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Part I.

Name: (Optional) ____________________________________ Course: __________________

Age: __________ Gender: [ ] Male [ ] Female

Part II. Test questions per Sub-scale:

Direction: Please check the corresponding bracket that shows your degree of agreement with the following

A. Mediation None A little Somewhat Much
1. I want to meditate to cleanse my mind.
2. I thought of isolating myself when I feel embarrassed.
3. I think that I need some place where I can feel alone.
4. I would like to get enough sleep whenever I am stressed.
5. I spent some time by myself.
6. I would like to find a place where I can calm my mind whenever I
felt nervous.
7. I need some place to concentrate.
8. I always do some meditation before the day of exam.
9. I think that I would like to isolate myself in order to relax my body.
10. I would like to lock myself on my room whenever I feel down.

B. Journaling None A little Somewhat Much
1. I always set a time schedule for everything to avoid stressing or
straining myself.
2. I always think of the past events that can be connected to my
current problem.
3. I always predicting the outcome of the things that I want to do,
from my past experiences.
4. I thought of scheduling my time for hobbies.
5. I always think of the past events that can be connected to my
current problem.
6. I think of writing the happenings on the day to change my mood.
7. I tend to look in the mirror and reflect on history of problems.
8. Whenever there is an unusual event, I tend to jot it down on my
diary for future purpose.
9. I would like to write letter to my guardian whenever I am stressed.
10. I was thinking on writing about my stress.

C. Reframing None A little Somewhat Much
1. I think of the good things might happen even when I messed up to
lessen my burden.
2. I think of my stress as a challenge.
3. I think of positive outcome when I feel demoralized.
4. I focus myself on changing the view of the problem from stressful
to learnings.
5. I had fantasies or wishes about how things might turn out.
6. I give myself a time to rethink the events in my life.
7. I hoped that if I waited long enough, things would turn out okay.
8. I went over the problem again and again in my mind and finally
saw things in a different light.
9. I would like to reframe the problem.
10. I let my mind to feel the stressor not as harm but teachings.

D. Cognitive Distortion None A little Somewhat Much
1. I thought of good things whenever I am sad.
2. I imagine that my family is always on my side to support me
whenever I am facing problems.
3. I thought of seeking a distraction to tend my stress.
4. I think of good things to whenever I am on bad conditions.
5. I thought of changing the way I think of my feelings when I’m on
6. I look for a way to get through of my stress.
7. I found myself staring on cute things when I am stressed.
8. I thought of things that might happen before I make my decision to
lessen the worry.
9. I foresee the things might happen and tell myself that it is ok. Then
I decide to make an action.
10. I found ways to blow off steam.

E. Positive Thinking None A little Somewhat Much
1. I would like to retain my composure whenever I was shocked on
an incident.
2. I take a bath to feel fresh that can help me solve my problem.
3. I always come to school mentally prepared.
4. I feel of doing some funny face in front of mirror to change
negative into positive mind before I attend a thesis defense.
5. I did some funny things/stuff to get the stress out of my system.
6. I would imagine the benefit that I will gain if I conquer my
7. I stay focus on the positivity when I feel down.
8. I felt very confident whenever I face my problems.
9. I would like to release my stress on some funny things for
10. I tried to be calmer when something bad is happening.

F. Praying None A little Somewhat Much
1. I feel that my mind is clearer when I go to the church.
2. I pray before I go to an event.
3. I always make some prayer before taking an exam.
4. I didn’t let my family and friends to know my problems, but I let it
out on god.
5. I seek spiritual support whenever I’m confused.
6. I would like to look for a nearest church to pray when I’m down.
7. Whenever I wake up in the morning I pray for the good day.
8. I tried to pray for the whole thing.
9. I would like to do a little prayer before I take action.
10. I let my emotions out when I am praying.

G. Social Support None A little Somewhat Much
1. I seek for my parents’ comfort when I feel restlessness.
2. I accept sympathy and understanding from someone.
3. I would like to share my problem to my friends.
4. I thought of doing some chitchatting with friends whenever I get a
low grade.
5. I feel comfort when my friend gives support when I am down.
6. I talked to someone who was in a similar situation.
7. I want to speak out my problem to release my pain.
8. I would like to seek a friend whenever I feel panicked.
9. I would like to confront my coaches on times when I feel stress on
10. I thought of someone who can listen to my feelings.