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In the past years, there is a sudden trend of Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant in

the Philippines. According to Javier (2018), Filipinos patronized it because it’s new to
the culture of the Philippines and comprises variety of pork meats that are soaked in
scrumptious special marinades plus the amalgamation of other Asian taste
accompanied by side dishes that enhance the quality of Samgyeopsal. Another reason
behind the popularity of Samgyeopsal is its affordability and multitude since it is served
unlimited and comes in bulk where people enjoy eating their food at a justifiable price
(Austria, Buscagan, Duya, Guaio, Nang, Obeya, & Sagun, 2016). As stated by Min and
Lee (2014), there has been a growing interest in and preference for Korean food and
culture because of the Korean wave whereas Korean restaurants serve authentic
Korean cuisine outside of Korea making them a key ambassador for the image of Korea
and its culture throughout the world.

Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurants was known for catering variety of pork and
beef meats, variety of side dishes, taste of authentic food and any other facets which
make the customer dine in such restaurants. One Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant
factor is its accessible price which offers unlimited pork and beef meats, rice, dips and
side dishes in a reasonable price, furthermore, they also give options with different
flavors that you can choose from grounded on the reason that taste is important to
many people especially to Filipinos (Stail Team, n.d.). Service quality also contributes a
positive influence on the satisfaction of costumers which encompasses the following
variables: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and food quality
wherein it goes to show that it also leads to customers’ retention (Al-Tit, 2015).
According to Nam and Lee (2011), there are three dimensions of service quality
(‘intangibles’, ‘tangibles’, and ‘food’) that has a positive impact on Korean restaurants,
which leads customers to revisit and recommend Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant.

Korean Samgyeopsal restaurants’ significant factors namely food quality and

staff service essentially causing customers to dine in a Korean restaurant, moreover,
consumers tend to be provoked by their cultural familiarity regarding Korean Culture
influenced by the widespread of Korean Drama, Pop Music, and Movies Kim (n.d.) and
since the Korea’s country image has a positive influence on the perception of Korean
Restaurants, it ushered people to be fond of Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant (Lee,
Ham, & Kim, 2015).

Success of Korean Samgyeopsal Restaurant relies on its attributes like all any other
restaurants. Customers’ value preference is one paramount to the success of a
business. Business owners should take to consideration the insights, comments and the
restaurant experience of the customers since the triumph of a business relies on them
(Yrjöläa, Rintamäkia, Saarijärvia, Joensuua & Kulkarnib, 2019). According to Ryu, Lee,
and Gon Kim (2012), the qualities of restaurant such as physical environment, food and
service is significant in terms of restaurant image. According to Neha (2012), two
prominent attributes arise from the customers’ preference, namely dinner quality and
taste so restaurant owners should not compromise these features for their business to
actually grow and prosper.