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Answers- Deleting Content

1. Every year on July 4, my family likes to grill hot dogs and watch fireworks. Explanation:

The tone of this paragraph is historical and informational. The goal of the paragraph is to inform
the reader of the origins of the July 4 holiday, not to make an argument or claim, or to give
personal information. The informal sentence, "Every year on July 4, my family likes to grill hot
dogs and watch fireworks," (Sentence 4) tells about personal family traditions, which does not
fit with the goal or tone of the paragraph.

2. Sentence 4


Sentence 4 is the only option that is not on the topic of proving that Quasimodo is a tragic hero.
It is an extraneous, broad-sweeping statement that does not add anything to the paragraph.

3. Sentence 9
While the rest of the passage is focused on early feminist reformers, Sentence 9 digresses into a discussion
of opposition faced by contemporary feminists. Because it is less relevant to the matter at hand, it should be

4. Sentence 4

Sentence 4 digresses from the main topic of the reading – vegetarianism’s history – and is too specific to match
the scope of the rest of the passage, for instance, no specific figures in Medieval history are mentioned. Also,
the fundamental topic of this sentence is actually a scholarly religious debate, as opposed to a debate about
vegetarianism as a practice.

5. Sentence 5


Sentence 5 is too specific in scope to fit with the rest of the passage. It digresses into a minor and relatively
unimportant detail about where Petit learned about the Twin Towers, but it has nothing to do with the tightrope
walk, or the direct preparation for the walk. While Sentence 5 is not, necessarily, completely incorrect, it is not
connected to any other part of the passage with a transitional phrase, and it can more easily be removed without
altering the fundamental focus of the rest of the passage than any of the other choices provided.

6. Sentence 3


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While Sentence 3 does provide interesting information about the Pulitzer Prize selection process, this passage is
primarily concerned with the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, and the details about the jury and finalists are not directly
relevant to the overall topic of the reading.

7. Sentence 7

While Sentence 7 does elaborate upon a relevant point in the passage, it gives too much unnecessary detail.
Readers don’t need to know what other years the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction was not awarded, and this sentence
slows down the flow of the passage.

8. Sentence 5

While Sentence 5 discusses a very current and important topic, it’s not directly relevant to the rest of the
passage. This reading is about wedding traditions, not same-sex marriage rights or the definition of marriage
itself, so Sentence 5 does not belong.

9. Sentence 8

Sentence 8 asks a question that is not addressed or answered in any way in the rest of the passage; therefore, it
acts as a false lead for the reader and should be deleted.

10. Sentence 5
Sentence 5 should be deleted from the paragraph because it does not add very much to the overall purpose of
the paragraph, which is to show how the Magna Carta influenced American politics. Sentence 5 is also
irrelevant to the sentences around it since 4 and 6 are about political values, whereas 5 is a translation from
Latin. Therefore, this paragraph would flow better if it went straight from Sentence 4 to 6: "
[4] The Magna Carta exemplified the political values of limited government and rule of law. [6] The Magna
Carta affected the American political system because America ended up taking on those same values."

11. Sentence 8

Sentence 8 not only doesn’t fit where it currently appears in the passage, it’s also too specific for the rest of the
content. Although the text is discussing modern-day mathematics, it doesn’t go into enough depth to validate
giving examples of contemporary math fields.

12. Sentence 11

While all of the rest of the sentences provide essential information, Sentence 11 is a direct address to the reader
and is out of keeping with the formal tone of the rest of the passage. It should be deleted.

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