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Analyzation of Robinson’s Clan’s Three Months Transactions

People behind Robinson’s:

Company Profile:

Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (RRHI) was incorporated on February 4,

2002. The primary purpose of the Company and its subsidiaries is to engage in
the business of trading goods, commodities and merchandise of any kind.
Since the opening of its first Robinsons Department Store in Metro Manila in
1980, RRHI expanded into the supermarket business in 1985, the Do-It-Yourself
(DIY) business in 1994, the convenience store and specialty store businesses in
2000, the drugstore business in 2012, and the coffee shop business in 2015.

RRHI's core retail operations has six business segments, namely, supermarkets;
department stores; DIY stores; convenience stores; drug stores; and specialty
stores. RRHI operates its supermarkets, department stores, consumer
electronics and appliances stores, big box hardware stores, and community
malls under the ?Robinsons? brand name. Some of the brand names under
RRHI include international brands "Handyman Do it Best", "True Value", "Toys
"R" Us", "Ministop", "Daiso Japan", "Costa Coffee", and domestic brands "Savers
Appliances", "South Star Drug", and "The Generics Pharmacy" (TGP).

RRHI has 13 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 19 affiliates, which include

Robinson's Supermarket Corporation; Robinson's Handyman, Inc.; Robinsons
Appliances Corp.; Robinsons Convenience Stores, Inc.; Robinsons Specialty
Stores, Inc.; and Rustan Supercenters Inc.

As of end of 2018, the Company has 1,910 stores, consisting of 252

supermarkets, 52 department stores, 210 DIY stores, 499 convenience stores,
510 drug stores and 387 specialty stores. This excludes TGP franchised stores
and distribution outlets of Chic Centre.

This table shows the graphical illustration of the changes of

Robinson’s trading stocks for the past three months. Since, Robinson’s clan is
one of the so called “Blue chips”, that means they have a proven track
record and their daily trades are in high volume in terms of liquidity. During
the past three months, based on its Moving Average Convergence
Divergence (MACD), it changes from day to day and it is very volatile in
nature but it does not affect the consistency of the company to have a high
rate over the other companies. The volume and the average volume
represents the measure of how much of a given financial asset has been
traded in a given period of time, or how many times the asset has been
bought or sold over a particular span. This helps the company to shows to the
investors how to analyze stocks (or any financial asset) and it can bolster
profits and also reduce risk. Robinsons Retail, alongside Jollibee Foods Corp.
and Puregold Price Club Inc. made it to Forbes magazine’s “Asia’s Top 50
Fab Companies” list of 2016. Note that the list, despite its name, was not just
about being “fab”. Those who belonged to the list were the best-performing
companies in Asia in terms of market value. Despite tough competitions,
especially with more retail companies sprouting here and there, Robinsons
Retail Holdings remained prominent among the public and was able to
amass a market value of P2.5 billion in 2016 gaining the 39th spot in the
esteemed Forbes’ list. RRHI books an average of 15.8% increase in sales and
its operating income climbs more or less 88%. RRHI cites its engagement in
diverse trading goods businesses, as well as its nationwide presence, as the
primary reason for its national prominence leading to sustained growth and
expansion. The range of the Par value of the stocks daily and for weekly are
almost the same all throughout the month and that shows three (3) things for
the company. First, the company can stick, manage and maintain the
earnings that they have for the whole time. Second, the company is not
improving too much and it moves little by little which is usual to every
company and the last one is the investors might notice them because the
changes are rapid and Robinson’s are known as good in handling every
businesses that they have. The last thing that I want to share here which is
somehow not related to stocks but I have learned a lot from this, last
November 19, 2019, the chairman of the company John L. Gokongwei, Jr.
died and I kept his lesson that If you don’t work, you don’t eat and always be
humble, start from the bottom to know the condition of every subordinates.
That statement really inspires me which made me think of knowing more
things about stocks, investing and business.