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eg Hin ‘August 15,2019 The Honorable Joe MeDermott ‘King County Council Room 1200) COURTHOUSE Dear Councilmember MeDertott, This leter informs you of my decision to terminate the King County Shesf's Office membership ‘with LinX—the Legal Information Network Exchange—an information exchange for law enforcement, which allows agencies across the country including with the federal government, to share information, On a daily basis, King County Sheriff's Office members rely on LinX to search other ageney records, suc as arest and ease reports, for investigatory purposes. Since there is no effective way to ensure ICE will not access our information for immigration purposes, Ife! this action iste only option available to me to ensure compliance with King County Code, KCC 2.15.020 (B)(3) and KCC 2.15.010 (D. Unfortunately, this will negatively impact my agency's ability to access necessary information related tornew and ongoing investigation, and to support other important functions Since you may receive questions from your constituents and other members of the community, I ‘wanted you fo be aware of the sircumstances, Ifyou have any questions, please contact me at 206-263-2555, Kind repands, Mit G, fohanknecht SHERIFF ce: Grant Lahmann, Chief of Stait Carolyn Buseh, Chief of Staff