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Teacher Manalang setting up the projector before starting the lesson with the help of her student the

Stem 12 students of DMMMSU-MLUC. Teacher Manalang's lesson for that was all about photosynthesis
and cellular respiration, before Teacher Manalang starts the lesson proper she made a recall about thuer
past lesson about photosynthesis by asking question randomly to the students and give thier answer
ehat question may raise by Teacher Manalang.

After a couole of minutes recalling thier past lesson Teacher Manalanhlg started her nee lesson, The
Cellular Respiration. At the very start of the lesson she presented a table of data about photosynthesis
and cellular respiration just like a compare and contrast situation and giving 30 sec to the students to
read and formulate an answre to the difference of photosynthesis and cellur respiration.Teacher
Manalang uses question and answer and exaplaining anything in her presentation to understand by the
students who are listeningn to her.After that she present a video how cellular respiration cycle happened
and answering the question raises by the video presented and discuss it one by one to be understand by
the students another one she discuss also every single thing shown in the video like the cell that we can
see through microscrope to be well understand the cycle of cellular respiration

the cycle of cellular respiration is well discuss and well understand by the student with help of the
presentation because of this students will easily cope up with her lessons this is an excellent strategy in
discussing a lesson im so amazed, because this is my first time to see a strategy like this, a presentation is
on going and also she discuss every part of the cycle

After the presenting video clips she also presented a picture with parts and discuss it onr by one very
well strategy used by Teacher Manalang and make question and answer to the students to well

After the presentation the sumarrization of the lesson and make a question and answer and well discuss
it she also give an real life situation about the pros and cons of cellular respiration to the human body

Teacher Manalang end up her lesson with a table of sumarriazation of thier lesson with thier last topic
and thier lesson for to day and discuss it also to retain the meaning and the key words needed in every
lesson she also asked the student if their is any question and clarification,while finishing her lesson he
gave a real life situation about the importance of cellular respiration and photisynthesis