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Answer keys LEVEL 4 Teacher Support Programme

The Client
Book key e Friday afternoon
f Friday afternoon
1 Open answers g Thursday afternoon
2 a Open answers h Friday morning
b 1 grabbed, firmly 25 Open answers
2 snake, crawled 26 a afraid
3 cowboys, whisky b New Orleans
4 fingerprint, evidence c under
5 trailer park, highway d neighbour’s
6 client, trial e where they want to
3 a He is eleven. He is afraid that the Mafia will hurt 27 a Reggie
him and his family if he tells the police about them. b Barry
b–d  Open answers c Slick
4 a  7  b  1  c  8  d  2  e  6  f  4  g  5  h  9 d Momma Love
i  3 e Dianne
5 a He tries to fill his car with gas from the tail pipe. f McThune
b Under a boat in Jerome Clifford’s garage. 28 –39  Open answers
c A Mafia boss in New Orleans.
6 –7  Open answers Discussion activities key
8 a  4  b  9  c  8  d  6  e  7  f  2  g  3  h  1 / 5 1 Students can see a boy standing near an old metal fence,
i  5 / 1 with a car and a chalk outline of a person drawn on the
9 –12  Open answers ground in the background. They should guess that the
13 a Mark, the FBI story takes place in a poor area of town (because of the
b Reggie, the senator’s body old metal fence and the cheap-looking house), and that
c Dr Greenway, Ricky it will be about someone who has been killed (because
d McThune, Mark of the chalk outline of a person drawn on the ground).
e Barry Muldanno, Mark and Ricky 2–7  Open answers
f the cleaner, Reggie 8 a nurse
g Dianne, Reggie b doctor
14 –17  Open answers c lawyer
18 a  7  b  3  c  7  d  7  e  3 d senator
19 –21  Open answers e trouble
22 a Reggie f client
b Slick g rights
c McThune h interview
d Gronke 9 –18  Open answers
e Judge Roosevelt
f Foltrigg Activity worksheets key
23 a case 1 a  T  b  F  c  T  d  F  e  T  f  F  g  T  h  T
b court i  T  j  T  k  F  l  F  m  T  n  F  o  F  p  T
c guard 2 a  3  b  4  c  5  d  2  e  1  f  7  g  6  h  8
d evidence 3 a  7  b  1  c  5  d  6  e  2  f  8  g  3  h  4
e witness 4 Open answers
f judge 5 a Doctor Greenway to Mark
24 a Friday afternoon b Reggie to Mark
b Friday morning c The FBI men to Mark
c Thursday afternoon d McThune to Reggie
d Thursday afternoon e Reggie to the FBI men
f The FBI men to Reggie

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Answer keys LEVEL 4 Teacher Support Programme

The Client
6 a  3  b  10  c  6  d  2  e  8  f  7  g  1  h  5 3 a Barry (the Blade)
i  9  j  4 b Jerome Clifford
7 a  6  b  2  c  4  d  7  e  5  f  3  g  8  h  1 c Ricky
i  11  j  9  k  12  l  10 d the photos (in Wednesday’s newspaper)
8 a  3  b  1  c  7  d  6  e  12  f  8  g  5  h  11 e the lift
i  9  j  10  k  4  l  2 f today’s paper
9 a the body / Clifford’s body g Reggie
b angry h Mark
c sign i the FBI (men)
d sad / unhappy j Ricky
e cries k Momma Love
l Judge Harry Roosevelt
Progress test key 4 a fear
1 a  F  b  P  c  P  d  P  e  F  f  P  g  F  h  P  i  P b body
2 a a nurse c stupid
b Dr Greenway d two
c Dianne e behind
d Mark f crawling
e Clint g light
f Reggie h body
g Mark i window
h McThune j disappear
i Mark k silent
j Trumann l plastic
k Reggie
l McThune

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