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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Occidental Mindoro

Senior High School Department

Interview Rubrics
Student : _______________________ Evaluator : _______________________
Section : _______________________ Date : _______________________
Criteria 1 2 3 4 Score
Appearance  Overall appearance  Appearance is  Overall neat  Overall appearance
is untidy somewhat untidy appearance is very neat

 Choice in clothing is  Choice in clothing is  Choice in clothing is  Choice in clothing is

inappropriate for any inappropriate (shirt acceptable for the type appropriate for any job
job interview (torn untucked, tee-shirt, of interview interview
unclean, wrinkled) too much jewelry,
etc.)  Well groomed (ex.  Very well groomed
 Poor grooming Shirt tucked in, (hair, make-up, clothes
 Grooming attempt is jewelry blends with pressed, etc.)
evident clothing, minimal
wrinkles)  Overall appearance is

Greeting  Unacceptable  Used typical  Acceptable behavior,  Professional

behavior and behavior and well mannered, behavior and
language language – did professionalism language
modify behavior to lacking (handshake, “hello”,
 Unfriendly and not fit the interview “thank you”, eye
courteous  Courteous to all contact, etc.)
 Attempts to be involved in interview
courteous to all in  Friendly and
interview setting courteous to all
involved in interview
Communication  Presentation shows  Showed some  Showed interest  Very attentive
lack of interest interest throughout the
interview  Speaking clearly
 Speaking is unclear –  Speaking is unclear–
very difficult to lapses in sentence  Speaking clearly  Appropriate use of
understand message structure and sentence structure and
of what is being said grammar  Minimal mistakes in grammar
(ex. mumbling) sentence structure and
 Knowledge of job is grammar  Commitment &
 Facts about job not minimal enthusiasm for job is
included  Knowledge and facts conveyed
Volume is uneven are included/shared
 Volume is (varied)
inappropriate for  Volume is appropriate  Volume conveys
interview (ex. Spoke business tone
too loudly, too softly)
Body Language  Fidgeted – ex.  Fidgeted – ex.  Minimal fidgeting (ex.  No fidgeting
constant movement movement of hands occasionally shifting)
of hands and feet and feet freqently  Eye contact made
 Occasional loss of eye
 Lack of eye contact  Eye contact is made contact  Sitting straight in chair
 Slouching all the time  Brief slouching, but
 Occasionally quickly correcting self
Responding to  Inappropriate  Gives inaccurate  Answers are  Thorough answers to
answers to questions answers acceptable and questions
Questions accurate
 Did not attempt to  Attempts to answer
answer questions questions  Answers questions