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It was Tuesday and I had clinicals at 4C together with my other 4 groupmates. You do
learn so much during your time there. You have to administer so many drugs, read tons of pages
of your patients’ charts and perform multiple physical assessments all just to make sure that your
patients are doing okay. I was working under the supervision of my clinical instructor, caring for
a patient who has a gastrotomy tube in place. He also has some pressure ulcers around his sacral
area and was attached to an ET tube to support his breathing. I had been asked to suction my
patient’s ET tube because it was evident that my patient was having a hard time breathing due to
excessive secretions accumulating in his airway. I made sure that I was doing it the right way by
keeping my suction catheter sterile throughout the procedure. I was also asked to feed my patient
through PEG. Initially, I was not able to administer his medications or feed him through his PEG
due to the lack of knowledge and skills on how to do it properly. But since I was desperate to
achieve the skill to PEG feed, I asked my clinical instructor and a staff nurse to teach me how to
do it properly. They gave me all the necessary information about the proper use and management
of a PEG tube. Now I can say that I’ve gained the confidence and competence in performing that

I really felt excited to perform the said task. I remember my clinical instructor wanted me to feed
my patient the conventional way by letting me hold the asepto syringe for a couple of minutes
while simultaneously pouring his osterized food using my other shaky hand. I’m not gonna lie
but I really felt like I went to the gym after feeding him. At first, I was nervous because it was
my first time to feed a patient through PEG, but this experience helped me so much in gaining a
new skill and encouraged me to challenged myself more. The continuous support from my
clinical instructor and positive feedbacks from my groupmates also gave me more confidence to
develop my skills and knowledge. In conclusion, being more knowledgeable about PEG feeding
and enhancing my skills for safe administration made me more confident as a student nurse and
it made me to look forward to practice safely as a registered nurse in the future. As a future plan,
I need to show competency, professionalism and efficiency in all that I do be it with the patients
or other allied healthcare workers who are part of the organization. It is essential for me to
maintain the standards of my profession as it will mould me into a competent registered nurse.