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Communication English

Code: EG 1102 SH
Total: 2 hour /week
Year: I Lecture: 2 hours/week
Semester: I Tutorial: hours/week
Practical: hours/week
Course Description:
This subject consists of four units related to communicative English; writing skills in
English sounds and structures; and English conversation practices so as to equip the
students with
the skills and knowledge of communication in English language in order to have an
effective and
efficient job performance through occupational communication in the workplace.
Course Objectives:
After the completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. communicate in English language at work/job environment
2. define and use trade related technical terminologies
3. demonstrate various writing skills related to the job
4. demonstrate situational/structural conversation essential for job performance
Course Contents:
Unit 1. Communicative English: [3]
1.1. The structure of English:
􀂃 Introduction
􀂃 Grammatical units:
• The word
• The phrase
• The clause
• The sentence
􀂃 The grammatical structures:
• The structure of the phrase
• The structure of the clause
• The structure of sentence (functions)
• The structure of sentence (realizations)
1.2. Everyday functions.
1.3. Requests and offers.
1.4. Direct functions.
1.5. Asking about / expressing.
1.6. Asking about / stating.
1.7. Functions of English.
1.8. Using dictionary
1.9. Reading comprehension
1.10. Collection and definitions of trade related terminologies
Unit 2. Writing skills in English: [15]
2.1 Writing paragraphs
2.2 Writing dialogues
2.3 Writing Précis
2.4 Writing summaries
2.5 Writing letters:
􀂃 Applications
􀂃 Official letters
􀂃 Business letters
􀂃 Invitation letters
2.6 Writing essays
2.7 Writing reports:
􀂃 General reports
􀂃 Technical reports
􀂃 Needs assessment reports
􀂃 Review reports
2.8 Writing resumes
2.9 Writing bibliographies
2.10 Writing minutes
2.11 Writing notes
2.12 Writing proposals:
􀂃 Technical proposals
􀂃 Academic proposals
2.13 Writing for action
2.14 Writing for job
2.15 Writing technical articles:
2.16 Using technical journals/articles
2.17 Writing instructions
2.18 Introduction to writing technical manuals
2.19 Writing memos
Unit 3. English sounds and structures: [4]
3.1 Definitions of phonology, sounds of English, morphology, lexicology, syntax,
and semantics
3.2 Sounds of English:
􀂃 The vowels
􀂃 The consonants
􀂃 Consonant clusters
􀂃 Vowel sequences
􀂃 Syllable structure
􀂃 Stress
􀂃 Intonation
Unit 4. English conversation practices and guidance: [8]
4.1. Situational conversation
4.2. Structural conversation
4.3. Familiarization with English spoken skills for employment during the stage of
visa application to workstation in abroad.
4.4. Guidance for:
􀂃 TOEFL preparation
􀂃 EILTS preparation
􀂃 Group discussion and presentation
􀂃 Seminar conduction
Learning materials:
1. Poudel, R.C., A Manual to Communicative English, K.P.Pustak Bhandar, Kathmandu,
2. Shah ,B.L.,Atext book of writing skills in English, First edition Hira Books Enterprises,
3. Fruehling, R. T. and Oldham N. B., Write to the point, McGraw- Hill, Inc. New York NY
4. Tayior, G., English conversation practice, 1975.
5. Maharjan L. B..A textbook of English sounds and Structures, Vidyarthi Pustak Bhandar,
Kathmandu, 2000.
6. Todd, LAN introduction to Linguistics, Longman York press, 1991.
7. References to be selected by the related lecturer(s) from among the texts available in the
market that meet the content needs of this subject.
8. The related institute may develop its own textbook and approve from the related authority so
as to have a prescribed textbook of this subject.