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Mehday, November Ll, 2otg

Party-list group, DOLE ink

deal for senior citizens iobs
BY WEI{DELL VIGILIA Displaced Workers oTTUPAD will discounts and other perlis no.r'
be lauoched dris morning at the beiog eojoyed by Filipino senior
THE Ang Ptobinsyano party-Jist Polrtechnic Unir-etsity of the Phil- citizens are not enough sioce mau'
has partnered v'ith tire Depart- ippines (PUP), t'hich has entered oi them still live in abjec polern'.
ment of Laborand Employment into a Nletrotandum of Agreement "They have discounts on food,
(DOLE) to provide ]obs to senior (lf OA) rvith Secretarv Silvestre medicine, transportation and elen
citizens who temain physically 1it Bello III lor dre pilot implementa- enterainment but rviret\ the use oi
despite tleir adl'anced age. rion of the special employment all these perks if our scnior citizens
The joint program, rvhich is part program for senior citizens. do not have the moner_ to :pcndi
of DOLE's Tulong Panghaoap- Ang Ptobinsyano party list
buhay para sa Disadvantaged/ Rep. Ronnie Ong said the r-arious Ser PARTYJ-IST > Paqe F:

PARTY-LIST to ensure that senior citizens vrhose

annual income is belo,*' the povety
employment beneFts.
"Emplol.ers in the private sector
I really drink that the government dteshold as determined by the Phil- are reminded to provide their se-
should open more economic op ippine Statistics Authoiity €SA) ate niot citizens and differend_v-abled
pottunities fot our senior citizens given priority emploi.rnent duough workers u'ith equal wages and
and let them eajoy life even in their job matches provided by t}le DOI-E bene6ts," Benavidez said.
twilight years," Ong said. and the National Commi$sion on As an example, the labor of6cial
Ong said senior citDens who will be Senior Gtizens Q',ICSC). noted that the four-hour p'ork
hned by the PI.)P will be given menial HB 5362 also compels all gov- scheme of the employed seoior
jobs tlot are not physically strenuous. ernment offices to invite, select citizens and PWDs should be ac-
The salaries of the senior citizel and hire qoalified seniot citizens cording to t}le minimum wage lavr
workets under this program shail for positions, qualifications and On the other hand, he said
be based on dre minimum salary functiors initially determined by PWDs and seniot citizens workhg
in each region. In the National DOLE, the NCSC and the Civil for more than eight hours should
Capital Region (IJCR) for example, Service Commission. be compensated with appropriate
they wili get P537.00 per day. The pdr,ate sector is also encout- overtime pay.
Ong said another MOA rvill be aged to hire seniot citizens and The DOLE issued the statement
signed with UP and he is hopirtg in tetutn, they shall be entided to after photos on ratious social media
that tlis program wiil be repJ.icated an additional tax deduction &om sites, such as Facebook, of seoior
in other state universities and pub- their gross income equivalent to 70 citizens and persons with disabilities
lic schools nationwide. percent of the total amouot paid as working in fast food chains and tes-
In PUP alone, there will be a wages to senior citizens subject to taurants in Meto Manila went vita-I.
total of 60 senior citizens who will compliance or *re Pertinent ptovi- Accotding to Benavidez, such
be given work until D ec 31 , 2019 . sions of the Intemal Revenue Code, a development is a welcome one
Ong is also pushing fot the insti- Labor Assistant Secretary Benjo as it goes in accordance with the
tutionalization of this special work- Befladdez said hiing senior citi- govelnment's advocacy of equal
for pay program by 6ling House Bill zens and pelsons with disabilities opporturfties io employmenr.
5362 or *re Senior Citizens Employ- (PWDs) are not enough to comply "The Depattment is glad to
ment Oppoiturity Act to ensure dre wirh the Anti-Age Discrirnination receive these rcports because they'
automatic emplo;'rnent allocation for in Emplol'ment la.l are being given the chance to have
Filipinos aged 60 ,vears old and aborne. Benavidez said itis also impera- income and participate in the
Ong's bill seeks to amend section tive for employers in dre private economic activiw of the country
5 of the Expanded Se.ior Citizens sector,to give their elderly and despite their age or disability," said
Act of 2010 @epublic Act 9994) PWD workers with the necessary Ben idez. - With Getatd. Naoal

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