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Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot

Court Competition

Willem C. Vis, Vienna March

Stetson International Environment Law

Moot Court March

ICLN ICC Trial Competition June

Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court April


Willem C. Vis (East), Hong Kong March

Red Cross International Humanitarian March

Law Moot Court Competition

Henry Dunant Moot (India qualification September

rounds to Red Cross Moot)

Oxford IP Moot Court Competition March

Frankfurt International Arbitration Moot

Court Competition March

Leiden-Sarin International Air Law Moot April

Court Competition

MNLU &NILS Business and Human January

Rights Moot Court Competition

Louis M Brown and Forrest S Mosten April

International Client Consultation


DM Harish Memorial International Moot February

Prof. NR Madhava Menon SAARC Moot October

Foreign Direct InvestmentInternational November

Arbitration Moot



Amity Moot Court Competition March

NALSAR BR Sawhney Moot Court September/October


GNLU International Moot Competition February

KK Luthra Criminal Law Moot, Delhi January

KLA Moot, Kerala February

Nani Palkhiwala Tax Moot, GLC April

NLSIUTrilegal International Arbitration

Moot May
NUJS Herbert Smith Corporate Moot February

Raj Anand Moot Court Competition August

Surana & Surana National Corporate Law

Moot, JSS Law College (Autonomous), February

RMLNLU SCC Online International March

Media law Moot

G. H. Raisoni Law School’s Trial and March

Appellate Moot Court Competition

Justice Hidayatullah Memorial National March

Moot Court Competition (HNLU)

NLU Jodhpur Antitrust Law Moot Court March


CCI – NLU Delhi Competition Law Moot February

School of Excellence in Law’s Pro Bono October

Enviro National Moot Court Competition

Rizvi Law College’s RLC Saquib Rizvi March

Memorial Moot Competition
Christ University’s SLCU Moot Court
Competition September
ULC Bangalore Moot Court Competition February

TNNLS-CCI Moot Court Competition February

DSNLU National Moot Court Competition February

in Collaboration with Competition
Commission of India

NUJS BP Saraf National Tax Moot July

NLSIU Animal Protection PIL April


CCI-NUJS National Moot Court December


NLIU Justice R.K. Tankha Memorial February

International Moot Court Competition

NLIU-INADR International Law School November

Mediation Tournament

GNLU Moot on Securities and Investment September


NLUO International Maritime Arbitration March/April

NUALS International Maritime Law April

Arbitration Competition
NLUD Insolvency And Bankruptcy Moot October,


RGNUL National Moot Court March/ April


Surana and Surana and RGNUL August

International Law Moot Court

GLC 24th MC Chagla Moot Court September


Bar Council of India Trust Moot August

Jindal Technology Law & Policy Moot March

Court Competition

New Law College's 8th Justice PN March

Bhagwati International Moot Court

Jamia National Moot Court Competition March

ILS Law College’s SP Sathe National September

GLC Ernakulam's T.S.VenkateswaraIyer February

UPES’ Dr. Paras Diwan Memorial April

International Energy Law Moot

AIL National Moot Court Competition, January