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Assignment No.


SEMESTER Fall 2019

CS706 – Software Quality Assurance

Due Date: November 18, 2019

Instructions to Solve Assignments

The purpose of assignments is to provide you with application-oriented exercise to strength the
concepts. It is expected that students will solve the assignments themselves. Following rules will
apply during the evaluation of assignment.

 Cheating from any source will result in zero marks in the assignment.
 In case of cheating from any other student, both students will be awarded "F" grade in the course.
 In case of question No. 03 direct copy and paste from the research paper will be awarded zero
 No assignment after due date will be accepted.
Question No. 1 [Marks 15]
Consider a library management system of Virtual University of Pakistan which maintains a list of
books for students, teaching assistants and faculty members to borrow. Each user has its own
username and password. Note that it should be fourteen characters long at least. Users should not
be allowed to use the system without providing a valid username and password. Whenever a user
login into the system, he is provided with an interface to search the required book. After searching
the book, he/she selects it for borrow. After entering details, the book is released for the user for
fourteen days. After fourteen days either he/she will have to return the book or apply for re-issue.
The book should be issued second time as per round robin policy i.e. if no other student/faculty is
waiting, the book will be re-issued else it will be available for next student waiting for the book.
You can use circular link list for this purpose. Faculty members can also borrow the books
according to same rules mentioned above. He/she also follows the same process i.e. he/she selects
the book, enters information and clicks submit button. Finally, the book is issued for entire
semester. After semester, either he/she should return the book or apply for re-issue. For re-issue,
same round robin policy will be applied.
As system is used by many users at all levels (including new comer students), it should have high
usability and there should be no performance issues.

Keeping in view the quality attributes of Software requirement document, identify the
quality issues with the requirements given above. For convenience, one example is given
below in tabular form below. Identify and mention five other issues.

Quality Issue Reason

Incomplete Requirements say that:

“Consider a library management system of virtual university of Pakistan which

maintains a list of books for students, teaching assistants and faculty members
to borrow”

Faculty member can borrow book for entire semester, but no information for
Teaching Assistants. i.e. for how much period they can borrow the book.
Question No. 2 [Marks 15]
From the above scenario (given in Question No. 1), give at least one example of:
 Functional requirements
 Non-functional requirements
 Domain requirements
 Inverse requirements
 Design and Implementation constraints

Question No. 3 [Marks 20]

Read the paper titled “Software Quality Assessment in Practice: A Hypothesis-driven Framework”
attached with this assignment and answer the following questions:
1) Provide a brief summary of the paper (less than or equal to 250 words)
2) Provide critical review (i.e. strengths and weaknesses of the paper)