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Summary class Monday, 25th November 2019

We started the class receiving the marks of the writing exam we did last week at class.
After that, we checked the answers of the two Reading and Use of English exercises we
were supposed to do at home.

Finished this part, we were discussing how to help Ana to make the classes more
enjoyable and rewarding, due some mates expressed their worrying because they feel that
they’re not progressing enough, at least not as they expected. Someone proposed a kind
of play consisting in going over the new words and expressions which will come up in each
class. Mariana will this new methodological experience next Monday. After her, each week
there will be a person in charge of this activity. In addition, Ana will have a thinking about
new exercises, plays or stuff like this, always having in mind that finishing the content of
the book is mandatory for her, according to Conselleria instructions.

This chat took us the major part of the class, and it would have been more profitable if we
had been able to make it in English. It was a polemic debate, even fierce, but happily no
wounded regret. I hope so! I beg the absents mates would have been delighted to take
part in it.

The routine came back with a shallow view to different ways of making conditional
sentences, using structures out of those traditional zero, first, second and third ones.