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The Growing Importance of Holistic Quality

For communications service providers (CSPs), the journey to optimized network operations
can be a powerful enabler in recovering efficiency, deploying services more rapidly and
providing customers with enhanced quality of service.

The new operator business model, in The Accenture Service Assurance • Improve their responsiveness to network
which the delivery of end-customer Solution and service issues in order to guarantee
services is increasingly fragmented, raises the customer experience.
The Accenture Service Assurance
the need for a reshaped, more holistic • Launch, manage and maintain QoS-
Solution is designed to help clients more
view of how CSPs monitor service quality guaranteed services that differentiate
rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively
and take action on the demands of their market positioning and customer
identify, isolate, troubleshoot, and repair
customer experience. appeal.
device, network and service problems
The limitations of standard network that are impacting their customers and • Introduce a service operations center
operations center (NOC)-based operations network services. (SOC) function as the operational hub
are becoming clearly recognized by that bridges network and customer
The solution leverages a variety
CSPs, as they are falling short of experience through the correlation
of services, including operational
managing service performance in an of network signals into meaningful
diagnostics; organization and process
efficient and effective way that caters interpretations of service quality.
design; systems implementation and
to customer needs. • Recover efficiency and reduce the total
integration; analytics; and outsourcing
of fault, performance, service level and cost of ownership of addressable OSS.
Many CSPs are not yet equipped to
handle service quality holistically across trouble management functions.
all network components, or to ensure the Specific Services
The Accenture Service Assurance Solution As shown in Figure 1, within the Service
levels of service quality expected by
utilizes IT and consulting services, as well Assurance offering, Accenture provides
their customers.
as business process outsourcing (BPO), and three main specialized sub-offerings that
can help CSPs: target the specific needs of CSPs.

Figure 1: The Accenture Service Assurance Offering Areas

Reshape network operations, defining

efficiency-recovering approaches for
core operational competencies and
exploring alternative sourcing options
for non-core ones
Reinvent network quality management,
exploiting data from diverse sources,
Network Quality
business-side and network-side, and
reducing the volumes of network
incidents to be managed
Transform traditional network operations
into a service-oriented operational
Service Quality paradigm that brings together cost
Management efficiency, service performance insight
and customer centricity

Service Quality Management
CSPs are showing a heightened sense of urgency in moving toward service-oriented
organizational structures, processes and system architectures, and are looking for more
automated and meaningful ways to interact with their customers.

This urgency stems from several clear needs consistent application across network In the standard structure of NOC-based
encountered in the telecom market today: domains, services and customer operations (see Figure 2), network issues
segments; and reduction of the number cannot always be properly correlated to
• Transformation from a network-
of customer service requests made to service quality or customer impact, while
centric operations paradigm to a
the support desk, as well as overall issue redundant NOC structures create a lack
service-centric one, focusing on
resolution time. of clear accountabilities for end-to-end
customer experience rather than just
• Revenue generation through the service quality.
on network performance.
capability of measuring and proactively
• Churn reduction and loyalty The Solution: Service Quality
monitoring service performance,
improvement through customer
advocacy of user-perceived in-service
which also enables CSPs to offer new Management from Accenture
products associated with committed- As shown in Figure 3, Accenture’s
quality with better management of
to service performance and customer proposition for a SOC bridges network
high-ARPU customers. This requires
experience levels (SLAs). This capability and customers through correlation of
specifically focusing on leveraging
also allows CSPs to commit to a higher weak and strong “signals” and through
analytics to understand and predict the
level of service with improved quality a clear definition of service quality
user’s behaviors, as well as enlisting in
of experience, reducing lost revenue accountabilities.
better and faster resolution of customer
caused by service outages and churn,
issue calls.
and ultimately driving an improved In such a structure, SOC operators have, for
• Cost reduction through the reputation for customer experience in each monitored service, end-to-end views
automation of network operation and the market. focused on the service and on its layers,
maintenance tasks; the centralization and on the service experience perceived by
of the associated capabilities and their end customers.

Figure 2: Standard Structure of Network Operations Center-based Operations

Mobile broadband
Web browsing Video upload
The wall between
network and service

A weak signal, not Which service(s) is this NE fault blocking?

caught by NOC:
NOC How do I see the service impact?
an overloaded (not yet I wish I knew…
saturated) Iub interface
How many customers are impacted by this NE alarm?
How do I prioritize its resolution?
BG I wish I knew…
RNC Network Element Alarms

Service quality management from management systems) as service status • Service life cycle management
Accenture enables such end-to-end views, and performance data and as service- information from OSSs and BSSs that is
based on data provided by a wide range of impacting alarms, i.e., as “translations” typically not handled by NOCs (e.g., time
sources: of typical network monitoring data to repair or time to fulfill configuration
into the corresponding service-oriented change requests).
• Information provided by the network
processed by NOC-available OSSs
• Quality of Experience (QoE) Through integration with SOC services,
(network performance and fault
information provided to SOC OSS core Accenture also provides services
management systems) and exported
systems by user experience agents for successful delivery of improved
to SOC OSS core systems (service
running on customer mobile devices, customer experience across three major
quality and customer experience
reporting the quality of the service as it aspects, as shown in Figure 4.
is directly perceived by end customers
through direct usage.

Figure 3: Utilization of a Service Operations Center

• Real-time monitoring of • Real-time visibility on service

end-to-end service quality
SOC BSS status enables efficiency
improvement by filtering and
• Service troubleshooting SLAs
• Creation of service trouble ticket (Service Operations Customer
Customer consolidation of customer claims

(TT) toward Customer Operations Center) Trouble

Operations • Increased customer trust
or NOC; SOC is then accountable
• Effectiveness enabled by service
for service TT resolution
• Off-line service quality SOC Platform
NOC outage root-cause analysis
• NOC more focused on specialist
trend analysis Network
Health OSS network troubleshooting
• Support to network/business
• SLA-oriented prioritization of
NOC operations

• Availability of service quality Record
info per geography, customer,
service, technology Sales/Marketing
Network Planning
• SLA-based marketing (product Network domains
Network Engineering
definition) and sales
Network/Technology Enablers
• Effective and efficient network
planning and creation

Figure 4: Customer Experience Framework

Recognize and understand the customer’s needs
and intentions
• Customer Insight
Know the Customer • Customer Segmentation
• Customer Analytics

Optimize the channels and process by Effectively deliver content, solutions and pricing
& Impact
which the customer can interact Reach the Deliver the based on knowledge of the customer
• Channel Integration Customer Experience • Product, Service & Treatment Catalog
• Digital Optimization • Next Best Offer Model
• Mobile Solutions • Self-service
• Social Media Mindset • Customer Information Delivery
• Collaboration

Through an Through an appropriate focus on the key
success factors of mindset, analytics,
Accenture leverages network optimization,
network analytics, business intelligence
appropriate focus process, technology and governance, CSPs
have improved customer rating scores by
and service operations centers to automate
processes, with the goal of keeping the
on the key success up to 25 percent to 35 percent. customer satisfied and connected. Our
multi-pronged approach uses DPI, probes,
factors of mindset, Accenture offers real-time, proactive
responses to customer issues with three main
drive tests and OSS metrics to generate
the data necessary for self-correcting
analytics, process, solutions to improve customer interactions: automation.

technology and • Support virtualization which helps to

manage cost to serve on increasing S&R
Accenture can provide these services
for customer experience management
governance, CSPs ticket volume. Specific opportunities
include implementation of intercept/
through consulting, systems integration
and business process outsourcing (BPO),
have improved prevent “no-trouble-found” exchanges;
enhancement of core tech support
helping enable significant cost reduction

customer rating capabilities; and harvesting and sharing

and improved speed, accuracy and
consistency of processing.
of S&R root cause and remedy data.
scores by up to 25 • Device management to increase Accenture Network BPO Services helps

percent to 35 percent. automated support capabilities with

OMA-DM and TR-69. Opportunities here
CSPs transform their network operations
to improve customer service quality,
include utilization of real-time device reliability and predictability while reducing
diagnostics to decrease equipment returns overall costs. Drawing on our recognized
or truck rolls; shortening the time to market leadership and more than 20 years
resolution for trouble tickets by initiating of experience in the network industry
device programming while in queue; and and BPO market, Accenture combines the
general expansion of customer self-care strength of our Global Delivery Network
capabilities. with our leading-edge technology and
functional experience to help network
• Decision management uses business
clients better serve their customers and
intelligence for churn reduction by
optimize their operations for improved
providing smarter customer relationship
competitive advantage.
data, providing for better understanding
of customer behaviors when working a
support ticket, and using analytics to
identify systemic issues.

Select Examples
The following cases reflect representative European Convergent CSP
results achieved through service quality
management from Accenture. Business Challenge
In an environment with multi-vendor
automated network management, the
South American Wireless CSP client sought end-to-end service quality
Business Challenge management, coupled with customer
The client sought implementation of experience management.
an integrated platform for a quality
operations center, fed by network-specific How Accenture Helped
metrics (from existing systems such as Accenture supported the client in building
fault/performance management, probes a service operations center (SOC). The SOC
and mediation systems) and providing platform architecture supports the needs
the ability to correlate/model these into of the operations and quality management
customer-specific metrics. functions by sharing the same data
sources. Its main modules are:
How Accenture Helped • Service quality management leading to
Accenture delivered end-to-end service real-time service monitoring.
quality management capabilities using an
• Customer experience management
open source suite of products, enabling
leading to aggregation of quality
service modeling and hierarchical
indicators along different dimensions of
representation, with views for the client’s
analysis (customer perception).
main mobile services: data (2G and 3G),
voice, SMS and MMS. Organizational changes were introduced
in two steps, calibrated to the operations
Services and network domains were team’s assimilation of new processes as
rolled out incrementally using the target well as the system capabilities deployed at
architecture, starting with the most critical the time:
one (i.e., data) and then moving on to
voice, SMS and MMS, without any change • A new, separate SOC organization for
in the architecture. Overall, one year was service monitoring, which engaged the
required to complete all service monitoring. NOC for problem resolution.
• The merging of SOC and NOC into
High Performance Delivered one single entity that followed new,
Results included: integrated processes.

• Integration of data coming from more High Performance Delivered

than 20,000 mobile NEs, yielding
• The SOC was established as a new
integration with EMs, a fault and
organization, with a clear mission to
performance management platform,
monitor mobile services offered and
and a trouble ticketing system, and the
ensure the highest level of quality.
ability to provide network and customer
views and to support next-generation • The new organization provided access
services. to online, drilled-down reports on
service quality and perceived customer
• Processing of more than 500,000 records
per day with multi-dimensional analysis
of data (geography, time, customer
cluster, NE vendor, etc.).
• Service impact analysis: integration with
network/service inventory in order to
perform this analysis.

Network Quality Analytics
Services created over the top of networks and the increasing capabilities of end-
user devices are making the operation of networks much more complex. Customer
operations teams are facing demanding customers who initiate a growing number of raw
complaints, which generate trouble tickets to be handled by network operations.

At the same time, the level of complexity through the introduction of process (see impacted value drivers in order to validate
in the network itself is increasing, with Figure 5) and system capabilities that cost savings, and regularly evaluate
multiple access technologies and multiple address the identified gaps, to the ongoing new opportunities for continuous
vendors. As a result, networks today are fine-tuning of these capabilities based on improvement, with the goal of sustaining
creating a huge and fast-growing amount periodic analytic re-runs. or increasing benefits.
of raw data: each day, a CSP with tens of • Improvement in service quality and
Thanks to its global experience in large-scale
millions of subscribers may be confronted user experience through analyzing
network transformation and optimization,
with billions of CDRs, alarms and key functional elements of the
Accenture is a valuable collaborator in
performance counters. communications networks, including the
supporting CSPs that are managing the
evolution of complex network and services radio/core network elements, switching,
CSPs need to consolidate all this raw data
business. Accenture can provide: IN and VAS systems, and the transport
into a smaller set of relevant information
layer up to the point of interconnection
that reflects the customer experience • Ticket triage. Accenture provides a to other service providers.
and the demands of their networks. And managed service that combines process
by applying Accenture network analytics • Elimination of network weaknesses
and data analytics with automation,
methodologies, they can achieve this through review of technical network
utilizing Accenture’s Business Events
consolidation. elements and processes, resulting in the
Processing Tool in order to address
identification of risks and improvement
complex client business challenges,
The Solution: Network Quality including work volumes that serve
Analytics from Accenture as the drivers of waste within client
Based on the outcome of its analysis,
Network quality analytics from Accenture organizations. The solution can be
Accenture also has the capability to
is based on an audit process that starts leveraged across multiple organizations
transform, implement and operate new
from client needs, applies analytics to to drive cost savings and increase
BSS/OSS elements that are aligned with
existing data and generates prioritized workforce efficiency by identifying
the required processes and governance
recommendations, together with a business process and system issues and root
case and an implementation roadmap. causes and utilizing historical data to
support process-driven business rules.
Accenture’s methodology is based on a The service has a joint governance model
structured process that takes the client all with the client that can provide effective
the way from data collection and analysis, program management, measure the

Figure 5: Accenture´s Methodology for Network Quality Analytics: from Data Collection to Implementation and Ongoing Fine-tuning

Assess outcomes Implement
Collect data Run analytics monitor and
and build roadmap roadmap
• Collect network, • Run analysis and • Define improvement • Carry out • Re-run analytics
service and business identify data initiatives implementation of periodically to
data patterns • Build business case defined initiatives monitor attainment
• Load data into • Define problem • Identify business of targets
analytics tool areas: process priorities • Fine-tune processes
• Define assumptions bottlenecks and • Build roadmap and tools
of analysis data manipulation
Select Example
The following case reflects representative Operations were steadily increasing achieved using analytics in combination
results from the application of network over the years, implying lower customer with a hypothesis-driven approach.
quality analytics from Accenture. satisfaction and generating higher costs
for incident handling. High Performance Delivered
Based on an estimated reduction of
Telecommunications and ICT How Accenture Helped 120,000 incidents, at an average cost of
Service Company In an eight-week project, an 40 euro per incident, potential total annual
Business Challenge implementation plan was created, along savings are 4.8 million euro, to be achieved
with an associated business case, aimed at in combination with improved customer
The numbers of technical incidents from
reducing the number of technical incidents satisfaction. Accenture is now working
Customer Service and Network
by 50 percent. The results were to be with the client to realize these savings.

Operations Transformation
(Excellence in Network Operations)
The increasing demand for broadband data reduce the total cost of operations by how CSPs are able to manage excellence,
services is creating pressures on network reconsidering their deployment strategy, in terms of cost and quality effectiveness,
operators’ abilities to manage quality of sourcing model, organization and for their service assurance processes.
service and maintain profitability, while processes, and OSS capabilities. Moving into a network outsourcing or
also changing the paradigm of how network sharing agreement should not
network infrastructure is deployed and As Figure 6 shows, these changing market
prevent the CSP from retaining its levers
operated. CSPs are attempting to focus conditions are forcing CSPs to transform
for effective management of cost efficiency
on service quality management and to their network operations, and such
and service quality.
transformations have a direct impact on

Figure 6: Changing Market Conditions Forcing Transformation of Network Operations

Typical spending on network operations: 20%* of total company OPEX and more than 30%** of total investments.

Drivers Transformation Initiatives

CAPEX Efficiency Vendor Consolidation

for Broadband
Network CSPs require internal
Development Network Sharing transformation in the complex
journey toward network
operations excellence.
Managed Services/Outsourcing
OPEX Reduction Experience shows that unclear
in the Operation strategy and lack of proper
evaluation of interdependencies
NOC Transformation & Evolution
among the initiatives have
prevented CSPs from achieving
expected results.
Field Force Reorganization
Focus on QoS
OSS Enhancement/Consolidation

* Including rental, energy, personnel, maintenance contracts and services, leased infrastructure
** Including professional and installation services and raw material for network rollout

The Solution: Operations support; and the takeover of selected • Change and infused management.
processes through an outsourcing model.
Transformation from Accenture • Workforce re-skilling.
Accenture can provide CSPs with the After an initial assessment of CSPs’ Relevant systems integration and
necessary capabilities to achieve genuine network operations, Accenture can develop application outsourcing capabilities
operations transformation that enables a unique value proposition targeting up to include:
meaningful outcomes. 20 percent to 25 percent savings on the • Workforce management.
addressable cost baseline.
As shown in Figure 7, Accenture has • Fault/performance management.
a unique “value proposition” that Accenture is uniquely positioned to provide • Service quality management.
supports the CSP engaged in a large the full range of services required to support
transformation program, from strategy to • OSS portfolio rationalization and
the transformation of network operations,
execution. Accenture services encompass operations.
encompassing consulting, systems
advisory support for the definition of integration/application outsourcing and BPO. And Accenture’s relevant BPO
the right operating model and sourcing capabilities include:
strategy; direct execution of operational Relevant consulting capabilities include: • Field force orchestration.
transformations, including process • “Managed service” advisory.
reengineering, organization design, • Ticket triage.
• Sourcing model advisory (e.g., SPM,
introduction of new system capabilities, • Analytics-based forecasting and scheduling.
SPOC, etc.).
change management and transition
• NOC consolidation.

Figure 7: Accenture as a Strategic Partner

Accenture has a unique “value proposition” that supports the CSP from strategy to execution in a large
transformation program.

• Operating Model Sourcing Strategy

Strategy Definition • Managed Service Advisory
• Vendor Consolidation Advisory
& Advisory Services

• NOC Consolidation • Field Force Services (Orchestration,

• Field Force Reorganization Service Ticket Triage, Analytics-based
• OSS Transformation (WFM, FM, Delivery & Forecasting and Scheduling)
PM, etc.) Operation • OSS Applications Management
• Change and Infused Management

Select Examples
Accenture has wide experience in Quality improvements • Develop a plan for the consolidation
supporting CSPs in complex network • A decrease in certified trouble ticket (TT) program that would encompass the
transformation programs, from strategy recurrence (repeated jobs) of 23 percent. creation of new teams, training,
to results. • A decrease in repairs outside the activities handover and reallocation of
deadline (outliers) of 25 percent. resources.
Benefits to the client of working
with Accenture on complex network Productivity improvements Accenture support covered:
transformation projects can include: • An increase of 10 percent in field • Designing, planning and supporting
technician productivity. the execution of the consolidation, in
• Savings on the affected baseline of up
a single location, of the teams dealing
to 20 percent to 25 percent, reflecting • A reduction of 9 percent in the volume with the transport network.
operational costs for operating the of triaged TTs sent to the field.
network. • The design and plan of the consolidation
All these benefits translated to an of the remaining network domains.
• Process efficiency improvement. economic savings of around 20 percent in
• Operational simplification. annual operational expense dedicated to High Performance Delivered
the field force.
Accenture support contributed to
Large South American Telco identifying opportunity to:

Business Challenge
European Convergent Telco • Increase operating efficiency by 20
percent, thanks to synergies coming
The client, which had a field force of Operator from the centralization of the structures
approximately 10,000 technicians, sought Business Challenge previously in charge of separate domains.
a transformational initiative surrounding
Despite several years of consolidation, • Restructure the activities and
network scheduling and dispatching.
the client was still running its network responsibilities of surveillance, help
operations center (NOC) under separate desk, technical support and creation/
How Accenture Helped technical domains and in different provisioning teams, which minimized the
Accenture provided a full range of geographic locations. Such a configuration need for the physical relocation of people.
transformational capabilities, including: was preventing the client from achieving
higher operational efficiency and funding
• Transformation Program Definition
the evolution of the NOC to a more
• Organization and Process Design “service-oriented” model.
• IT Transformation
• Change Management/Execution How Accenture Helped
• Business Process Outsourcing Accenture was asked to:
• Study the opportunity to consolidate
High Performance Delivered two distinct transmission network
operations into one unified function
The transformation introduced by the
and identify which of the two teams
project allowed the client to achieve higher
would be better suited to take over
flexibility and control of field workforce
responsibility for the whole network.
operations, with significant increases in
quality and productivity, including: • Study the opportunity to achieve front-
office consolidation and create a single
point of contact for all fixed and mobile
network operational activities.

Why Accenture
Comprehensive Approach Network Analytics Capabilities Forward-thinking Abilities
As CSPs are challenged by evolving Accenture’s analytics solutions extract data Our vast and extensive services help CSPs
assurance requirements, Accenture covers from the network and enable CSPs to make rapidly incorporate the latest trends in
the full range of needs and capabilities real-time decisions regarding infrastructure consumer behavior and developments in
required to address those challenges. investments, service management and mobility services, such as M2M, cloud-based
We address the full spectrum of BSS/ premium offerings. services and social media.
OSS environment and IT/technology
responsibilities, as well as network and Experience Delivery Excellence
service management processes. We
We have more than 20 years’ experience in Our excellent delivery capabilities bring
also embrace the full range of network
streamlining network operations, serving together our global reach, innovative
stakeholders, reflected by our dialogue with
many of the global FORTUNE 500®. solutions, industrialized assets and
key corporate decision makers, including
deep industry and technology skills. The
the CEO, CIO, CTO and CMO.
Market-leading Solutions Accenture Global Delivery Network is
one of the largest and most diversified
We leverage unique, tailored products
Independent Perspective groups of technology, business process and
through industry-leading technology
We are also independent and flexible, outsourcing personnel in the world.
alliances. Our solutions help CSPs transform
reflected in the fact that Network
and innovate how they plan, build, launch
Equipment Providers (NEPs) are more Demonstrable Results
and operate network and service platforms
willing to open their EM/NE to Accenture
to streamline operations, minimize time to We can help CSPs drive network cost
than to a direct NEP competitor. Our
market and reduce costs. reduction by up to 50 percent and
position leaves us free to evaluate the
increase “first time right” outcomes by
best suitable solution for our clients:
People and Assets up to 15 percent.
buy vs. make; best-of-breed software vs.
open source tool. We do not commit to Accenture’s deep industry experience,
approaches we know are not working. Centers of Excellence and Global Delivery Award-winning Solutions
Network can enable CSPs to take advantage Accenture has been ranked #1 in the
of local, regional and global talent pools International Association of Outsourcing
Transformational Leader
and secure the right business solutions, Professionals Global Outsourcing 100™ list
We have collaborated on network
with the appropriate cost and consistent for the fifth consecutive year.
transformational programs with many of
service quality.
the top 100 global CSPs.