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Natesh Govindappa

(Senior Architect \Middleware Architect\Enterprise Architect\Technical Project Manager)

Mob: 919482831835● E-mail:
Visa: Vaid B1 Visa,UK Work Visa

Professional Summary
 A competent Sr. Technical Architect with over 13 years of experience in IT covering functional Change management,
Solution Architecting , project planning, execution & delivery of SOA based Applications , Agile SCRM , J2EE, Microsoft,
Data ware housing in Global market in BFSI – Capital markets , Cash & Payments products.

 Presently associated with HCL as Sr. Technical Architect Roles for Solution and Design activities. Distinction of being
associated with key IT companies like FIC, ACS, Infosys, ANZ.
 Comprehensive understanding of project management life cycle including designing & execution of Project Framework,
Scope Management, Time & Cost Management, Human Resource & Professional Responsibility & Ethics.
 A keen planner, strategist & implementer with demonstrated abilities in spearheading swift ramp up of projects. Have worked
on java /j2ee ,Microsoft Applications, eCommerce, ERP Applications.
 Proven ability to manage 150 personnel across multiple projects with the clients like BOFA,DB,ANZ, Fidelity National
Financial (FNF) , for both off-shore and on-site on SOA, Java/J2ee projects.
 Have been involved in deployment/ support of projects. Gained functional skills in analyzing the client requirements:
translating new ideas into clients’ solutions including opportunity identification, requirements development, delivery, support
& analysis and documentation.

 Motivated by internal standards of performance to deliver quality results. Ensured quality standards like Six Sigma CMM
across the projects and followed the project life cycle process like SDLC & eNPI.

 Domain expertise in BFIS, Capital Markets, Payments, Banking & Finance, Insurance, CRM, Health Care, and Shipping and
logistics ,worked with FundTech’s GPP and Clear2pay’s OPF products in Payments .
 An effective leader and communicator with strong interpersonal, leadership, analytical and relationship management skills.
Team Management including recruitment, mentoring, training & performance management/ talent retention.

Technical Skills

1) SOA Solution/Technical Architect (IBM SOA Suite ,ORACLE SOA Suite and open source SOA 2004-
till date – 6 Yrs, Oracle SOA – 2.5 Yr, IBM SOA 3 yrs exp, Rating – 4 on Scale of 5 )

 Been a thought Leader in SOA Solution space. Have end to end expertise in one technology vendor
stack(IBM/MS/Oracle/Open Source).

 Worked closely with various teams (EAI/Portal/Content Management/Data COE/Digital Security) and build an end to
end SOA Solution team.
 Identify and address any gaps in existing Service Offerings with respect to SOA Solution.
 Lead client projects to deliver innovative SOA based solutions.
 Work closely with Global teams to develop and enhance SOA Intellectual capital and capabilities.
 Participate in business development activities
 Participate and spearhead in SOA community activities.
 Analyze solution components as defined by tender and subcontractor documentation, as well as their requirements
defined in the enterprise architecture.
 Develop high-level solution architecture – building on tender response material

a) Performance Tuning and Optimization (J2ee applications 2.5 yrs exp, Oracle10g –2 Yr, Rating–3 Scale of 5)

 Responsible for performance-testing j2ee applications, evaluating tools that make deploying and running
applications faster.
 Profile applications using a Java application profiler tool and provide recommendations for code changes.
 Stress test applications and identify performance bottlenecks
 Evaluate Java application servers for performance and features
 Evaluate potential application architecture changes to improve efficiencies, emphasis in memory and
performance optimization, contributing to design sessions, coding, code reviews, unit testing, integration testing,
supporting beta testing.

 Checking Database Consistency and Health with DBCC commands

 Monitoring Query Performance by Analyzing and Detecting issues in query Execution plans
 Rewriting Queries for proper Joins and Performance Optimizations

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 Data and Index Distribution into multiple File groups and Data Partitioning for VLDB
 Profiling and Auditing Index usages and rebuilding/reorganizing them as required/scheduled
 Resolving Concurrency Issues (Locking, Blocking and Deadlocking) using Profiler

b) Business Intelligence Systems (crystal reports 4 yrs, Jasper Reports 5 yrs , Rating - 3.5 on scale of 5)
 Designed a reporting framework using j2ee and jasper reporting tool to serve more than 500 types of master
 Installing and configuring Analysis Services.
 Gathering client side requirement and proposing the structure of data mart for the same.
 Deciding and Designing Dimensions and Measures (Cubes) based on client requirements.
 Processing and deploying cubes
 Writing MDX queries for reporting purposes

2) Enterprise Techincal/Solution architect (Sql Server 2005 - 2 Yrs, Oracle 9i – 1 Yr, Rating - 3.5 on scale of 5)
 Designed and implemented a large scale enterprise ,Integration architect with message broker.
 Designing Disaster recovery solutions and training the subordinates for the same.
 24X7 Commercial Production Support and Availability for Mission critical Applications.
 Experience in cloud computing ,hands on POC using Amazon VPC.
3) J2ee/java (jsp, servlets, ejb, jms - 8 Yrs, Rating - 4.0 on scale of 5)

 Good hands on experience in open source web framework like Struts, Wicket, Jboss Seam,Sping ,
AspectJ,Spring, and Jboss AOP
 Have a hands on and in depth knowledge in MQ, ESB, Message Broker.
 Have hands on and in Depth Knowledge about Design Patterns

Employment Details
HCL Technologies Pvt ltd (BFSI) (July 2007 –Till now)
Project Name: RBS-ANZ Integration.
Designation: Technical Architect (Cash & Payments)

Worked with ANZ with Design and solution office, to integrated the systems from RBS and ANZ systems by
attending a various workshops to arrive the solutions for LD1. The purpose of this program is to provide a high level
technology solution to enable the transition of the Taiwan, Singapore ,HK,Indonesia country Retail & Wealth
business to ANZ on closing date (also referred to as Legal Day 1).

Project Objective :-
The purpose of this program is to provide a high level technology solution to enable the transition of the Taiwan,
Singapore ,HK,Indonesia country Retail & Wealth business to ANZ on closing date (also referred to as Legal Day 1).
It is a Technology Services deliverable and is produced by the Programme’s Technology Services Solutions team to
guide the design of the overall solution. It is used by designers, developers, testers and other interested parties,
including any who will be involved in support and maintenance of the application.

 Working with End Client Senior Level Management and requirements gathering.
 Brain storming sessions with client and provide/advise them the best possible and feasible solutions.
 Involved in arriving a Solutions designs on cash & payment for ANZ and RBS integration program for
Indonesia ,Singapore ,and Taiwan process for cash & payments space.
 Played a key role in identifying the existing core banking systems for cash & payments department for RBS
and ANZ integration set the roadmap to legal day requirement in receptive countries.

Clear2Pay Payments – OPF Open Payment Framework (Aug 2008 to Nov 2009)

Project Name: SEPA Payments SDD,SCT,XCT.

Designation: SOA Technical Architect

Worked for clear 2 pay payment product in OPF for Architecting and customization for SEPA requirements for OPF
clients with the major European banks for SCT ,SDD, and XCT requirements.

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Project Objective :-
This Product was targetted towards the payments solutions including SEPA for eurpoean banks , which incluides
support for ISO messages , PACS,PAIN , SWIFT MT and forex messages .


 Onsite - offshore technical coordinator.

 Architectural assessment of IBM SOA product stack for a major client.
 Handling Business Process mapping and implementation using IBM SOA product stack.
 Designed general parser frameworks for MT103, MT102, MT210 SWIFT messages.

MIFID – OMX Sweden (July 2007 to Aug 2008)

Project Name: MIFD Solutions

Designation: SOA Technical Architect

Worked for MIFID – XekPost product from HCL Product engineering, MIFID XekPost is the product from HCL
Technologies which is built on principles of SOA to serve the financial institutes and securities, regulators etc.
Project Objective :-
MIFID is an abbreviated form for Market in Financial Instruments Directive applicable for financial markets in
European Union. MIFID sets out a comprehensive regulatory regime covering investment services and financial
markets in Europe. It contains measures which will change and improve the organization and functioning of
investment firms, facilitate cross border trading and encourage integration of EU capital markets

 Involved in Technical and solution design for the product from the scratch.
 Implemented the TRS solutions module successfully for OMX .
 Owned the design and solution for integration layer and middle layer for the product.
 Involved in defining processes and process collaterals to be used in SOA architectural assessment using a
Open Source solutions openESB, JbossESB, JCAPS .
 Involved in defining SOA Enterprise reference architecture for Financial Services, Capital Markets Products.
 Architectural assessment of IBM SOA product stack for a major client
 Handling Business Process mapping and implementation using IBM SOA product stack.
 Evaluation of various ESB Products like IBM, Web logic, Sonic and Open Sources.

• Covansys India Pvt Ltd (now a CSC company), Bangalore ,India

April 2005 – October 2006 Designation: Technical Leader - Projects.

• ACS India Pvt Ltd (a Fortune 500 company) ,Bangalore ,India

Dec 2003 – April 2005 Designation: Sr Software Engineer.

• E-Deals Technology Solutions (P) Ltd ((ISO 9001 Company) ,India

Jan 2001 - Dec 2003 Designation: Sr Software Engineer

• Infosys Technologies Ltd as a Consultant

May 1997 – Dec 2001 Designation: Software Engineer

Other Projects Details

Employer Client Project Name Domain

HCL Product – BOFA-USA Payments BFSI
FIC First American USA Wingspan BFSI

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FIC First American USA DELFUS – BFSI
Covansys – (CSI) FNF - USA NGS (NET Title & Escrow
Systems –
Covansys – (CSI) Cybercom Resources Praxid ERP
Inc,-USA Enterprise
ACS India Pvt ltd US,ACS ABC Billing Health care insurance
Infosys ,India Caltex ,Singapore Integrated Oil trading system
E-Deals Technology Johor port Container Shipping and logistics
Solutions (P) Ltd Management
E-Deals Technology Germany Web Content CRM
Solutions (P) Ltd cc-os Management
E-Deals Technology Corporation Bank Co Bank2000 BFSI
Solutions (P) Ltd ,Bangalore
E-Deals Technology Germany Email CRM
Solutions (P) Ltd cc-os marketing


• Architecture & Design: Enterprise Architecting, SOA, MOM, ESB, EAI, portal, Web Services, MVC, Design Patterns
(integration and design GoF/Java). Experience in architectural frameworks and standards like TOGAF 8.1.1, UML, WS-
• Java: Java SE / J2SE (12 years, v1.0-v1.5), Java EE / J2EE (10 years, v1.0-v1.5), EJB (v1-v3), Spring, Hibernate, JMS,
JAX-WS/JAX-RPC, JSP, Struts, portal, JSF, JUnit, Ant, JAXP, JAXB, XPath, DOM, SAX, JPA, XmlBean, Servlet, Ajax
(Dojo, GWT), JCA, JDBC, RMI, JTA, JNDI, LDAP, iBatis, Log4J, multi-threading, CORBA, Sockets, JNI, Swing/Applet,
IBM MQ-Series 7.0,
• Application Platform: WebSphere (App Server, MQ, ESB, Message Broker), WebLogic (App Server, Integration, Portal,
AquaLogic ESB), Oracle (App Server, BPEL, BPM), Sonic ESB, Tomcat, WebMethod, Axis, mass storage (SAN,
NetApp),IBM Process Server ,IBM File Net.
• Good hands on experience in open source web framework like Struts, Wicket, Jboss Seam,Sping , AspectJ, and Jboss
• OS: UNIX (Solaris, HP), Windows, Linux, Mainframe CICS.
• Methodology: RUP, Agile (Scrum, XP), AUP, CMM/I
• Language: Java, SQL, UML, PLSQL, WSDL, BPEL, SOAP, HTML, XML, C++/C, JavaScript.
• Data Management: Oracle, UDB, SQL Server, Mysql, data architecting, ETL/Talend.
• Miscellaneous: JCAPS, Eclipse, WID 6.1 ,RAD/WSAD, Workshop, TogetherJ, Rational (Rose XDE, ClearCase,
ClearQuest, ReqPro), MS Project, ErWin, TOAD, SqlDeveloper, JProbe, Rules Engine (JRule, Visual Rules, JBoss,
Blaze), Reporting (Business Object, Jasper), Cruise Control, Continuum, EDI, OAGIS/BOD, HTTP, FTP, CVS, VSS,
PVCS, SVN, VC++, PDF Generator, Cryptography, HIPAA, etc.

Educational Qualifications
• MCA (Masters of Computer Applications)
• BSc (Bachelor of Science)

Other Qualifications\Certifications
 Post Graduate course in computer applications - PGCCA – Mysore university.
 Unix Administration and Advance C programming.


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