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Abby Edge

Group 3: Girls
October 10th, 2019
Part 1: Assortment Diagram

Part 2: Merchandise Group Industry Statistics

● Size Distribution: Our competitors offer a size range from 7 through 16. For jeans, they
are numbered 7 through 16 but pants and leggings are sized S (7-8), M(10-12), L(14), and
● Fall/winter = largest percentage of total sales with ​55.5%​.
● LY Spring/ Summer Sales %:
MAY= ​17.1%
● MU%= ​52.3%
● MD%= ​30%
● GM= ​38%
● ST= ​2.9

Part 3: Market Locations

Two market locations for purchasing childrenswear would be Los Angeles and Chicago.

The Kids at Stylemax is a specific example of a trade show in Chicago. This market is held twice

a year in January and July at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. They pride themselves in

featuring the top childrenswear brands in one easy location.

Los Angeles is a key market location for childrenswear. An example of an important

trade show is the LA Kids Market which takes place during LA Market Week on October 14-16

at the California Market Center. They showcase hundreds of childrenswear brands that offer all

product categories from tops to bottoms to dresses to outerwear to accessories to toys and gifts.

Within the many brands they offer, they showcase “made in LA” products as well as European

childrenswear fashion lines. There are many other trade shows that also take place in LA around

October, prepping for the Spring/Summer season.

Kids at StyleMax in Chicago

LA Kids Market - October 14-16 @ the California Market Center

Part 4: Suppliers

Hefei Kinsely Trading Co. is a supplier sold through through Alibaba. This supplier

distributes from Anhui, China and they specialize in kids clothing, shoes, and accessories. All

units are packaged individually in plastic bags but the buyer must purchase a minimum of 10

units of that specific item. The pricing for most bottoms varied from from $5 to $15/piece

wholesale. For example, a pair of cotton leggings are $5.90/piece wholesale but a pair of

embroidered jeans were $10 to $15/piece (depending on quantity ordered). This supplier accepts

various forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Online Bank Payment, Pay Later, and


Part 5: Comparison of Product Attributes

Part 6: Trend Research

As Perry’s is a high end department store, tt is important that they keep their fashion

forward image and are ahead on all the trends for the upcoming Spring Summer Season. It is

especially important to be ahead on these trends as Perry’s is in high competition with

Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. The rise of the “mommy and me” trend on

social media will greatly help the Perry’s girls category as Moms are more inclined to purchase

fashion forward pieces for their daughters. According to the Business of Fashion, the mini me

trend-- where mothers dress their daughter in a similar outfit to them and show them off on

social media--has led to the rise of luxury childrenswear by 3.8% each year (Berezhna, 2018). It

is thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, Beyonce, and all general social media influencers

with kids for this trend. It is important that as buyers for Perry’s, we not only pay attention and

seek inspiration from Womans trends, but also communicate with the Woman's buying team in

some assortment decisions. “‘The era when childrenswear was entirely functional is over,’ says

Christen Genty. ‘It is now firmly in the territory of fashion’” (Berezhna, 2018). This new

mentality itself will be a key driver of sales for the Perry’s girls department. It is finally time to

start experimenting with fashion forward and exciting pieces in the girls department.

(Business of Fashion, 2018)


There are four key styles for the bottoms category. These fashion forward styles and

structures include the Cargo Pant, the wide leg trouser, the layered skirt, and the loose short.

Perry’s will offer these trendy pieces along with the basic offerings such as denim skinny jeans,

leggings, jean shorts, etc.

The utility cargo pant style is currently trending in Womens and will be trickling down to

girls next season (WGSN, 2019). The mommy and me phenomenon will have direct influence on

this trend, as moms will want their daughters to match their look. The pants stand

out with big utility pockets and button and zipper detailing. This is a great staple piece that can

be offered in many colors and gives the consumer something different than denim jeans. The

cargo pant will be offered at a medium to high price point due to the fact that this is a unique


The wide leg trouser is also a great variation for a bottom other than denim jeans.

Trousers, like the ones pictured above, can be offered in many different colors and prints.

Trousers are loose, airy, and comfortable, making them a great option for the warmer months.

The trousers will be a key driver for the Perry’s business this season as Moms will be excited

about them and drawn to the many different prints that will be offered. The trouser selection will

be offered in various price points, making this an accessible piece for every customer.

The loose, oversized short can be offered in any color, denim, metallic, or print, as seen

from the photos above. This style sticks with the oversized trend that is currently popular. This is

a perfect staple for the spring and summer months and will fit in with the Perry’s girls assortment

perfectly. This style will also be offered at many different price points, making it accessible to

any Perry’s customer.

Lastly, the trendy skirt of the season is a layered skirt that can be color blocked or a

single color (WGSN, 2019). The skirt looks best in sheer tulle and will give the girl customer a

fashionable, princess feeling when wearing it. The layers of the skirt gives an updated look from

a basic maxi skirt, adding volume and movement. This garment will be priced at a higher price

point as it is a special, uncommon piece.


Some key colors for the Spring Summer 2020 season will be pale pinks, light olive

greens, lemons, and deep blues (EDITED, 2019). Neutrals are always acceptable but have been

seen a lot in the recent ready-to-wear shows, which means they will be trending next season

(Business of Fashion, 2019). Neutrals will be big in womenswear, which means moms will be

drawn to them for their daughters in sticking with the mommy and me trend. Light pastel colors

will be key drivers as it coincides with Perry’s sophisticated look, yet simultaneously shows

youthfulness for the girls department. Shades of olive green and rose

pink will continue to trend and be the drivers of the assortment. Based on the Spring Summer

2020 shows, the LA Times claims that next season will be a sea of green (LA Times, 2019).

However, because it is childrenswear, it is good to throw some pops of color in the assortment

like a bright yellow. Blue is also important in bottoms as much of the assortment will be various

shades and tones of denim.


Prints are very important for the Spring Summer season. Printed bottoms are a staple as

they can be paired with a simple top and create a fashion forward look. According to EDITED,

Floral and tropical prints will be trending next season. Tropical prints scream summer and can be

offered in many varieties and color palettes. Perry’s will take a toned down approach to this

print, offering neutrals and pastels, so nothing is too bright or looks like it would be sold at a

resort souvenir shop. It is important to take this trend tastefully so it stays within the Perry’s

sophisticated image. These prints can be worn casual, dressed up, or worn on summer vacations.

Stripes will always be acceptable, however, they tend to go in and out of trend. Next

season will be a peak moment for stripes, specifically striped trousers and skirts (WGSN, 2019).

Stripes were seen many times on the runway in bottoms for Spring Summer 2020, therefore this

is a print that will be seen a lot in the Perry’s girls assortment and will be a key driver for the


Lastly, printed denim will also be trending and be offered in different decorative patterns

and designs inspired by the ones pictured (WGSN, 2019). The Perry’s girl and their

mom will be drawn to the uniqueness and youthfulness of this denim. This trend will be offered

only in 2 or 3 styles in the assortment, as it may be risky to have too much. However, I think

those 2 or 3 styles will play out great as customers will want something different from simple

denim bottoms.


Some key fashion forward fabric styles that will be trending next season are metallic

fibers, pleated fabrics, seersucker, and piped denim. Metallic is something new and different that

will be very popular within Girls. Girls will be drawn to the fun aspect that metallic brings

(EDITED, 2019). Christian Siriano’s Spring Summer 2020 ready-to-wear show showcased many

metallic and shiny fabrications in various colors (Vogue, 2019). This is a huge indicator that

metallic will be trending next season in womans, but especially in girls since it already has a

youthful gives off a youthful touch. WGSN describes the actual

fabrication as “Iridescent filaments and metallic yarns that create a sci-fi shimmer on

summer-weight casual woven fabrics. Linen and cotton or recycled polyester is updated with soft

foil finishes” (WGSN, 2019).

Pleated slinky knitted fabrics offers a more dressed up look. Whether its a skirt or pant,

pleated fabric gives the customer a voluminous fashion forward look (WGSN, 2019). Pleated

trousers were seen multiple times in the Womens Spring Summer 2020 ready-to-wear shows

(Business of Fashion, 2019). This trend will trickle down to girls and mothers will be drawn to

this sophisticated look for their daughters.

Seersucker is common for the Spring Summer season lightweight and airy for the warm

weather. It works great with skirts, like the one shown above. Seersucker can offer slight designs

and raised textures within the fabric that adds uniqueness (WGSN, 2019). This linen or cotton

fabric is soft and comfortable, making it a great staple for the Perry’s Spring Summer


Finally, piped denim fabric is another style trend within denim fabric that adds unique

detail to simple denim jeans or shorts. The piping adds an illusion of inside out, constructed

denim. Just like printed denim, this trend will only be shown in the assortment once or twice,

since it is a unique take on simple denim.

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