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The Revolution was facing a grave crisis, the Katipunan forces were suffering defeat after defeat with

great loss of life. So, to strengthen defenses and to stop the advances of Spanish to the rest of the
provinces, the Supremo with the approval of other revolutionary leaders, called a meeting with the
Magdalo and Magdiwang leaders scheduled for 24 March 1897 but was postponed for the next day
because of the death of Lt. Gen. Crispulo Aguinaldo.

And then on 25 March 189, the assembly at Tejeros was finally convened, and the invitations were
signed by Secretary Jacinto of Magdiwang Council and also presided the assembly. At the long
presidential table were the Supremo, Mariano Alvarez, Paschal Alvarez, Mariano Triad and many more.
The leaders were seated at the Presidential table and all others were standing in groups on both sides.
Chairman Jacinto Lumbreras had declared the assembly open, he announced the main topic of
discussion, which was to bolster the defenses in the areas. Mr.Severino mentioned to discuss first the
major issues such as what kind of government should be established. But then Mr.Montenegro argued
and hurt General Apoy in his comments that condemned him in his own arrest. Yet, it was Dr. Jose Rizal's
sister and Josephine pleaded not to arrest Mr. Montenegro and was easily acceced by the General. And
because of the repeated clamor for the approval of the establishment of the Philippine Republic, they
preceded to prepare for an election and approved that a candidate who would get a highest number of
votes will be the winner no matter of his station in life and educational attanment. When the votes for
president were counted Mr. Aguinaldo won over Mr. Bonifacio but Mr. Severino spoke again that since
the Supremo got the second highest votes he should be proclaimed as the Vice Presdent but nobody
signified approval or disapproval. The election continued and Mr. Andres Bonifacio won over Mariano
Alvarez bit was disapproved by Tirona. And beause of this the Supremo was greatly embarrassed and
adjourned the meeting with his words. But then a meeting was called again at the same friar state house
in Tejero, but none of the Magdalo members came, and was rumored the same night that Magdalo
leaders were currently holding their own meeting at the parish house in Tanza.

The next morning, 27 March 1897, eyewitnesses who had spied at the proceedings revealed that indeed
a meeting had taken place and that Supremo's decision was not respected.

On the afternoon of March 25, 1897 the Spaniards captured and occupied the town of Imus. After the
battle, the Spaniards encamped and rested in Bakaw, but were harrased with potshots that night by the
small katipunan bands. On April 3, the Supremo bid the recapture of Novoleta, who also accompanied by
Gen.Vibora and Santos Nocon. A few days after the unsuccessful attempt to retake Novoleta, fresh
Spanish reinforcements began arriving in great numbers. At nine that morning, artillery fire from
mountains began to batte losing many valiant troops. Gen. Pio del Pilar and his troops from Imus came to
help but for unknown reason he withdrew before the enemy could attack. The enemy took Novoleta
without resistance and captured the fortification and collected the Katipunan arms and ammunition.
The situation of the rebels was serious by mid march 1897, yet in spite of this, the Spaniards were not
able to consolidate their gains effectively . Demoralization leading in April 1897 to the resignation of
Governor General Camilo de Polavieja, who feigned ill-health to save face. Thus, stalled on all fronts,
both sides temporarily lay by and concluded the Truce of Biyak na bato toward the end of the year.