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ART 153

1. Mr. X was lying on the road and causing the traffic in the street. It could be visibly seen
that a firearm is tucked on his waist. A policemen arrived and told him to stand up and
stay out of the road. What crime is committed if:
a. Mr. X did not heed to the order of the policeman.
b. The barangay captain ordered him to get up, but he remained still
c. Mr. X stabbed him.
d. Mr. X punched his face.
e. Mr. X punched his breast once.
f. Mr. X punched his breast many times.
g. Mr. A aided in the police in arresting but he was attack
2. Persons in authority or agent?
a. Policeman
b. Postmaster
c. Barangay Chief Tanod
d. Agents of BIR
e. Provincial Fiscal
f. Municipal councillor
g. Barangay captain
h. Public School teacher
i. Municipal mayor
3. Mr. Madulo lost in the election for barangay captain due to the massive vote buying of
the winner in that election. During the celebration of the town fiesta, where there was
a pageant being held in the plaza, Mr. Madulo went to the public plaza and brought
with him a megaphone. He used the megaphone in airing his complaint against the
barangay captain. In the last part of his speech, he encourage the people to take arms
and attack the barangay hall.
a. Is he liable under Art. 131 and 132?
b. Is he liable for inciting to sedition?
c. Is he liable under Art. 153?
4. Mr. Daros who was drunk shouted and challenge everybody for a fight. No one
answered him. Distraught he dischared his firearm. Still nobody went out. So he went
to a mall and discharged his firearm there? What crimes did he commit?
5. Mr. X was convicted for murder and the he was released through a conditional pardon.
However, he was later on arrested for possession of illegal drugs. When he was in the
lock up cell in the police station, he was able to escape.
a. Is he liable for evasion of service of sentence?
b. How about if he was able to escape during the earthquake but later on
returned, is he liable for evasion of service of sentence ?
c. Is he liable for violation of pardon?
d. Can he be convicted under Art. 160?
6. Mr. X is an employee of DOJ. In his DTR, he indicated that he has no absent for the
month however in his biometric record he is absent for 10 days.
7. Mr. X in connivance with the notary public executed a Deed of Sale above the printed
name Mr. Y in favour of him. He doesn’t know the signature of signature Mr. Y. Did he
commit falsification through imitation?
8. Mr. X issued to Mr. Y a check amounting to P10,000.00. Mr. Y altered the amount to
P100,000.00 and was to encash it in bank.
a. If he issued the check to Mr. Z, is he liable for Estafa through Falsification of
Public Document?

9. The car of Mr. X was bumped by Mr. Y. In asking for the damage from Mr. Y, Mr. X
presented a falsified invoice in court stating that his car incurred repair amounting to
P50,000 in fact it was only P20,000.00. Is he liable?

10. Mr. X, a purchaser of ABC Corporation, bought an equipment for P1,000.00. He altered
the receipt to have it appear as P10,000.00 and he asked reimbursement for the same
amount. Is he liable for Estafa?
a. If he ask reimbursement for P10,000.00, is he liable?
11. Mr. X while drinking in a bar introduced himself as a police officer and when a
commotion occurred, he introduced himself again as a police officer and arrested Mr.
Y. Is he liable?
12. Mr. X misrepresented himself as the President of Homeowners association and
ordered the vendors near their subdivision to leave. Is he liable?
13. Mr. X killed Mr. Y. He went to Mindanao to hide. In Mindanao, he used the name Mr. Z.
Is he liable? He has only one friend in Davao Mr. A, and he told him that his name is Mr.
Z. Is he liable?
14. Mr. X used Mr. Ex as his name in Facebook. Is he liable?
15. Mr. X false testified that Mr. Y kills Mr. A and Mr. Z caused slight physical injury to Mr.
B. Mr. Y suffered the penaltry of Reclusion temporal while Mr. Y suffered the penalty
of imprisonment of arresto menor (30 days). Is he liable?
16. Mr. X executed an Affidavit attesting that it was Mr. A who killed Mr. Z which is false.
Is he liable?
17. Mr. X executed an Affidavit of Loss of his ATM which is false. Is he liable?