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To be duly noted that Any One of the Use Case can be implemented and
documented to proceed for further rounds.
Customers in the shopping mall face difficulties in locating the correct shops for finding the preferred
products due to the Size of shopping malls and navigation challenges.

This also affects the shops which are not able to reach to right customers, the business also getting
affected as customers are not easily find it.

As a solution for this problem considering Win -Win situation for customers as well as business men,
A mobile application for indoor navigation to reach each corner of mall can be designed.

To display/ showcase the shop’s offers /discount to reach each customer

Also, Customers can find the appropriate shop of their choice can App can help them Navigate


Create an indoor navigation app using AR within the shopping mall for the customer. So, he/ she
can navigate to the shops whatever he/ she likes.
Have a User Interface which works based on voice-based commands and instructions either at
User Input or Application output.


To be implemented on the AR supported device either Android or iOS.

Any tool or IDE can be used for the application development.
Virtual assistant or path tracing can be preferable for indoor navigation.


 This indoor navigation application has more value without the help of beacons. So, avoid using
When a user needs support for fixing faults in their appliances/Vehicles etc. many users face
difficulties in troubleshooting by themselves even for minor repairs due to lack of knowledge and
guidance. Instead, they hire technicians to solve the defects who are not easy to find and also charge
more money for some basic repairing process.

They need a solution for self-troubleshooting,

 To identify what are the defects.

 And how to resolve the defects.
 To be help user when exactly conatct technicians.

By doing so many Customers will gets benefitted by means of cost and knowledge.


Create a troubleshooting guide which shows how to repair/ resolve some of the defects/ faults.

For example, to repair some basic faults in the car have an Augmented Reality (AR) for
Charging the battery/ Replacing the battery.
Removing and cleaning the Air Filter.
How to change the engine oil.
Changing the Spark plugs.

Have an Augmented Reality (AR) knowledge base in the application which can acts as a step by step
instruction guide to all the users.

For example, for cleaning the air filter in car the knowledge base steps should be
1. Remove the filter and vacuum a dry filter.
2. Wash a dry filter, if desired.
3. Cleanse an oiled filter.
4. Re-oil a filter, if applicable.
5. Clean out the canister and replace the filter.


To be implemented on the AR supported device either Android or iOS.

Any tool or IDE can be used for the application development.
Use some database for the knowledge base so that any user can access it.


 This troubleshooting guide application has more value when it is dynamic. So, have a database
to reach all the users.
 The examples given is for understanding purpose, the test cases should cover more other than
the given examples. Think of day to day problems and how AR can be used effectively to
overcome those.
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