns Happy Mother’s Day
d. Has learnt. Your smile brigthness each day just
This following text is for number 5 to 7! As the morning rays shines on the
Hills and it’s with doubt that this
Hello. Friends! Halloween is about to New day with joy
start. Yesterday, I got an idea to make a
8. The card was sent to..
party, After the war of exams. I think it a. Mother
b. Father
would be good for us to relax and enjoy
c. Brother
party together. All of you are free to wear the d. Sister
9. “.........with doubt that this give us”
costumes since it is in line with the theme.
The underlined word has similar
Our Halloween party for this year is fantastic meaning to.
a. Belief
futuristict ghost. The party will be held on
b. Uncertainty
October 31st. 2016. It start at 10 P.M. the c. Selfish
d. Wetly
place will be at Newstone Ballroom. Please
confirm your presence and reserve before Read the text to answer question number 10
to 11!
October 10th.2016 by email to
Dear Andy
When your name is called as the best student c. Sister
please step- forwad for high five! d. Mother
You are the best, Coungratulations! 15. What happened to retno?
a. Sick
Uncle John. b. Sad
c. Cry
10. From the text we know that Andy d. Happy
a. Get a medal for the best student Essay
b. Is the best students at school 1. What is definition of greeting card?
c. Gradutes from high school 2. Describe the kind of greeting card!
d. Got five for his test 3. Arrange the jumbled word to make
good sentences.
11. The card was sent by a. Happy- I- for- you
a. Uncle john b. Proud-we-of-are- you
b. Mr. Smith 4. What is the invitation card?
c. Mothe 5. Please make a example from
d. Teacher “Birthday”card!

Happy Teacher’s Day

You guided me
You supported me
Thanks for everything teacher

12. What kinds the text above?

a. Teacher’s day
b. Mother’s day
c. Birth day
d. Graduation day

13. Good luck in your examination and

do be your best.!
The text above is tell about ...?
a. Graduation
b. Happy New year
c. Mother’s day
d. Teacher Day

To: Retno
We miss you so much,
The class feels empty
Without your presence.
Get well soon and have
Fun again with us.

Your friends at VIII B

14. Who sent the card?
a. Friends at VIII B
b. Teacher