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Comprehensive Training Courses

Food safety training is more important than ever. The industry

is embracing Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)– recognized
food safety programs as a way to ensure safety throughout
the supply chain and reduce duplication in audit efforts.
Sign up today for Ecolab training courses that help you and
your staff stay up-to-date on critical food safety certifications.

We provide essential training for:

Plant managers and supervisors, quality assurance teams,
food safety personnel, food plant maintenance personnel,
new food plant employees and retail or foodservice personnel
managing suppliers.

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or inquiries about on-site training:
Ecolab Food Safety Training
1 888 330 6445 ext. 702

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Comprehensive Training Courses


This two-day course teaches This two-day course This two-day course is
you how to apply the BRC teaches you how to designed for current SQF
Food Standard in food apply the SQF code in Practitioners to improve
manufacturing. Approved food manufacturing. and maintain their SQF
trainers take participants Approved trainers take programs.
through practical exercises participants through
that reinforce learning. practical exercises that YOU’LL LEARN:
reinforce learning.
• T
 ools needed to help improve
You’ll learn: internal auditing
You’ll learn: • T
 ools needed for corrective
• R
 equirements of the BRC Food
Standard and how it applies to a • Requirements of the SQF code action processes
food manufacturing business and how it applies to a food • T
 ools for further engaging senior
manufacturing business management commitment
• M
 anagement of the BRC
Food Standard • Management of the SQF code
• A
 bout the audit and • A
 bout the audit and
certification process certification process


 his two-day course
T  ou’ll leave this 1.5 day course
Y  ain detailed knowledge of the FSSC
covers how to apply the with a solid understanding of 22000 certification program in this
Hazard Analysis and how to conduct an internal two-day course. Experienced trainers
Critical Control Point audit of any of the three major lead participants through the material,
(HACCP) process to food GFSI recognized food safety using practical exercises.
manufacturing, consistent management systems in use You’ll learn:
with internationally within North America (SQF, BRC
• H
 ow to implement the ISO 22000 and
recognized food safety and FSSC 22000).
ISO 22002-1 Standards
management program You’ll learn:
requirements. • S
 ite and personnel requirements for
• P
 rinciples and importance of safety and quality compliance addressed
You’ll learn: internal auditing in the ISO 22002-1 Standard
• HACCP requirements • Internal audit requirements • About the audit and certification process
• H
 ow to implement and maintain a within SQF, BRC and FSSC 22000
HACCP plan • How to train your team
• H
 ow to identify and control hazards
related to food safety

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