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Reading and Writing Skills

Budget of Work

Content Week Learning Competencies No. of Actual No.

Day/Hour of Hour
Text as a 1 Describes a written text as connected discourse
Connected (EN/12RWS-IIIa-1) - 1 day
Techniques Distinguishes between and among techniques
in Selecting in selecting and organizing information
and (EN11/12RWS-IIIa-2)
Organizing A. brainstorming list (EN11/12RWS-IIIa2.1) - 1 day
Information B. graphic organizer (EN11/12RWS-IIIa2.2) - 1 day
C. topic outline (EN11/12RWS-IIIa2.3) - 1 day
D. sentence outline (EN11/12RWS-IIIa2.4)

Patterns of 2-6 Distinguishes between and among patterns of

Developme development in writing across disciplines
nt (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3)
A. narration (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.1) 3 days
B. description (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.2 2 days
C. definition (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.3) 3 days
D. exemplification/classification
(EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.4) 2 days
E. comparison and contrast
(EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.5)2 days
F. cause and effect (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.6) 2 days
G. problem-solution (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.7) 2 days
H. persuasion (EN11/12RWS-IIIbf-3.8) 2 days

Properties of 7-8 Identifies properties of a well-written text

a Well- (EN11/12RWS-IIIgh-4)
written Text A. organization (EN11/12RWS-IIIgh-4.1)2 days
B. coherence and cohesion (EN11/12RWS-
IIIgh-4.2) 2 days
C. language use (EN11/12RWS-IIIgh-4.3)1 day
D. mechanics (EN11/12RWS-IIIgh-4.4) 2 days
Critiquing a Critiques a chosen sample of pattern 1 day
sample of
pattern of
t focusing
Critical 9 Explains critical reading as looking for ways of
Reading thinking (EN11/12RWS-IIIij-5) 3 days
Looking for
Ways of
Explicit and 10 Identifies claims explicitly or implicitly made in a
Implicit written text (EN11/12RWS-IIIij-6)
Claims in a A. Claim of fact (EN11/12RWS-IIIij-6.1) 1 day
Text B. Claim of policy (EN11/12RWS-IIIij-6.2) 1 day
C. Claim of value (EN11/12RWS-IIIij-6.3) 2 days
Context of 11- Identifies the context in which a text was
Text 13 developed (EN11/12RWS-IVac-7)
Developme A. hypertext (EN11/12RWS-IVac-7.1) 2 days
nt B. intertext (EN11/12RWS-IVac-7.2)
Critical Explains critical reading as reasoning
Reading as (EN11/12RWS-IVac-8) 1 day
Formulating Formulates evaluative statements about a text
Evaluative read (EN11/12RWS-IVac-9)
Statements A. Formulates assertions about the content and
properties of a text read (EN11/12RWS-IVac-9.1) 2
B. Formulates meaningful counterclaims in
response to claims made in a text read
(EN11/12RWS-IVac-9.2) 2 days
Determining Determines textual evidence to validate
Textual assertions and counterclaims made about a
Evidence text read (EN11/12RWS-IVac-10) 2 days
Writing a Writes a 1000-word critique of a selected text on
critique the basis of its claim/s, context, and properties
as a written material 3 days
Purposeful 14- Explains how one’s purpose is a crucial
Writing in the 17 consideration in academic writing
Disciplines (EN11/12RWS-IVdg-11) 2 days
and for
Identifies the unique features of and
requirements in composing texts that are useful
across disciplines (EN11/12RWS-IVdg-12)
A. Book Review or Article Critique (EN11/12RWS-
IVdg-12.1) 3 days
B. Literature Review (EN11/12RWS-IVdg-12.2 3
C. Research Report (EN11/12RWS-IVdg-12.3) 3
D. Project Proposal (EN11/12RWS-IVdg-12.4) 3
E. Position Paper (EN11/12RWS-IVdg-12.5) 3 days
18- Identifies the unique features of and
20 requirements in composing professional
correspondence (EN11/12RWS-IVhj-13)
A. Resume’(EN11/12RWS-IVhj-13.1) 3 days
B. Application for College Admission
(EN11/12RWS-IVhj-13.2) 3 days
C. Application for Employment (EN11/12RWS-IVhj-
13.3)3 days
D. Various forms of Office Correspondence
(EN11/12RWS-IVhj-13.4)3 days