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Mirriam Defensor Santiago: The Best President Philippines Never Had

The whole country were saddened by the death of one of the best brain in Philippine
politics. Her death have been a great loss for the whole country. Senate President Aquilino
Pimentel III affirmed that the country lose a moral giant in the fight against corruption and an
intellectual force and brilliant legal mind and her death had made Philippine poorer political.
Although he did not always won in all her political battles, she always stood on the side of what
was morally, what was legally, what was constitutionally, and what was good for the Filipino

The then Senate President Pro-Tempore, Franklin Drilon also acknowledged that there
are no senator, past or present, who can match Senator Santiago’s uncommon brilliance and fiery
dedication to her principles and beliefs. She was an intellectual giant and a legal luminaries
whose wit and words benefited the nation and its people so many times over.

Senator Ralph Recto also expressed that Mirriam Defensor Santiago is one of a kind and
that Filipinos is lucky that like a meteor that streaks across the skies once every century, they
were able to witness her dazzling brilliance in this lifetime. He further said that even during her
weakest point, Santiago is still sharper than any of her colleague, displaying an acumen that was
hard to defeat. She was brains, beauty, and balls” – who would gracefully demolish opponents
using language that was “devastating “yet classy and elegant. She not only sets the
benchmarking in clarity of thought and convincing discourse, but also in courage which she
showed whether in pursuit of her advocacies for the people or the latter’s enemies.

Fellow women senators also articulated all admiration for this brilliant mind. Senator
Leila De Lima extoled Santiago by calling her an “idol”. For the formers, the latters had
personified the strength of women to be a wifes, a mothers, a success in her career, and a
powerful social force for nation building. Senator Risa Hontiveros said the late senator was one
of the "staunchest champion" of the RH law. "The Filipino people lost a champion of women
rights and defender of the country’s sovereignty. While Senator Grace Poe, a fellow advocate of
the Freedom of Information law, said Santiago taught her a lot of things about the measure.

Others senators like Bam Aquino enunciated that Mirriam was at times large than life and
will continue to influence and inspire current and next generation of Filipinos. Senator Juan
Edgardo Angara and Joel Villanueva expresses that the country just lost a patriot and much
admire public servant. And finally, Senator Francis Escudero affirmed that the Iron Lady of Asia
may have left Filipino people, but with a great legacy that will challenges the nation to become
better for the future of the coming generations.

With all these declarations, assertions and admirations for the late senators, undoubtedly,
she is indeed the best President Filipino people never had.