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Look Wand

Name Complexion Mair Arame Look Wood

Mouse Year Meritage Ambition Patronus


Stand in the Face of Danger Scared (-2 to Bravery Injured (-1 to all traits
until you avoid until healed with
Get What You Seek something difficult.) medicine or magic.) When you want to do something you When you fail a roll, mark 1 point of
normally couldn’t, or change a roll to a 10+, Experience.

Hide & Sneak Angry (-2 to Cunning Hexed (-1 to 1 trait of you may mark a point of Luck to do it. When you get to 4 Experience, you
until you hurt someone the Narrator’s choice You regain all your marked Luck when you may take an Advancement! Then,
Get What You Seek or break something.) until cured.) complete a school year. clear your marked Experience.

Stressed (-2 to Intellect Unconscious (Unable to act

Gain Knowledge until you say something
until revived, can avoid by
hurtful to someone.) taking a different Condition.)

Help or Hinder Someone Jealous (-2 to Loyalty You can also clear someone else’s
until you betray a Scared, Angry, Stressed, Jealous, or
When you’ve marked 4 Experience or when you complete a school
Approach a Magical Creature friend.) Embarrassed Condition by
year, take one of the following Advancements:
comforting or supporting them.
Cast a Spell / Duel Embarrassed (-2 to Upgrade a trait by +1. You may do this twice. No
The Injured, Hexed, or Unconscious


Concoct a Potion Magic until you take a Conditions can always be cleared in trait can ever be more than +3.
Use a Magical Object comment the wrong way.) the hospital wing. Gain a second Favourite Subject. You may do this
When all 8 Conditions are marked, roll +your highest trait to see if you exit the once.
story. Learn a new spell from your Year. You may do this
FRIENDS & RIVALS On a 10+, you come back with all Conditions cleared. as many times as you’d like.
On a 7-9, you come back with only Unconscious cleared.
Aquire a magical object. You may do this as many
On a 6-, you exit the story. Create a new witch/wizard. times as you’d like.
Ariend If you come back, you now have a physical or mental scar. Write it here:
Regain 1 marked point of Luck. You may do this as
many times as you’d like.
When someone is your Friend or Rival, you may add +1 to a roll to help or
hinder them. You can be Friends or Rivals with other players or with Narrator
characters. You may only add or remove a Friend or Rival at the end of a session.
You can have up to 2 Friends and 1 Rival at a time.

Rind Name You may add +1 to any roll related to a Favourite Subject.

When you spend time with your pet, you can shift one marked Condition to another one.



1 Reparo – Repairing Charm

4 Relashio – Releasing Hex

Repello Muggletum – Anti-Muggle

Rictusempra – Laughing Hex Baubillious – Lightning-Conjuring
Alohamora – Unlocking Charm Accio – Summoning Charm Charm
Spell A healing spell can clear the Injured,
Serpensortia – Snake-Conjuring
Silencio – Silencing Charm Hexed, or Unconscious Conditions, if
Calvario – Hair Loss Curse Spell Avis – Bird-Conjuring Spell Confrigo – Blasting Curse
the spell’s effect would heal the cause
Specialis Revelio – Hex-Revealing
Steleus – Sneezing Hex of the Condition.
Colovaria – Color Change Charm Densaugeo – Teeth-Elongating Hex Charm Duro – Hardening Charm
Vulnera Sanentur – Gash-Healing A defence spell can prevent someone
Titillando – Tickling Hex Fianto Duri – Increase Protection
Diminuendo – Shrinking Charm Depulsio – Banishing Charm Spell from taking a Condition if the spell’s
effect would block the cause of the
Ageing Potion Amortentia – Love Potion Homenum Revelio – Reveal
Finite Incantatem – Counter-Spell Diffindo – Cutting Charm Condition.
Person Charm
Locomotor Mortis – Leg-Locker Beautification Potion Befuddlement Draught (Potion) A hex can cause the Hexed
Episkey – Minor Healing Spell Legillimens – Mind-seeing Charm
Curse Condition, in addition to the spell’s
Essence of Dittany – Healing
Hiccoughing Solution (Potion) effect.
Lumos – Wand-Lighting Charm Furnunculus – Pimple/Boil Hex Potion Levicorpus – Body-Lifting Hex
Mandrake Draught – Anti-Curse A curse can cause the Injured or
Love Potion Antidote (Potion)
Periculum – Red Sparks Charm Potion Impedimenta – Slowing Hex Mutatio – Mutation Hex Unconscious Conditions, in addition
Murtlap Essence – Pain-soothing to the spell’s effect.
Petrificus Totalus – Full Incaercerous – Chain-Conjuring Wit-Sharpening Potion Obliviate – Memory-Erasing
Body-Bind Curse Spell Charm
Slugulus Eructo – Slug-Vomiting Locomotor Wibbly – Jelly-Legs Portus – Portkey-Creating

Spongify – Softening Charm

3 Hex

Quietus – Quieting Charm


Redactum – Shrinking Hex

Anteoculatia – Antler-Growing Aguamenti – Water-Conjuring You can learn a spell from a class, a
Tergeo – Cleaning Charm Hex Reducto – Smashing Curse Spell Vermiculus – Worm Hex mentor, a book, or even from another
Colloshoo – Stickfast Hex Apparrate – Teleportation Spell** student. If another student teaches
Ventus – Wind Hex Sonorus – Amplifying Charm Blood-Replenishing Potion you a spell, they must successfully roll
Wingardium Leviosa – Levitation Engorgio – Swelling Hex Confundo – Confusion Charm to help someone.


Stupefy – Stunning Charm Euphoria Elixir (Potion)

Charm You never have to roll to learn a spell
Ferula – Splinting/Bandaging Spell Blemish Blitzer – Acne Treatment Deprimo – Hole-Blasting Charm or potion, unless the information on
Babbling Beverage (Potion) Felix Felicis – Luck Potion
Potion how to cast or concoct it is somehow
Herbivicus – Plant Growth Charm Ebublio – Bubble Hex
Calming Draught (Potion) Fire Protection Potion Forgetfulness Potion hidden.
Illegibilus – Text-Scrambling You immediately learn any spell
Emendo – Bone-Mending Spell Polyjuice Potion – Transformation
Cough Potion Charm Laxative Potion taught in a classroom lesson, even if
Impervius – Waterproofing Charm Flipendo – Knockback Hex your 1st casting isn’t successful.
Shrinking Solution (Potion) Invigoration Draught (Potion) Skele-Gro – Bone Regrowth Potion
Mimble Wimble – Tongue-Tying Gemino – Duplicating Objects
Curse Curse
Orchideous – Flower-Conjuring KEY
2 Spell
Prior Incantato – Recent Spell
5 Langlock – Tongue-Locking Hex
Charm Anapneo – Reverse Choking Spell Melofors – Pumpkin-Head Hex Charm Nealing
Epoximise – Bonding Spell
Reparifarge – Undo Transfigura-
tion Spell
Muffliato – Ear-Buzzing Charm
Unforgivable Curses cannot be Curse Nex
Expelliarmus – Disarming Charm Aperio – Opening Charm
Riddikulus – Boggart Defence learned at the start of play, by taking
Pullus – Chicken/Goose Hex
an Advancement, completing a
Defence Potion
Flagrate – Fire-Writing Spell Cantis – Singing Hex
school year, or from a class.
Tarantallegra – Dancing Hex Revelio – Revealing Charm Transfiguration
Fumos – Smoke-Conjuring Spell Colloportus – Locking Charm When you cast an Unforgiveable
Deflating Draught (Potion) Draught of Living Death (Potion) Curse, the Narrator may tell you a Unforgivable Curse
Incendio – Fire-Conjuring Spell Evanesco – Vanishing Spell Serious Consequence that happens to
Pepperup Potion – Cold-Curing
Mucus ad Nauseam – Head Cold Expecto Patronum – Patronus Garroting Gas – Choking Potion you as a result.
Potion *When you learn the Patronus Charm, pick
Curse Charm*
Unctuous Unction – Friendship your Patronus from the table on the Create
Strengthening Solution (Potion)
Obscuro – Blindfolding Charm Potion Oppugno – Attacking Objects Hex Avada Kedavra – Killing Curse Your Witch/Wizard Sheet.
**You must pass a test and recieve a license
Sleeping Draught (Potion) Protego Totalum – Shield Area Veritaserum – Truth Potion
Protego – Shield Person Spell Crucio – Pain Curse from the Ministry of Magic to apparrate.
***Making a portkey requires Ministry of
Swelling Solution (Potion) Veritaserum Antidote (Potion)
Imperio – Mind-Control Curse Magic permission