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AA Robotics are specialists in the supply of advanced robotic solutions including vision
guided robots for both 2D and 3D applications. As distributors of the amazing range of
DENSO robots in the UK, Ireland and India, AA Robotics has the experience and vision to
solve most manufacturing problems.

The Robotics and Motion division provides products, solutions and related services that
increase industrial productivity and energy efficiency. The division's motors, generators,
drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), functional safety and robotics provide
power, motion and control for a wide range of automation applications. Products from this
ABB LIMITED division integrate seamlessly. ABB products are proven to reduce operating costs,
improve product quality and consistency in various industries. With increases in hygiene,
up-time, change-overs and total through-put with fewer accidents on the shop floor, ABB
automation could really be the key for manufacturers to unlock new levels of
competitiveness and productivity.

Comau, a member of the FCA Group, is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced

industrial automation solutions that integrate products, technologies and services to help
companies of all sizes increase plant efficiency while lowering operating costs and
optimizing returns. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Comau has over 40 years of factory-
proven experience, and an international network of 34 locations, 15 manufacturing plants
and 5 innovation centers that span 17 countries and employ more than 9,000 people. With
a strong focus on innovation, Comau is committed to developing competency through the
formation of individuals and groups as part of its open automation approach. Comau is
driving the future of production automation by engineering lean and sustainable solutions
and products. Its modular, flexible and highly-configurable products can be tailored to
meet the needs of each individual customer. Through the continuous development of
products and services, Comau is able to lead the automation industry in every phase of a
project - from design, implementation and installation, to production start-up and
maintenance services. Its comprehensive offering includes manufacturing and assembly
solutions, powertrain machining, robotics and asset maintenance services for a wide
range of industrial sectors.

Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to connecting people, things and

information with its original efficient, compact and precision technologies. With a lineup
that ranges from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, watches
and industrial robots, the company is focused on driving innovations and exceeding
customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics. Led by
the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 76,000
employees in 87 companies around the world, and is proud of its contributions to the
communities in which it operates and its ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

FANUC UK provides industrial automation solutions - from the supply of over 100 robot
models CNC controllers, drilling machines, EDM and injection moulding machines through
to the complete integration of factory automation systems. Providing a single customer
support portal for its three core businesses, FANUC UK comprises Robotics - industrial
robots and systems; FA - CNC Controllers, motors and drives; Robomachines - EDM,
Injection Moulding, drilling machines. Robotics - FANUC's Robotics business
manufactures the widest range of robots in the world for applications from micro
electronics assembly to the forging of precision aerofoils for jet engines - in industries as
FANUC UK diverse as pharmaceutical and food processing - and with maximum payloads up to 2.3
LIMITED tonne. Over 480,000 FANUC robots are operating worldwide with production currently
geared to meet demands of 6,500 per month. FANUC Robots are truly 'out of the box'
automation designed to be totally flexible and, with application specific options, straight-
forward to integrate. Our new collaborative robot range sets FANUC apart from other robot
suppliers as it is the only one to be TUV certified and has a heavy payload in the order of
over 35kg greater than competitors. With no fencing required and vision included this
robot opens up a whole new world of opportunities. CNC - FANUC's FA business
manufactures CNC controls, drive systems and laser systems - with 65% market share in
the global CNC control sector FANUC is the market leader. FANUC CNC is the controller
of choice for the world's leading machine tool manufacturers - continuously developing
functionality sees FANUC CNC control being used in a wide range of applications -
combining powerful control and high precision with unparalleled reliability. FANUC Servo
Drives and Motors are well proven - aimed at the machine builder they offer a vast range
of high performance compact designs. The high availability and ease of maintenance
together with world class energy efficient designs make them the motors of choice for
thousands of OEMs around the World. Robomachine - FANUC's Robomachine business
manufactures ROBODRILL vertical machining centres, ROBOCUT Wire EDM machines
and ROBOSHOT electric injection moulding machines. Customer support - From initial
sales enquiry with FANUC through the life of the product FANUC provides one single
contact point to make sure support is always at hand with up to date advice, genuine
warranted parts, and, whenever possible, obsolescence avoidance solutions that ensure
lifetime delivery of maximum efficiency.

Kawasaki Robotics manufactures and supplies industrial robots that can be found working
efficiently in all industry sectors. From the most delicate laboratory process to the heaviest
palletising application Kawasaki offers a range of proven products that get the job done.
The name Kawasaki is synonymous with high speed, reliability and quality and not just on
the race track. Kawasaki Robotics, a member company of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Group, has been providing high performance industrial robots for manufacturing
processes since 1969. New models have been added to the already extensive range and
continue to offer best in class performance and capability, meeting customer demands for
increased flexibility, intelligent control and high speed. Kawasaki's UK based Team has a
wealth of knowledge on Picking, Placing and Palletising applications for the Food and
Pharma sector. After sales support and training are both provided from Kawasaki's
Warrington base where customers are also able to see system simulations and
demonstrations to ensure the best solution is applied. Call now for further information Tel:

KUKA offer over 40 years of experience as an automated robotic system and solution
integrator within the manufacturing industry. From concept to completion, KUKA will work
with you to ensure that we support your business' growth and tailor our systems to the
specific needs of your operation, delivering solutions that improve business efficiencies,
increase productivity and deliver cost savings through best practice management. KUKA's
solutions are custom built and fully integrated into your application via our dedicated team
of engineers, from a single unit to large multiple robot turnkey solutions. With a proven
KUKA ROBOTICS track record of serving manufacturers across a number of vertical markets, from
UK LTD automotive to pharmaceutical, KUKA will always identify a solution with customer
satisfaction at the forefront of its design, providing clients with the quickest route to
production. KUKA's complete robot range has a synergy of control language and
architecture. They are used by many well-known names in the UK manufacturing industry
in diverse sectors, such as construction materials, electronics, food processing,
healthcare, logistics and plastics. Typical applications include pick and place, order picking
and assembly, packaging, palletising & depalletising, 3Dp, welding, mobile robotics and
clean room applications.

Nachi Europe U.K. is a branch of Nachi Europe GmbH Germany and we are a robot
distributor and sales & support office for our parent company Nachi Fujikoshi- Japan, a
NACHI EUROPE leading robot supplier with over 100,000 robots installed worldwide. Nachi supply industrial
U.K. articulated 4, 6 & 7 axis robots with payloads ranging from 1kg to 1000kg. We provide
sales, support and training for our robots which can be used in a wide variety of

Omron Electronics is one of the world's most experienced and innovative Industrial
Automation Solution providers. We offer a number of technologies that have an impact on
the Packaging sector - Multi-Axis Motion Control, Vision Inspection Systems, Robotics,
OMRON Safety, Safety Services, Sensing, User Interfaces and compact, open control systems.
ELECTRONICS UK These combine to provide the machine builder with real benefits in terms of flexible
LTD machine design, integrated vision and remote connectivity services. Furthermore, Omron
offers this technology with the support of experienced application engineers who are able
to match the requirements of both the machine builder and end user, within effective
functional solutions.
Staubli: an international group serving all industrial sectors known worldwide for the quality
of our design and innovation for more than a century, the Staubli Group has brought its
renowned engineering expertise and technological ingenuity to the forefront of robotics.
Since 1982, we have built a highly regarded robotics business, and more significantly,
transformed the way thousands of manufacturing operations perform. Staubli provide high
performance in all areas of industry. Designed to work in the most hostile environments as
well as cleanrooms. Wherever speed, compactness, precision and reliability are
demanded, Staubli has the right technology - regardless of industry sector or type of
application. Life sciences: exceptionally clean, precise and accurate robots suitable for
Grade A through Grade D environments, providing ideal solutions to the unique
requirements of the life sciences sector. Machine tending: Robots with specialised
features such as enclosed arms, IP65 arm protection with IP67 wrist, compact footprints
and multiple mounting options. High speed machining: The RX160 robot offers a flexible
solution for handling various machining operations. Food: Food processing robots
designed to increase throughput and efficiency by minimising manual intervention,
covering a wide range of food industry applications. Plastics: D-axis robots designed
specifically for the plastics industry, meeting a wide range of automation needs such as
high speed demolding, two-shot molding and much more. Painting: Operating in a range
of industrial sectors, Staubli paint robots meet all needs for automated finishing, from
traditional application to electrostatic processes. Semiconductor / cleanroom: Automation
solutions designed to perform precisely controlled applications with exceptional accuracy,
high speed, and dramatically improved particle reduction.

TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd is responsible for the sales, marketing and support of Toshiba
Machine's Industrial Robots throughout Europe. Toshiba Machine manufacture an
extensive range of SCARA, Cartesian and 6 axis robots which can be used in assembly,
TM ROBOTICS pick and place, sealing, materials handling, palletising and packaging applications.
(EUROPE) LTD Toshiba Machine has a history of continuous, in-house development of all robot hardware
and software. Their versatile and established product range, which is combined with TM
Robotics know-how, training and local applications support makes us the ideal partners for
your robot projects and requirements.

UR's employees & offices: * We currently have 490+ employees consisting of 35+ different
nationalities. Around two thirds are based at HQ in Odense, Denmark, and the rest in the
following 14 countries: USA (5 offices), Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic,
Turkey, China (3 offices), India (2 offices), Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and
Mexico - a total of 22 offices. In addition, we have around 300 partners around the world.
UR's global cobot market share: * Our cobot market share is 58% according to analyst firm
BIS Research. We only quote global market share, not regional/local. UR has sold more
cobots than all competitors combined. We are both the frontrunner and the pioneer of
cobots, having sold the first commercially viable cobot back in December 2008. We will
maintain our market share and momentum by continuing to invest heavily in R&D, out-
innovate competitors, and staying ahead of the curve. UR+: * We're not just providing a
cobot: With UR+ we have created a platform that leverages our innovative global
ecosystem, which strengthens our technical leadership position. This unique concept
allows us to focus on delivering the best cobot on the market while working closely with
3rd party developers which ensures that our partners and end-users can deploy quickly by
choosing UR+ products optimized to work seamlessly with our cobots. It's a shared
business value model that we extend to our sales channel partners. * Currently we have
69 certified UR+ products and 266 approved commercial developer companies in the UR+

YASKAWA's integrated DMCR product portfolio generates synergies between "Drives &
Motion" and "Robotics" under a single brand name for the benefit of our customers.
YASKAWA employs over 1500 staff in Europe offering a very broad portfolio and
comprehensive local services via subsidiaries in 14 countries. YASKAWA Electric
YASKAWA UK LTD develops and produces all the key technologies and components for our own products,
giving us unique system expertise and total product control. As a result, our products are
renowned for their excellent reliability. YASKAWA UK Ltd Unit 2, Johnson Park, Wildmere
Road Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU, UK T: + 44 (0) 1295 272755 F: + 44 (0) 1295 267127 E:

Acrovision is an experienced integrator of industrial barcode reading and camera vision

inspection systems and have expanded their automation solutions to include
collaborative robots. Cobots are having quite the revolutionary effect on vision systems.
Integrating cobots into vision applications is providing a safe and cost-effective solution
in many instances, where the product handling is an issue or prohibitively expensive.
The key advantage of using cobots is that as well as being very easy to program, they
are also inherently safe to allow them to work with and alongside humans, (subject to
risk assessment). No longer the need for expensive and unsightly safety guarding
ACROVISION LTD requirements. Acrovision are the sole UK distributor of the AUBO range of collaborative
robot (cobot), from American/Chinese firm AUBO Robotics. The range includes 3Kg,
5Kg and 10Kg versions that are advanced, human friendly collaborative robots
providing solutions for the small and medium manufacturing sectors. In addition,
Acrovision promotes the MECA-500, which is an ultracompact six-axis industrial robot
arm boasting a repeatability of 5 μm for ultra-precise robotic placement applications. In
general, Acrovision will assist in the correct specification of robot and end-effector for
any application, as well as providing the necessary Risk Assessment and safe and
cost-effective integration into the customers environment.

ALTech UK is the English subsidiary of ALTech - Advanced Labelling Technologies; a

world leading manufacturer of high quality self-adhesive labelling machinery. We are
dedicated specialists with a product range that encompasses virtually every area of
automatic product labelling and identification, with a reputation for reliable, user friendly
ALTECH UK and technologically advanced labelling solutions. Our machine range includes budget
LABELLING label applicators, high performance label applicators, real time print and apply label
TECHNOLOGIES LTD applicators as well as both standalone and inline integrated conveyor handling labelling
systems. With both large scale and smaller scale manufacturing facilities via our parent
company in Italy and here in the UK at our head office near Cardiff, we are a
professional company that can tailor our services to meets the needs of virtually any
potential project no matter how big or small.

About Us Dedicated to providing expert solutions for a fluid and complex industry,
Automation Experts spans all of the principal Manufacturing, Processing and Utility
sectors with additional cover to Systems Integrators, Machinery OEM's and
Consultancies. Working with key industry players, our flexible approach has yielded
substantial repeat business, and based in the heart of the UK's manufacturing we are
well placed to respond to the diverse industry requirements of today's market. Client
Support BSI approved and members of the REC, we pride ourselves on our high level
of professional and flexible services. We offer support for the entire project including
sales/applications, design, project management and after-sales service and support. It
is our aim to deliver customer satisfaction by offering a service which will ultimately
save you time, money and add value to your business. Automation Experts can tailor
any recruitment process to suit your needs offering a variety of options including: ➢ An
initial database and web search to identify suitable candidates ➢ Vacancies posted
free of charge on relevant job boards ➢ Liaison with candidates, screening of CV's and
AUTOMATION the completion of initial interviews resulting in a short list of suitable Engineers ➢
EXPERTS LTD Arranging and coordination of interviews including structured feedback By working in
partnership we can ensure your staffing requirements are resolved quickly and
successfully, offering full support for your immediate and planned recruitment
strategies. Other services include advertising campaigns, search assignments, website
management and personal profiling, full details of which are available on request.
Candidate Support Our service is professional, confidential and free of charge. You will
be allocated an experienced Consultant who will manage your aspirations and
development at every stage of your career offering support and guidance from initial
discussion stages through to your first day of your new role. We work to stringent
procedures enabling us to match your requirements to the ideal position. As a
registered engineer, you automatically become eligible for our referral scheme where
you receive £250 tax free for every Maintenance Engineer and £500 tax free for all
other Engineers that we place in permanent employment who have been
recommended by you. Registration is easy - you can send a copy of your up-to-date
CV directly to us, or alternatively register on our automated website where you will also
find a full list of live vacancies. Key Industries Oil & Gas Water & Utilities Food &
Beverage Distribution Automotive Pharmaceutical Machine Tool Nuclear Power
Generation Steel & Metals PackagingKey Technologies PLC SCADA HMI CNC
ROBOTS SOFTWARE DCS DRIVES Job Titles Sales & Applications Hardware Design
& Software Engineering PLC Systems Design & SCADA Integration Mechanical Design
& Project Engineering Installation & Commissioning Site Service Training & Technical

Axelent is an expanding, leading company that manufactures and sells machine

guarding and warehouse partitioning systems for machine constructors, storage
equipment suppliers and building contractors. Axelent safety is also included in the
Axelent Group, a knowledgeable company with total responsibility for the entire
accident prevention process, from design to CE-approved facillity. Speed and service
are guiding words that characterise Axelent's entire organisation and activities. Axelent
Ltd UK offers consultancy, sales, site surveys, installations and on going technical

Aylesbury Automation is internationally known for their superb Vibratory Parts Feeders
and associated equipment for the orientation and handling of parts. With a highly skilled
AYLESBURY workforce - design, manufacture, assembly and test including electrical and software; a
AUTOMATION LTD range of Special Purpose Machines, of the highest quality are made each year to
customers requirements. Advanced robotic integration into both customers existing
processes and within new machines with or without vision.

Companies specialising in packaging, plastics, printing and paper, textiles, automotive,

food and beverage, semiconductor, wood, metals and mining, pharmaceutical,
chemicals and building automation rely every day on B & R know-how. Our complete
B & R INDUSTRIAL solutions help customers from all industries achieve a decisive competitive edge.
AUTOMATION LTD Orientation towards applications in all areas of machine automation and process control
technology builds the foundation that makes us a strong partner. We offer our
customers a complete automation solution from one source: no unnecessary interfaces,
maximum flexibility and the highest level of profitability.

Our Vision is to deliver outstanding manufacturing solutions which enable our

customers to continue to be world class performers. Established in 1997 and based in
Saltaire - West Yorkshire Cimlogic has a long history of working with some of the
world's biggest manufacturing and distribution companies. We deliver Complete
Integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems and Automation Solutions for a wide
variety of applications & customers - from plant control equipment to corporate
Information Technology systems. Accreditations achieved include: UK Certified
Implementation Partner for TrakSYS real-time OEE performance monitoring tool from
CIMLOGIC LTD Parsec Corporation, Vmware Professional Solution Provider, Safe Contractor
approved, Microsoft Certified Partner, Windows Embedded Partner and many more.
Cimlogic has expertise in the field of process control (PLC, HMI SCADA Progamming),
industrial automation and MES, utilising the latest technologies and employing
engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Systems engineers, Software
developers, IT & MES specialists, Electrical engineers all led by astute Project
Management, provide quality solutions for specific applications. We have an
impeccable reputation for customer retention, which is derived from the quality of our
customer service, Turn-Key solutions and Support Services.


ETT offers a vast range of end-of-line packaging equipment: from reliable individual
system modules to high-end complete turnkey systems and then onto palletising and
automated distribution handling solutions. ETT designs and manufactures systems that
meet both current and future requirements such as space-saving Monoblock packers,
ETT-UK LTD customer-specific robot systems, flexible product sorting units or state-of-the-art
wraparound modules for promotionally effective shelf-ready packaging. Innovative drive
and control technologies, typical German quality, reliability and experienced teams form
the basis of ETT's success. Continual development, sustainable concepts and custom
made solutions ensures that ETT will stay at the forefront of the packaging industry.
Festo - the innovation leader in industrial and process automation. With around 100
new products every year and as the holder of 2,800 patents world-wide, Festo creates
the impetus for maximum productivity in factory and process automation. This is
ensured by its 11,500 staff in 176 countries, dedicted to serving more than 300,00
customers worldwide. Festo has the right solution for every application - with
pneumatic, servo pneumatic, electric drive, sensor, vision and PLC technologies
backed up by a range of services and support. Festo Didactic delivers productivity by
providing basic and vocational training in a range of technical and soft skills and
providing bespoke consultancy services to businesses looking to gain a competitive

Gripple Automation, a subsidiary of the award winning manufacturer, Gripple Ltd, offer
GRIPPLE the complete machine package, from concept design through to installation on site.
AUTOMATION LTD High volume assembly automation Bespoke machinery design and build Reverse
engineering Design for manufacture Integration with existing equipment

HepcoMotion was formed in 1969 and is one of the world's foremost innovators and
manufacturers in the field of Linear Motion Technology. We offer a very broad product
range which is constantly updated based on market need - our objective is to offer
solutions to satisfy almost any linear motion requirement. Research and Development
is very important to Hepco - we have a long-term commitment to re-invest a substantial
percentage of turnover in the development of new products and product updates.
Hepco has full ISO 9001 quality accreditation and operates globally from our UK
Headquarters and main manufacturing facility. Today, a network of branch offices and
highly-trained approved distributors cover most of the industrialised world. In addition to
designing and manufacturing Linear Motion Systems, Hepco is in partnership with a
number of high quality worldwide manufacturing companies. We act as an exclusive UK
distributor, for a number of companies involved in Linear Motion and mechanical
HEPCOMOTION components complementary to the Hepco range. This means that we can satisfy a
diverse range of customer requests. Our aim is to offer integrated packages of
components, which automation designers can specify with complete confidence in their
quality, reliability and longevity. Providing advanced automation solutions from
specialised tooling to complete turnkey systems, HepcoAutomation delivers the
complete solution from design to installation. HepcoAutomation offers a wide range of
services including turn key machine builds, robot installations, machine vision
integration, and upgrades and modifications to existing manufacturing plants to name
but a few. HepcoAutomation is a division of HepcoMotion a world leader in the
manufacture of linear motion products. Many of our solutions incorporate the highly
regarded Hepco linear or circular motion products renowned for their exceptional
service life. Our innovative solutions are focused on providing customers with a rapid
return on their investment.

HANGZHOU HIKROBOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of Hikvision.

Drawing on Hikvision's years of technology accumulation in video & audio, image
acquisition and core algorithm, the company has developed three business domains -
Machine Vision, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and Mobile Robot, in an effort to provide
specialized products and solutions for customers. The company is headquartered in
Binjiang District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Hikvision (002415) is a provider in
video-focused IOT solutions and data operation services, offering cutting-edge video
products, specialized industry solutions and content services to global customers.
Hikvision is a witness, a practitioner as well as a facilitator to the digitalization,
networking, high-definition and intelligence of video surveillance around the globe.
HIKVISION UK Hikvision has 17,000 employees worldwide including over 7,000 R&D staff, with the
LIMITED R&D input taking up 7-8% of the sales. Hikvision is included in the post-doctoral
programme. With branch offices and after-sales service centers in 35 cities in China,
and five R&D institutions globally, Hikvision boasts multiple core technologies such as
video and audio coding-decoding, video image processing, and embedded system
development, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data,
face identification, deep learning, and video structuring. The company supplies
specialized products and IVM (Intelligent Visual Management) solutions for such
industries as finance, public security, telecommunications, transportation, legal affairs,
culture, education and health, energy, and building automation. The products and
solutions by Hikvision have been widely adopted in over 100 countries and regions, and
have played a significant role in major security projects including Beijing Olympic
Games, Shanghai World Expo, the 60th National Day parade of China, the Safe
Community in Philadelphia of the US, the Safe City of Seoul in South Korea, and
Brazil's World Cup Stadium. Adhering to the business philosophy of "professionalism,
substantiality and integrity", Hikvision will be committed to the continuous development
of video technology to serve more customers with the vision "to become a respectable
high-tech company".

PRODUCTS SUPPLIED In 45 years ifm electronic has established itself as a market

leader in sensors and control equipment with a reputation for innovation, quality and
value. Position sensors make up the bulk of ifm electronic's product range. These
include inductive sensors incorporating the latest sensing and manufacturing
technologies; capacitive sensors, which now include IO-Link for remote setting;
photoelectric sensors with innovations such as unique on-chip time-of-flight technology,
enabling long ranges unaffected by reflective backgrounds, and pioneering sensors for
wet areas, plus IO-Link equipped photoelectric sensors. ifm electronic also
manufactures sensors for pneumatic cylinders and standard sensors using solid-state
magnetic technology. Sensing innovations also include programmable incremental
shaft encoders with built-in display, counting and speed evaluation functions Vision
systems have formed part of ifm's range for more than a decade, from 2D sensors to
our unique 3D devices, still unmatched on the market. Safety has become a core
feature of ifm's range in recent years, with light curtains complementing the inductive
safety technology, which is also still unequalled. In addition to personnel safety, ifm
also offers many devices for ATEX-rated areas. With increasing demand for
identification and traceability, ifm offers robust code readers for 1D and 2D codes
based on the vision technology, and RFID systems utilising LF, HF and UHF for most
industrial applications. Condition-based maintenance has replaced regular machine
downtime for inspection in many fields, and this is aided now by ifm's range of
diagnostic products, ranging from simple vibration sensors to full systems with remote
monitoring and also to products checking oil for contamination by water or metal
particles. In addition to the power supplies that all systems need, ifm electronic also
offers devices to monitor many other physical variables such as speed, direction and
slip, or for signal conversion. Another major range of sensors is represented by the
process control range. This covers a wide variety of flow sensors and meters, pressure
sensors and gauges, temperature and level sensors. As with all ifm products, the
emphasis with our process sensors is on reliability, ease of use and innovative
technologies. Everything needed for complete control system installations using the
revolutionary Asi field wiring system is now available from a single source - ifm
electronic. Ifm offers a full range of Asi components: Asi master and slave modules,
pushbuttons and indicator lamps with integral Asi interfaces, dedicated Asi power
supplies, Asi cable and even an Asi-specific programmable controller. With its head
office in Hampton, Middlesex, ifm electronic Ltd., is the UK subsidiary of the world's
largest manufacturer of industrial electronic sensors, ifm electronic GmbH of Essen,
Germany. The company specialises in the application of advanced electronic
technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control
applications, most of which are manufactured in the company's own factories. Ifm
electronic is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which
precisely match their needs and the company also recognises that expert and readily
accessible support is as important as the excellence of the products themselves. For
these reasons, more than one-third of ifm electronics' worldwide staff is engaged in
research, development and technical support.

Ilpra (UK) Ltd was founded over 54 years ago producing Fill & Seal machines for
yogurts, hot and cold soups etc at speed ranging from 1800 upto 20,000 per hour. Ilpra
now offer complete food packaging solutions supplied by one of their 42 group
companies manufacturing Traysealers, Thermoformers, Vertical baggers and a
complete range of packaging machines along with film to suit and trays moulded from
PP, Cpet and Apet and PE.


Leuze electronic the 'sensor people' are committed to being the supplier of choice by
providing the best customer service and products. To achieve this Leuze has dedicated
technical support and training in the UK, a strong technically trained, regionally based
sales force and hold stock in the UK. Product Ranges that Cover Standard to Special
Applications Leuze electronic dominates numerous sectors within the packaging
industry because of their technical leadership and large product range. Large and
ongoing investments in R&D, new production facilities in Germany, the UK company
and most importantly in people, means that an extensive product range is matched by
the application knowledge of our team in Germany and the UK. Leuze electronic's
products are designed to work in real-world packaging applications, which are
frequently challenging. Increasingly efficient and high performance solutions are offered
at a price that gives the lowest overall cost of ownership, whether standard
applications, or custom high-end solutions.

Motion Control Products Limited was founded in 1994. The business was started to
create a one-stop shop, to simplify and personalise the buying experience for our
customers, delivering excellence in customer service. Motion Control Products has
been at the forefront of advanced motion control and automation with the supply of our
extensive range of products. These include: * DC / AC motors, * Stepper / servo
motors, * Stepper / servo drives, * Integrated motors with electronics * Electric linear
actuators, * Multi-axis controllers, * Gearboxes (planetary, spur & wormwheel gears) *
MOTION CONTROL Positioning systems, and * Mechanical components to suit the widest range of Original
PRODUCTS LTD Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) application needs in automation. Alternatively, for
simple customer requirements, a vast array of motion product combinations can be
supplied from stock or on short lead-times. In all cases, customers are supported by
our experienced team of technical motion specialists. Evolving to meet ever-changing
market needs, and using the expertise the company has built over the years, MCP now
offers its customers the option of a complete motion system. With offices now located in
the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China, make Motion Control Products your global
automation components and system motion partner.

Multivac UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller GmbH & Co,

one of the world's leading supplier of packaging machines including: Horizontal
Thermoforming Machines, Traysealers, Vacuum Packing Machines, Labellers and
Quality Assurance Equipment. Multivac UK is proud to be the exclusive UK agent for:
Risco Food Processing Solutions, Laska Meat Processing and Schroter Smoking,
MULTIVAC UK Cooking, Roasting, Drying and Chilling equipment. Multivac offers a full sales and after-
sales service, including: helpdesk, 33 field based service engineers, consultancy,
training, spare parts supply, platten refurbishment & re-coating and workshop
overhauls. Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller GmbH & Co has achieved ISO9001 for the
manufacture of its machinery. Multivac UK has achieved ISO9002 for sales,
administration and Technical support services.

OAL is a leader in process and automation systems, providing world class turnkey
solutions to the food and beverage industry. Home of Steam Infusion, revolutionary
heating and mixing & APRIL the robotic chef.


Piab is an innovative designer and manufacturer of vacuum pumps, suction cups and
vacuum conveyors for automation of production environments and such like. The NEW
piFLOW® industrial, food and premium range of vacuum conveyors spans over 50
models and can transfer product volumes from 250g up to 10 tons per hour. Distances
up to around 50 metres total vertical/horizontal using COAX® technology. The
conveyors are manufactured from 304 or 316L stainless steel to GMP. The conveyors
PIAB LTD can be certified ATEX compliant, FDA, USDA in addition, Piab produce vacuum
components for supply to manufacturers and users in the packaging, handling,
automotive and process industries. Piab's range of multi-stage vacuum ejectors now
includes the COAX® series - these provide unbeatable energy efficiency combined with
low noise levels. The extended DURAFLEX® range of dual shore suction cups - the
ones with the soft sealing lip - provide better grip and enable lower unit production
costs for Piab's customers.
Pilz Automation Technology develops, manufactures and supplies process and
automation control products for use wherever there is a requirement to ensure the
safety of the plant, personnel or the environment. Included in the range are: safety
relays; configurable safety controllers; programmable safety systems (safety PLCs) for
use with or without the SafetyBUS p safe, open industrial fieldbus network;
mechanically actuated and non-contact guard switches; safety light curtains;
PILZ AUTOMATION emergency stop switches; conventional and touchscreen operator interfaces; plus
TECHNOLOGY control and monitoring relays for non-safety applications. Recent developments have
seen safety technology being integrated more closely with standard control, such as
servo drives with safety functionality. In addition, Pilz provides safety-related services,
such as training, engineering and consultancy. For over 20 years Pilz has taken a
leading role in educating the market with regard to safety legislation. This has been
through seminars on legislation, software packages that enable users to select the
appropriate products in relation to the legislation, and publications.

PROMALYON is specialised in end of line automation systems such as palletising

robots and case packing robots. Our bespoke solutions are suitable to every products
and all industries (food&drinks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, packaging, ...) Our mission
is to increase your productiveness thanks to efficient and easy to use robotic solutions.

Established in 1967, PP has grown to be an award-winning provider of strategic

outsourcing solutions to many of the most successful and respected machinery builders
worldwide. Employing more than 200 staff at our manufacturing site in Walsall, West
Midlands, UK, PP is now the largest independent supplier of control & automation
solutions in Europe. We work with OEMs in a range of industries including: Energy
Food Processing Medical Equipment Machine Tool Packaging Printing Scientific
Equipment Semi-Conductor Plant & Processing Security Strategic Outsourcing - The
Route to Growth An increasing number of OEMs are choosing strategic outsourcing as
part of their overall production and supply chain strategy which allows them to invest
and focus on their core activities and delegate non-core processes. Benefits can be
significant - not only releasing growth potential but in reducing production lead times,
reducing total manufacturing costs and creating shorter delivery times for your
customers. All of which helps you grow your sales revenue and profits with no more
people, no more space and no additional risk. Get in touch to see if we can help you to
unlock your growth potential.

PWR Pack Limited supplies a range of specialised equipment to the food industry. We
specialise in pick and place robotic systems manufactured by our own company in
Holland. We build our own robots, write all necessary software and deliver complete
PWR PACK LTD turnkey solutions. We are the sole agents in UK and Ireland for bedo
Verpackungstechnik GmbH who manufacture a range of secondary packaging
equipment. We supply piston and volumetric fillers from LEONHARDT Germany,
reliable, high speed tray denesters from CARSOE, located in Denmark.

Quin Systems designs and manufactures intelligent end-of –line automated packing
systems for the confectionary, dry foods, snack, ready meal, pharmaceutical and other
industries. Servo driven robotic case erectors and case packers give manufacturers the
QUIN SYSTEMS packaging flexibility and efficiency they need to remain competitive. Our Casepacker
LIMITED and Versapack machines use unique, patented technology to offer market-leading
performance combined with compact footprint and an outstanding return on investment.
We are happy to work in partnership with our customers to provide bespoke systems,
and can provide complete turnkey solutions.

Rittal is one of the largest and most widely known manufacturers of enclosures and
accessories for the electrical, electronic and IT industries throughout the world. The
enclosure systems have complete integration compatibility with Rittal's Power
Distribution components and Thermal Management Systems. Other areas of technical
expertise are Motor Control Centres and Hygienic Design enclosures. There is an
extensive range of design and calculation software to aid design.

RMGroup supply and manufacture a wide range of manual & automated packaging
systems. Including ABB Palletising and Flexpicker Systems, Mobile packaging lines,
Bulk filling and Material Handling systems, as well as supplying high speed Form Fill
and Seal packaging lines and Horizontal Baling Machinery. Our ever expanding team of
engineers take pride in our after sales service and support. Other services include Hire
of Bagging Machinery, Contract Packaging, and CDM Removal projects.

Robotics and Drives is Innovative Robotics Solutions Provider that supply systems
globally and are the worlds first ABB Authorised Value Provider, Robotics and Drives
supply Specialised Robotic Systems for High Speed Palletising, Stacking, Wrapping,
Tracking, 3d Vision ,Cornerpost Application as well as Case Packing, PickPlace and
ROBOTICS & DRIVES Assembly solutions using the latest Robotic and Cobotic Solutions, these systems can
be used in conjunction with operators and include the latest in safety technology. RDS
can supply full solutions or else be part of a larger integrated project. With Onsite
customer test facilities, R&D development suites plus complete Robotic training and
aftersales support RDS can deliver your complete solution.

Rockwell Automation is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial automation

products. We work with machine builders around the country - and globally - providing
effective solutions to their manufacturing needs. Through our Allen- Bradley range we
supply products including push buttons, controllers, drives, software and services such
as training, technical support and asset management. Extend Your Performance Gains
Through Integrated Architecture You can extend your product performance gains
across your business with Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture - the only
integrated control and information platform that runs discrete, motion, drives, process
and safety control - assuring that different automation technologies work together.
Solutions For Your Industry When you choose Rockwell Automation, you engage a
team of experts who have helped streamline processes in a wide range of industries
around the world - with a long history of expertise in project installations and complex
problem-solving. For example: MACHINE BUILDING SOLUTIONS Value delivered to
Machine Builders includes:- * Faster Time to Market - through modular and
standardised machine designs, efficient code reuse, on machine solutions, scaleable
control and information platforms and a world class distribution network * Lower Total
Cost to Design, Develop and Deliver - through training, reduced project engineering,
productivity toolkits, software libraries, global technical assistance, project
management, customer support; and scaleable, modular, flexible and open automation
control and information systems * Innovation, Throughput, and Performance - through
investments in innovative technology, domain expertise, design efficiencies, and
scaleable control and information platforms * Cooperative Business Partnerships -
through vast industry knowledge and standards expertise, global technical resources,
ROCKWELL global end-user relationships, Partner Network, and global service and support in 80+
AUTOMATION countries. As one of the world's leading automation innovators, Rockwell Automation
LIMITED has its finger on the pulse of robotics development, and is the ideal partner for
delivering powerful and effective packaging solutions and effective packaging solutions.
Benefits Include: * The implementation of robotics technology helps us improve
machine flexibility and reduce changeover time. It also lowers long-term costs
associated with training, configuration and maintenance. * By using integrated robot
control, users can more easily support packaging lines by using one common hardware
and software architecture. Shared development tools allow engineering resources to be
reused. For example, a manufacturer can easily scale from one line to three. * An
extensive Logix robotic application AOI library is available for a range of robot
applications. The library includes support for common robotic functions such as pick-
and-place path programming, ancillary axis control, conveyor tracking algorithms and
vision system part location *NEW" MIDRANGE SOLUTIONS The Midrange
Architecture System extends the Integrated Architecture portfolio to smaller
applications. The system includes a series of scalable CompactLogix programmable
automation controllers (PACs), servo drives, I/O, visualization and simplification tools.
With high-performance features such as integrated motion, safety, EtherNet/IP
connectivity and re-usable development tools, the Midrange Architecture System gives
users the ability to standardize on one control platform for small to large-scale
applications on a single network. SERVICES & SUPPORT Optimise Your Automation
Assets to Meet Your Production and Business Goals Through Rockwell Automation
Services & Support, you can define and implement a maintenance strategy with the
right combination of predictive, preventive and reactive elements to achieve your goals.
Our Services & Support portfolio is delivered through an integrated, global network of
remanufacturing facilities, exchange hubs, onsite support dispatch centres, training
classrooms, remote support centres, and online tools. Through this network, you can
obtain the technical information and resources you need to optimise the performance
and utilisation of your automation equipment - and improve your top and bottom line.

RU Robots is a small, high technology company specialising in the development of

advanced robotics, remote handling systems and advanced user interface assessment
and design. RU Robots also carries out feasibility studies and technical audits relating
to the use of advanced robots in novel applications.

Schubert UK is a subsidiary of Gerhard Schubert GmbH and provides comprehensive

sales, customer services and technical support across the UK and Republic of Ireland.
Schubert specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of end of line robotic
packaging machinery for use in the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical and healthcare
industries. With over 40 years' experience in robotic packaging machinery, Schubert
has developed a range of machines designed to save space, improve access and
SCHUBERT UK LTD reduce changeover times while remaining engineer and operator friendly. Launched in
2002 by Gerhard Schubert GmbH, the TLM series has now become well established as
a market leader. TLM machines are designed with the production environment in mind.
They provide fast, efficient, reliable performance and ease of use, with a minimal
footprint. By utilising modular design techniques and streamlining the manufacturing
process, these 'tailor-made' robotic applications fulfil all production and efficiency

Scorpion Vision is a specialist machine vision automation company with a

demonstrable track record in delivering high performance machine vision systems. The
company is the UK representative of Tordivel AS of Norway. Founded in January 2006,
the company has the remit to promote, advise and manage sales and support of
Scorpion Compact Vision Systems based on Scorpion Vision Software(R), providing
robust 2D and 3D vision solutions. In addition to this, the company is also the UK
distributor for four major undustrial camera manufacturers. We supply and install
complete vision systems based on Scorpion Vision Software(R) for manufacturing
quality control. We work with approved industrial automation partners to provide a
complete solution. Our portfolio includes robot vision systems, high speed code reading
on beer cans, bakery production inspection, cakes pizzas, bread, biscuits, etc, non
contact measurement, laser gauging, assembly verification and our industry leading 3D
industrial vision product. View our online catalogue for industrial cameras, lenses,
lights, cables and other equipment associated with machine vision, at

SICK has been operating in the UK for over 40 years and the global group are one of
the world's leading suppliers of Industrial Sensors, Industrial Safety Systems, Auto
Identifications Systems and Environmental Process Automation. SICK's wide range of
highly developed products and comprehensive expertise can be found in use
throughout industrial automation. SICK sensors, safety systems and bar code scanners
optimise production and logistical processes and contribute towards improved product
quality and throughput. At SICK we know that it's not just about providing the right
technology, but also about offering a comprehensive, easily accessible package of
service and support through our experienced Sales Engineers, Product Support staff
and Service Engineers.

SMC Corporation is a world leader and first choice supplier to many companies in the
process and packaging industries, thanks to our reputation for product innovation,
manufacturing quality and first class sales support. Our ionizers can help reduce
production downtime caused by static damage to sensitive components. Our process
valves can be configured for use with a wide range of fluids and manufactured from a
choice of materials to suit your needs. Our hygienic actuator range is suitable for use in
wet/washdown environments. Reduce your compressed air costs and eliminate
leakages with our range of energy saving products and services. Backed up by
manufacturing centres worldwide, a central European warehouse, a huge distribution
network and the largest direct salesforce in the industry, SMC can help you achieve
your goals in automation and fluid power control.
STOBER is a manufacturer of Automation Drive Solutions for the OEM marketplace.
Built upon years of tradition we have established our unique Modular Systems, for
Servo (SMS), AC Asynchronous (MGS) and Drive Electronics (SDS/SD6/SI6/SC6)
these product families offer an uncompromised platform in providing precision drive
solutions. Planetary Gearboxes either Inline or Right Angled designs - for low backlash
STOBER DRIVES (from 1arc/min), high running accuracy and precision, high torque with low noise.
LTD Helical Geared units with selectable backlash options or in multi-ratio gearbox design
combinations, torques upto 45,000Nm in compact designs. ATEX, Food and Beverage
grade units. Coupled with our digital Servo and AC Motor ranges offering CANopen,
EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and capacities upto 80 Amps with various high
resolution feedback systems. This package of inbuilt drive intelligence and Motion
Controllers allows the selection of a flexible and user friendly motion control platform.

Troax UK Ltd are a leading supplier of mesh machine guarding and full steel
partitioning systems for automated processing, packaging and welding applications.Our
full steel and steel / mesh panels are manufactured to rigorous safety standards and we
hold current ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. Panels come in a range of
standard heights and widths, with a variety of mesh apertures, most notably 20 x 100
which is the appropriate optimum size for guarding applications. We can also design
bespoke guarding layouts to suit any application and all mesh panels can be modified
on site using our unique cutting and finishing kits.

40 years experience of manufacturing product handling solutions resulting in the

Queens Award to industry for innovation in 2007 has enabled UPM Conveyors Ltd the
UPM CONVEYORS infrastructure to accept total responsibility for turn key projects operating world wide
LTD plus offering bespoke solutions for individual belt conveyor applications via a network of
European Agents. All production functions are carried out in-house including all
fabrication; programming and control build.

Western Mechanical Handling UK Ltd is a family owned company offering automation

solutions to food and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Established in 1976
WMH has over 40-years' experience in the automation of production lines for the food
and pharmaceutical industries.



Active8 Robots is a leading automation consultant and system integrator, specialising in

collaborative robots (cobots). Having already successfully deployed hundreds of projects,
from single robot to highly complex multi-cobot solutions, Active8 Robots has the
experience and skills needed to ensure a smooth journey to automation. Boasting its own
range of End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), which has already been successfully implemented
ACTIVE ROBOTS on many solutions, Active8 Robots also recognises that some solutions demand bespoke
LIMITED End of Arm Tooling, which can be quickly developed using in-house 3D printers. Active8
Robots can follow a project through from consultancy stage to integration, as well as
offering staff training, and is the only integrator to benchmark test a full range of robotic
and vision systems. Not being tied down to one robotics manufacturer means Active8
Robots have no bias towards any specific solution, and so customers have the confidence
that their solution is the best one for them.

We can fully automate your production process, incorporating our machinery range as well
as third party machinery suppliers. Using Comau Robots we work with Powerlink for a
AGRIMECH seamless integration. Palletising products onto pallets, into packing containers, picking and
placing a wide range of products including sacks, trays and boxes. Our experienced team
ensure that even the most complex systems are simple and easy to use and operate.
Astech Projects specialise in the custom design, build & systems integration of advanced
robotics and automation applications in advanced manufacturing and regulated industries.
Recognised for innovative, intelligent design Astech provide automation solutions designed
ASTECH PROJECTS and tailored to suit each customer's individual requirements. Astech provide a full service
LIMITED from concept through to completion and also offer a comprehensive system support
service called REACTS® providing peace of mind for the lifetime of a system. In 2009, in
recognition of its outstanding achievements Astech secured the Queen's Award for
Enterprise: Innovation.

The Automated Technology Group is a leading global supplier of control and power
solutions for industrial automation. Now part of Wood Group Mustang's Automation and
Control business unit, the company delivers complex projects with a proven blend of
creativity, confidence and control. Encompassing the control systems know-how of
Autotech and the power control and distribution expertise of Igranic, the group designs,
delivers and supports solutions that drive the production lines, supply chains and service
ATG WOOD delivery of many leading companies. Clients include BAA, BAE Systems, Bentley, British
Sugar, Coca-Cola, Hanson Cement, Jaguar Land Rover, Kraft, Scottish Power, Tata Steel
and Thames Water. Headquartered in Silsoe, Bedfordshire, The Automated Technology
Group also operates sites in Bedford, Birmingham and Stafford. Investment in engineering
skills and the development of young people is a high priority for the business, which has
established its own apprenticeship programme, The Automated Technology Group

Based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, Germany and employing 5,600 associates, the Bosch
Packaging Technology division is one of the leading suppliers of process and packaging
technology. At over 30 locations in more than 15 countries worldwide, a highly-qualified
workforce develops and produces complete solutions for the pharmaceuticals, food, and
confectionery industries. These solutions are complemented by a comprehensive after-
sales service portfolio. A global service and sales network provides customers with local
TECHNOLOGY LTD points of contact. Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd in the UK has two sites: the Bosch
Packaging Services unit located in Derby which houses service and the majority of new
machine sales and the Knowsley production facility. To maintain the identity and
individuality of our competence areas, the following trademarks have been retained in
association with the Bosch Group Corporate brand: Ampack, Demaurex, Doboy, Elematic,
Hansella, Hüttlin, Makat, Manesty, Moeller & Devicon, Pharmatec, Sapal, SBM Schoeller-
Bleckmann Medizintechnik, Sigpack, Tevopharm, Togum and Valicare.

The Bradman Lake Group is synonymous with providing innovative packaging solutions to
a global client base; a client base that demands a partner to go 'above and beyond' to help
them excel in today's competitive markets. By integrating our three key brands -
Autowrappers, Bradman Lake and Europack - we are a major supplier of packaging
technology to the Bakery and Biscuit, Chocolate and Confectionery, Frozen Foods, Dry
Foods, Consumer and Healthcare industry sectors. From distribution and feeding systems
to flow wrapping, carton erection, loading and closing and end-of-line options of case
BRADMAN LAKE packing and shrink wrapping, time after time many leading companies place their trust in
LIMITED Bradman Lake technology. At our three factories; in the UK, Beccles and Bristol and South
Carolina in the USA, research and development teams strive to ensure Bradman Lake
technology remains at the forefront of innovation. The group has one clear aim - to
maximise clients' profitability by utilising the most cutting edge technology available. With
decades of experience and many thousands of installations to our credit, whether the
requirement is for a single machine or a totally integrated solution, Bradman Lake makes
the ideal partner. Bradman Lake is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined
global UK engineering group Langley Holdings plc.

Over the past 16 years Brillopak has built a strong reputation for design and manufacture
of premium quality, small footprint robotic packing and palletising machines. Our clients
are manufacturing organisations of all sizes seeking to increasing operational efficiency.
BRILLOPAK LTD We market individual machines and complete end of line solutions. With a typical return on
investment of 12-36 months our solutions are affordable and simple to operate by unskilled
staff. Brillopak is led by David Jahn and Peter Newman and all machines are built in the
UK at our factory in East Peckham, Kent in the United Kingdom.


Cama 3 Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Cama Group, an Italian private company, whose core
business is the engineering and production of industry leading technology for secondary
packaging systems and machinery. Its outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a
unique machine range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division),
CAMA 3 LIMITED highlights Cama Group's capability to offer completely integrated packaging lines from
primary packages all the way through to final packaging ready for palletizing. Cama has
been established since 1981 and has been manufacturing its own robotic systems for over
30 years. All packaging lines and equipment in the UK and Ireland are supported and
serviced by our dedicated Cama UK team, based in South Marston, Swindon.

For almost 30 years, CKF Systems has been successfully supporting the manufacturing
industry to stay competitive and improve long term sustainability. Increasing output,
reducing operating costs and improving product quality and consistency are just some of
the reasons why businesses turn to CKF for robotic and automation solutions to achieve
growth, at home and through export. From robotic palletising systems to food processing
automation, CKF established its reputation as a leading solutions provider in automation
and robotic systems through its achievements within food manufacture and processing.
Today, the company has successfully transferred its skills and know-how to many
business sectors, delivering a host of benefits in a wide variety of applications to the
automotive, food, drink cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few. At the
forefront of robotic technologies, CKF offers independence, expertise and experience and
is as comfortable working with start-up firms as it is with multi-nationals. Ongoing
investment in the best available design, electrical and mechanical engineering talent
maintains CKF's position at the forefront of robotic technologies. CKF has the capability to
undertake turnkey solutions, or to provide assistance in any stage of a project, from
conceptual design through to manufacture, installation and commissioning.


HMK combine around 500 years of in-house experience with world class suppliers to
provide industry leading automation solutions to OEM's and System Integrators. The
systems offered by HMK make the specification, purchase, implementation, operation and
HMK AUTOMATION maintenance of any automation system faster and easier than ever before. HMK provides
GROUP LTD a single point of contact for all our customers' needs. We offer true added value, greater
reliability, higher efficiency and superior productivity in any automation environment and
throughout the entire life cycle. Our Key global supplier partners like Siemens and Neugart
represent the very best products and technologies within the automation market today.

Iconsys is a leading automation solutions provider and systems integrator, using the latest
automation technologies to deliver best-in-class solutions to help our customers achieve
their business objectives. Iconsys has an outstanding track record of successfully
ICONSYS completed projects within the Automated Materials Handling Industry. We are specialists in
the design, manufacture and commissioning of integrated solutions incorporating multiple
variable speed drives, servos, robotics, PLCs, and SCADA with a vast experience of
integration to higher business systems.

James Mae Group is a UK based business operating in the construction, automation,

refrigeration and recycling sectors. Our Automation division specialises in the design,
development and manufacturing of custom automation & robotics for a wide variety of
industry sectors. Our inhouse services offer the highest standards of design,
manufacturing capability and technical skills. Whatever your product or pack handling
requirement, we can provide an innovative cost effective automation solution. We are able
to offer standard designs or a bespoke package to exacting requirements. We have over
40 years’ experience in design and delivery of automation & robotic systems and a large
installed base of equipment in many Blue chip businesses. We can call on the experience
gained in these applications in development of new solutions to meet the latest automation
challenges. Our skilled and professional design team provides a complete design and
engineering service, including; Concept and design calculations Mechanical design &
detailed drawings Electrical / controls design Risk assessment and CE Marking Project
Management We use the latest Solidworks 3D computer aided design technology which
delivers better design visualisation, reduced lead times and improved drawing quality and
documentation, to ensure a “right first time” mentality to every project.

Kensal Handling systems design, manufacture, install and commission a very wide range
of stainless steel conveyor systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
SYSTEMS LTD We can supply complete turnkey integrated solutions or simple stand alone conveyors.
The depth of experience of our team means we can develop state of the art solutions for
your production requirements.

With over 20 years robotic palletising, pick & place and case packing experience, Abar
Automation are experts in providing total end of line automation solutions for the fresh
produce, meat, ready meals and non food industries. The company specializes in the
handling, filling and palletising of outercase packaging such as returnable supermarket
TECHNOLOGIES BV crates, RTP's, buckets or cardboard boxes. A range of ancillary items have been
developed to provide a complete automation solution including crate de-nesters/de-
stackers, conveyors, elevators and bale arm folders. We offer a complete turnkey service,
from design and manufacture, project management through to implementation and
ongoing support from our UK and Continental service teams.

Linkx Systems design and manufacture packaging machinery for Transit / Shelf ready
packaging applications for global companies and fully integrated single order dispatch
systems for warehouse picking and packing. Our knowledge of product handling and use
of leading edge technology in our designs allow us to develop bespoke machinery whilst
LINKX SYSTEMS maintaining proven standard machine concepts. We see all our customers as partners and
LTD work with them to maximise efficiency, productivity and profits by providing not only high
quality machinery but consultancy and top class Service support also. Our experience
covers all end of line and transit packaging applications from Frozen Foods, Dry Foods,
Home care and Pharmaceuticals to Warehouse picking and packing. OEM integration and
turnkey solutions can also be provided.

Marel is a single-source provider for food processors the world over. We are the global
leader in integrated systems for the fish and poultry industry segments, and a major
MAREL provider in the meat industry. From harvesting raw materials to packaging the final product
- from standardized stand-alone units to all-inclusive integrated turnkey systems - our
products are designed to meet our customers' every need.

Phoenix Contact is one of the world leaders in developing and manufacturing connectivity
solutions and automation components. Its principal product ranges include: printed circuit
LTD board connectors; modular terminal blocks; fieldbus components; surge voltage protection
systems; industrial plug and socket connectors and interface units. In all of these areas,
Phoenix Contact can offer technical expertise and cost effective solutions

R A Rodriguez (UK) Ltd offer a range of Automation and Robotic solutions. These can
include the supply of components and control products through to Turnkey and Bespoke
AUTOMATION systems. Typical application areas include Pick & Place, Palletising and Assembly & Test
machinery. Industries served include: Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare, Food,
Scientific, Pharmaceutical and general industry.

RNA are specialists in the supply of speical purpose machinery, providing industry with
nearly 2000 systems annually. Alongside our world renowned range of feeders and
conveyors, we can offer a unique range of standard and customised automation solutions.
We have in house R&D capability combined with the strength of our standard core
products. RNA are specified suppliers to most leading pharmaceutical, medical device and
RNA AUTOMATION automotive manufacturers. Advanced robot and vision systems provide future proof
LTD automation and maximum flexibility.Tray nesting/denesting equipment is capable of
handling parts gently and with high autonomy. Our range also includes high quality rotary
index tables and precision link conveyors. All our equipment is characterised by RNA's
reputation for reliability and exceptional returns on investment. * Collaborative Robot *
Vision Guided Robots * Sachet & Pouch handling * Tablet Inspection * Vision Inspection *
Special purpose handling systems
SCM has supplied turnkey handling systems worldwide to blue chip clients in many diverse
industries. We are a KUKA Robotics System Partner and have designed and
manufactured proven systems for food and drink, aerospace, print and converting and
other industry sectors. We support all our past present and future applications/installatios
with a full and comprehensive spares and sevice network. SCM Expertise *Over 50 years
SCM HANDLING LTD of combined materials handling and automation expertise *SCM in house design using 3D
CAD - INVENTOR 2013 *SCM controls and software in house electrical design *SCM
proven gripper design *SCM in house equipment assembly *SCM equipment set up and
test facility *SCM trained global installation and commissioning team SCM - Market sectors
*Food & Beverage * Metals & Canning *Glass *Converting * Palletising cells *System

Sewtec Automation is a specialist project engineering company, designing and

manufacturing bespoke machinery and automation solutions for FMCG industries. Sewtec
supply to a wide range of industries including but not limited to food process and
SEWTEC packaging, medical and pharmaceutical, personal products and tobacco. Our activities
AUTOMATION LTD encompass project procurement, research and development, Mechanical and electrical
design, project management, test rigs and technical evaluation, machine software
development, customer business systems integration to factory automation, on site
software support, installation, CE Marking and machine safety.

Smurfit Kappa Machine Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of all types of
end of line corrugated case packing and palletisation systems. In addition to its own
SMURFIT KAPPA manufacturing programme, a number of overseas manufacturers are also represented in
MACHINE SYSTEMS the UK and Ireland. All equipment is supported by a full service including pack design and
product transit testing, turnkey installations and after sales support from UK staff, all
supplied with guaranteed efficiencies.

Tekpak is an award winning manufacturer of robotic packaging lines. We specialise in

TEKPAK robotic pick and place and product collation systems for confectionery, biscuits/crackers,
AUTOMATION LTD infant nutrition and medical diagnostics. Tekpak won the PPMA Award for Most Innovative
Automation Solution 2012 and 2013. Contact: UK 0800 633 5553,

Welcome to the home of bag filling, palletising and pallet stretch hooding:- Webster Griffin
manufacture bag filling machinery and robot palletising systems. We work with preferred
partners to provide turn-key packing installations. We serve the food, fertilizer, chemicals,
waste processing, aggregate, cement, mineral and plastics industries world-wide. Our
WEBSTER GRIFFIN range comprises of high speed Form Fill Seal bagging machines for 500g packs to 50kg
LTD bags, Big Bag filling systems, sack packing lines, palletisers for bags and boxes, as well as
automatic pallet stretch wrappers. We design, engineer, manufacture, test, install and
start-up turnkey packing systems. Over the past 35 years we have embraced many
challenging problems - giving us the experience to ensure that your products will be
"packed with know-how".