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Choose to buy amazon stock because:

Amazon is the most disruptive force to emerge in retail in several decades. Its operational efficiency,
network effect, and a brand intangible asset built on customer service provide it with sustainable
competitive advantages that few, if any, traditional retailers can match. Amazon has built a powerful
business model through competitive pricing, unparalleled logistics capabilities, and high-level customer
service, making it an increasingly vital distribution channel for consumer brands. Even with more retailers
looking to expand online, we believe Amazon will maintain its consumer proposition through the convenience
of Prime's expedited shipping, expanding digital content library, and new partnerships from its Whole Foods
acquisition. Aided by more than 410 million estimated global active users, more than 100 million Prime
members, and fulfillment infrastructure, technology, and content investments, Amazon owns one of the
wider economic moats in the consumer sector and is likely to reshape retail, digital media, enterprise
software and other categories for years to come.