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Evidence: My dream vacation

In this evidence you are going to plan you dream vacations, to do so you need to
use the structures and vocabulary studied in this learning activity. Develop the
proposed exercises, read the instructions and follow the models

A. Match the sentences in the first column with the corresponding function in the
second column. /Una la oración en la primera columna con la función en la
segunda columna.

Sentence Function
I’m going to travel to London next 1. Future arrangement.
I want to buy a new t-shirt. 2. Future plan.
I would like to visit the museum. 3. Wish.
I’m eating with my mom tomorrow. 4. Expectation.

B. You are going to plan your dreamed vacations for next month, you have a $10
million pesos budget. You need to decide: / Usted va a planear las vacaciones
soñadas para el próximo mes, tiene un presupuesto de $10 millones de pesos.
Debe decidir:

 The place you are going to.

 The hotel you are staying at.
 The touristic activities you would like to do.
 The things you want to buy.
Destination Hotel Touristic activities Things to buy
I’m going to travel to I am staying at the Punta del I would like to visit the Museo I want to buy a new binoculars
Amsterdam next week. este hotel for 6 days van Gou

I would like to go to the Canales

of Amsterdam
I want to buy clothes.

I would like to go to the Plaza

I want to buy a bag

I would like go to the small

talk restaurant
C. Complete the paragraph about Sally’s vacations plan with the verb to be, want
to, would like to and future time expressions.

is – next - staying - four - like to (2) - is going

Sally IS going to travel to London NEXT week. She is STAYING at the Saint Paul
hotel. She is staying for FOUR days. She would LIKE TO visit the Buckingham
palace, she would LIKE TO go to the London Tower, she IS GOING to take a tour
across the Thames River.