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Project Introduction:

Safi Land Mark is the name of the project. This Hotel Management System will
have all the majorities and can handle all of the major tasks of the hotel associated,
operating, booking reservations, and Service guests, managing housekeeping,
inventory management and including payroll management system. As well as
responding effectively to problems and issues.
In this hotel management system guests will conduct meeting, celebrations, and
many other functions. Employee is the key role of the hotel, the have assign to
keep room records, reservation details, clean rooms, control inventory of hotel and
many more other responsibilities.
The main goal is to make guests feel they are in an up to date and well run hotel to
which they would like to return.
2. Modules description:

The modules of the project can be the same of:

 Reservation operation: When a customer wants to take a room , in this case

we should have a kind of management system that can handle this process as

_ Online Booking

_ Reservation Processes

That the customer should be more comfortable and the hotel can catch the attention
of the customer.

 Analysis and monitoring features: The hotel management system have the
capability to analyze the data because when the data is analyzed we will
have a complete, acceptable result to increase the income and the system
should do the bellow works:

_ Income management

_ Building report

_ Extra Services monitoring

 Interaction with customers

_ Customer Data Management

_ Notification and Serveys

3. Advantages and the main functionality of your application:

 Speed up the process. This hotel management system is designed to

efficiently save, retrieve, send and calculate data into the database thus
making the processes fast. Having fast transactions makes more money,
good customer experience and convenient for hotel users.
 Less Error. MIS should have less error because when it has less error the
customer will accept that or it should not have any error and this hotel
management system is program correctly it will prevent duplicate entries,
wrong data type inputs. Also provides text preservation when accidentally
 Real-time results. Computers with high specifications plus a high
performance hotel system would definitely give real-time results from any
transactions like saving data inputs, updating and deleting of data entries, so
sathis hotel management system has this capability.
 Fast processing: This hotel management system will have fast processing
and all the operations will carry out very fast and easily process.

 Capture and analyze guest details: This hotel management system can
gather and store guest information, preferences and details that help to
predict and analyze customer behavior should be most-preferred. This
greatly facilitates guest service excellence.

4. Challenges in the project:

 Long Failure Resolution Times

Ensuring a good failure resolution time is a crucial part of hotel maintenance and
has a direct impact on guest satisfaction and billing. A room with broken items is a
room that is unavailable to guests and a locked hotel unit represents less business

Reducing the time between reporting and resolving a failure is critical to ensure the
quality and speed of maintenance services.
5. Personal contribution and your role in the project:

I have the main role in the project because I will make this hotel management
system and this management system can handle many operations which are
mentioned above.

5. Amount of time it took for the project:

Safi Land Mark Hotel management system is a system that can do many operations
like online booking, payroll management and … , this project will take 3 months to