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Immaculate Conception Child Development Center, Inc.

Poblacion, Pandi, Bulacan


English Department
(High School)

Concern Goal Strategies Action Output Persons-in-Charge

 The  The students must be  Develop their  Every  The students should be 3 months  The
students able to: writing, week, the able to create the (1 quarter) workshop
have a. Comprehend speaking and students following outputs: to be
difficulties in different stories comprehension will have a a. Essays and short conducted
comprehend easily; skills workshop stories with no will be
ing stories, b. Write and speak out together grammar lapses facilitated
and writing their thoughts using with their b. Extemporaneous by the
and the English language teacher. speech English
speaking out naturally. This will c. Movie/story review teachers
their help them
thoughts develop
because of their skills
poor more.

Prepared by:

Froy Joe L. Barrera II, LPT

English teacher