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4th September 2003 - birth certificate date entry for Gava Natalia Vadymivna.

Dwarfism identified at
birth. Ukrainian birth mother, Anna Volodymyrivna Gava, gives her up on the advice of doctor and does
not take her home from the hospital. Ukrainian orphanage state they received her as a baby in 2003.

2008 – Natalia is brought here from Ukraine through an adoption process. Adopted by the Ciccone
family from NH. According to Nicole DePaul the family allegedly believed the child only suffered from
rickets and were shocked to find she was much more severely disabled and would need over twenty

2009 – A new prospective family of little people with the same condition as Natalia (Vincent and Nicole
DePaul) intend to adopt her from the Ciccones. Natalia spends several weeks with them and their 4 year
old daughter from August 2009 to Christmas. Ciccones are uncooperative with the DePauls and they
eventually run out of savings and cannot proceed with the adoption. They have stacks of paperwork –
adoption papers, medical reports and an IEP stating that Natalia is a small child with diastrophic
dysplasia, scoliosis, hip contractures, equinus feet, etc. and is unable to walk far without assistance.

DePaul photos of Natalia with missing baby teeth and adult teeth coming in:

May 2010- child comes to the Barnetts. According to the birth certificate she is 6. According to the
Barnett's she would've been 20 years old.

June 2010 - Pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Riggs, estimates her age as 8 years old according to the
affidavit. See below.

Nov. 2010 - child is officially adopted by the Barnetts. This is months after that first bath where they
claim they saw she had full pubic hair and they believed she was not the age they were told. They went
through with the adoption in November when she was 7 years old according to original birth certificate
but according to the Barnetts she would be 21 in this photo

June 2012 - Skeletal survey done at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital shows child's age to be 11
according to the affidavit. (This matches with the first doctor’s finding)
June 2012 - Barnetts legally change the child's age to 22 in a probate court process. They do not mention
the age assessments that showed she was a child in their “emergency ex parte petition” for which
Natalia was not present and did not have legal representation to advocate for her:

August 2012 – Kristine states Natalia was discharged from psychiatric care and they rented her an
apartment “under the supervision of state healthcare provider Aspire Indiana”.

Sept. 2012 - Here she is supposed to be 9 per her original certificate. The Barnetts say she was 23 in this
photo. They haven't yet left her. They have changed her age and her style of clothing.

April 2013 - The Spark memoir is published. (There is apparently no mention of the adopted daughter in
the book but I have no idea what time range it spans). Mother immediately starts an intensive publicity

July 2013 - the Barnetts rent an apartment in Lafayette for the child and leave her there. They move to
Canada the same month so their 15 year old prodigy can attend university in Ontario. They pay the rent
on the place for three months according to Michael and a full year according to Kristine.

August 2013 – Natalia is taken in by local couple Cynthia and Antwon Mans.

February 2014 – the Barrett's divorce after 19 year marriage and Michael moves back to Indiana.

May 2014 – official eviction from Lafayette apartment

February 2016 – moves to an adjacent state with Cynthia, Antwon and their children.

March 2016 - the Manses apply to be her guardians. The Barnetts object to the petition citing an age
issue. They claim she is an adult. Barnetts produce a letter from Dr McLaren, the doctor who helped
them change her age in 2012. (Note: The doctor incorrectly states that Natalia has spondyloepiphyseal
dysplasia congenita dwarfism – she actually has dystrophic dysplasia.) The case is dismissed without
September 2019 – Kristine and Michael Barnett are charged with child neglect. Probable cause affidavit
and state witness list:

Additional photographic evidence of Natalia’s growth;